Women of World War One by sdfwerte


									Women of World War One
Women of World War One. What on earth
did they actually do?
Mind-map your thoughts of the role of
women in World War One.
Women had many roles in the First World
War. Some of them are as follows:
Machine Workers
Munitions Workers
Truck Drivers
Rationing Food
Leading the Evacuation service
For the purposes of creative writing, when
writing about women and the war it would be
wise to make sure that you choose a
dramatic setting. In other words, writing
about how women felt at home back in
England does not give you much chance to
create tension and atmosphere.
Being a nurse in World War One would have
been a tough job. There was little room for
manoeuvre and hardly any medical supplies
near the places where the action was taking
Many of these women would have had the
shock of their lives; they would have coped
with it extraordinarily well but it would have
been a harrowing experience.
Let’s read Mary Borden’s Blind. This will
give us a chance to see how women
experienced the war.
As with Birdsong, Borden creates great
You need to be able to create the same with
your stories – however, you have much less
space and so you need to condense all of
your excellent writing skills into a smaller
piece of prose.
In pairs, elect one of you to write a woman’s
experience and one of you to write a man’s.
Then, write just one powerful paragraph that
really captures the scene.
When you have finished, compare and
contrast the experience with your partner.
Pick out all of the figurative language that
you have used and see of they differ or not.
Similes Metaphors            Personification
Oxymoron         Verbs       Adjectives
Onomatopoeia Adverbs Assonance/Allit

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