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                Renewing Wedding Vows Can Really Strengthen A Couples' Commitment!
                                                          By Sharon Vaz

    So you are thinking about renewing wedding vows but are not sure about what to do next or even
whether it is a good idea? There are a lot of things to consider: why should you renew your vows; the
etiquette of renewing wedding vows; who are renewing their vows; and what you can say to renew or
reaffirm your vows, are just a few of the questions that are probably flowing through your head. Why
don't we just pick one and start there?

Just Who Are Renewing Wedding Vows?

In these days of high divorce rates there are still many people who stay together long enough to
consider renewing vows. Even amongst the celebrities there are some who have done so for a variety
of reasons. For instance Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne renewed their vows on New Years Eve 2002 for
two reasons. Firstly they had made it to 20 years of marriage in the mad cap world of rock and roll and
secondly because Sharon had just survived a serious bout with colon cancer.

They are not the only celebrities to have renewed their vows. In the film industry, Robert de Niro and
Grace Hightower have renewed theirs. While in sports David and Victoria Beckham have renewed
theirs and back in music, Madonna and Guy Richie have renewed their vows as well.

Why Do People Renew Their Vows?

You need a good, positive reason to renew your vows. For instance to renew them as an excuse for an
exciting party is a bit too flippant. Renewing wedding vows is a very meaningful renewal of the life long
commitment that you made to each other when you were first married.

So, what are some good reasons for renewing vows? To celebrate a major wedding anniversary (as
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne did to celebrate their 20th anniversary) is a great reason. As is the
celebration of overcoming a major life challenge, as, again, Ozzy and Sharon did to celebrate Sharon's
victory over cancer. Or it might be that you've come out the other side of a rough patch in your
marriage and you feel the need to renew and strengthen your vows as Victoria and David Beckham

And then again you may have had a small intimate wedding or you may even have eloped or had a

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destination wedding and you now feel that you'd like all your friends and relatives to witness you
renewing vows. Or you may have had a civil ceremony and feel that now you'd like to have a religious

And then it may signify a change in lifestyle as, for instance when your children have left home and you
can renew your commitment to each other as life partners.

But then again, who could need a better reason for renewing wedding vows than it is a very romantic
thing to do.

What Is The Etiquette For Renewing Wedding Vows?

As renewing wedding vows is not a legally binding ceremony, the etiquette is not nearly as formal as
for the initial wedding. For instance there is no need for a licensed Officiant. Therefore the Officiant can
be anyone -- one of your children, a close friend or a licensed Officiant if you like.

Also there is no call for presents or other wedding functions like bachelor or bachelorette parties. In
fact they would be frowned upon. You want the presence of your friends and relatives not their

You should make it clear that you don't want presents either on the formal invitation or by word of
mouth, for instance, on acceptance of the invitation.

What Do People Say When Renewing Wedding Vows?

The structure of the renewing vow ceremony itself and what is said is also fairly much up to you. You
can use your original vows as the basis of the renewing marriage vow ceremony or you can write or
have something written especially for the occasion.

Your children and parents can be included in the ceremony by having a family unity ceremony as part
of the renewing vows proceedings. Using a unity ceremony can help bind the family together so that
you go forward with a renewed commitment to each other.

A unity sand ceremony is a wonderful way to express family unity and it has the advantage of giving
you a beautiful physical memento of the commitments made on the happy day.

The unity sand ceremony is based on ages old American Indian or Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. It
signifies the joining of two lives into one by the pouring of different colored sands by the two people
into a single unity jar. This gives a pattern from the blending of the colors and a lasting memento of the

You Decide How Your Renewing Wedding Vows Ceremony Goes!

Whether you had a large no expense spared wedding or an elopement it doesn't matter. It is up to you
to decide on a cost effective small intimate renewing wedding vows ceremony or to pull out all the
stops and really have the big renewing vows ceremony that you may have wanted but missed out on

It's all up to you and with the relaxed etiquette and potential informality of the ceremony you can really

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add your personality to the proceedings. You can really make the renewing wedding vows celebration
an Affair to Remember!

Sharon Vaz is founder of, an authority website dedicated to
providing brides resources on planning a spectacular Unity Sand Ceremony. The Unity Sand
Ceremony is the hip alternative to the Unity Candle Ceremony and is perfect for beach weddings and
outdoor weddings.

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                                 Ultimate Romance: Renewing Your Wedding Vows
                                                            By Alex Daniels

 As a celebration of their love, many couples choose to renew their wedding vows. Some may opt for
doing this in honor of a silver or gold anniversary, but others may just want to plan a special ceremony
that can include their children, grandchildren, friends and other family members for any reason. There
is no rule that says vows must be renewed on an anniversary, which means that anytime is the perfect
time for reaffirming your commitment.

One of the most special aspects of a couple renewing their wedding vows is the inclusion of their
children and/or grandchildren, who often enjoy participating in the ceremony. Because the ceremony
is not a traditional wedding, there are no set guidelines for a traditional vs. non-traditional celebration.
You can renew your wedding vows on the beach in Hawaii, a chapel in Las Vegas or on a fall
afternoon in Vermont. Whatever and wherever you choose, the options are unlimited.

After renewing their vows, some couples opt for a second honeymoon. If funds were tight or schedules
simply didn't allow it the first time around, this may even be a first honeymoon for some. The
ceremony itself combined with a honeymoon is designed to not only reaffirm a couple's commitment,
but may also help them to feel like they are carefree just as two teenagers in love.

Speaking of honeymoons, just because you are renewing your vows doesn't mean you aren't the same
giddy couple as you were years before during the first ceremony. As honeymooners, you may be
eligible for special vacation packages, hotel discounts and extra amenities that some resorts offer to
newlyweds. Every resort differs and, of course, you will want to let them know that you are 2nd-time
honeymooners. But, as newlyweds, you may just find some terrific deals to be had that could help you
to enjoy a fantastic vacation at a fairly reasonable price.

As mentioned earlier, there is no set time for renewing your wedding vows. There are, however, some
popular dates that couples may find to be the most meaningful for them. Among them, an anniversary
of their first meeting, date, kiss or possibly even Valentine's Day and, of course, the couple's actual
wedding anniversary tops the list of popular dates.

If you are thinking of renewing your wedding vows, talk with a wedding planner or get together with
your immediate family to discuss plans for the upcoming celebration. As you promise to grow old with
the one you love for a second time, don't forget to stay young at heart and make this celebration one to

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