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To Infinity and Beyond…”


									                                                                              June 2009

                                                            “To Infinity and Beyond…”
                                                                Join us under the Saturn V Rocket for
                                                     AGAPE’s Fundraising Dinner and Auction
                                                   to benefit the children served by AGAPE of North Alabama.

                      July 23, 2009
     The Davidson Center for Space Exploration
         at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center
   Doors Open 5:30 pm Dinner Served 6:00 pm
                 *Business Attire*
 For more information please call the AGAPE office.

          My name is Marci Blackshear and I am originally from Jacksonville,
Florida. I am the oldest of three girls and I would consider them to be two of my
best friends. My dad owns a scrap metal and core supply company in Jackson-
ville and my mom has been a homemaker since I was born. I feel that my par-
ents provided me with a loving family who has supported me in all my decisions.             ALANA Tea
When I was to make a decision about college, I knew I wanted to go to Harding                  June 25
University where my parents met, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to major               10:00 am
in. I have always had an interest in relationship dynamics and I am passionate
about helping people in need. By the end of my freshman year at Harding I
                                                                                     Mastin Lake Church of Christ
noticed that my closest friends were majoring in social work and I loved hearing
about the things they were learning in their classes, so I declared social work as       Fundraising Dinner
my major. I have never regretted that decision. I have enjoyed my classes and               and Auction
my professors, but the most significant semester of social                                    July 23
work was the spring of my senior year. I did my intern-                                       5:30 pm
ship with Searcy Children’s Homes, a Christian child-                                     Davidson Center
placement agency. I worked with a licensed social
worker who placed foster children with Christian fami-
lies in the area. I gained a lot of wisdom from her and
                                                                                           ALANA Meeting
enjoyed working for a faith-based agency. Through that                                        August 1
semester, I believe that God was preparing me for this                                        10:00 am
position at AGAPE. I am so excited to be here and I’m                                 Plainview Church of Christ
looking forward to this new opportunity in my life!
                                                                                          4th Annual Baby
                          A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU                                        and Family Fair
                       We want to thank the sponsors and participants                        August 29
                     who made this a successful year for golf tournaments.               10:00 am - 4:00 pm
                           AGAPE cleared approximately $30,000.
                                                                                          Von Braun Center
                    Thank you for helping us serve the children of AGAPE.
                                                                                                     AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc.

                                        Remembering & Honoring
                               Clyde & Clara Helton           Dr. Conrad Dannenberg               Thurman Hubbard
                                “Loving Parents”               Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown         Steve & Irene Kelly
                                Dwayne & Gayle Helton Duke    Doris Douglas                       Mrs. W.G. Hughes
                               Henry & Carolyn Jones           Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown         Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
     Happy Birthday             L.T. and Carol Spears         Reginald Dover                      Sally Hyde
                               George Otis Kinard              Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown         Ken & Merry Barfield
        Sarah Bishop            Norma Kinard                  Terry Duke                           Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
       David Campbell          Barry LeFan                     Jack, Kaye & Lacy Duke              James & Elaine Gillespie
         Dot Frahm              Joe & DeLores LeFan           Lewis Ellenburg                      Charles & Jo Gray
          Joyce Hall                                           Ron & Sara Adam                     Philip & Betsy Guy
       Rheba Phillips                                          Margaret Rieder                     Denton & Martha Kimbrough
             From                                             Ruth Ellenburg                       Greg & Paige Kemp
      The Builders Class                           In          Ron & Sara Adam                     Mayfair Church of Christ
    Mayfair Church of Christ                     Memory        Rejetta Balentine                   David & Janice Moore
James Troup                                                    Ken & Merry Barfield                Barney & Glenda Powell
                                            Harold Albright    O’Neill & Elois Barrett             Kathleen Tate
 “85th Birthday”
                                             Vera Bailey       Joe & Carol Chandler
 Clifford & Marie Troup                                                                           Thesie Hawkins Ingle
                               Cara Allen                      Gene Crowley                        Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown    Decatur Highway Church of Christ    Charles & Jo Gray
                               David Bogus                          - Gardendale, Alabama         Henry Ivey
                                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown    Loretta Jones                       Ruth Boseck
                                Ernest & Shirley Hargrave      Dave & Louise Mellberg
               Honor                                                                              Paul Jacks
                               Mary Ellen Brady                Sheila Replogle                     Vera Bailey
                                Philip & Betsy Guy             Margaret Rieder
Isola Baites                                                                                      Lillie Bell Jean
 Nell Baites                   Zuella Brady                    Don & Ruth Ann Rutledge             Vera Bailey
                                Mack & Jeanette Williamson     Jim & Irma Steelman                Leigh Anna Jimmerson
                      In       Susan Bramlett                  Kathryn Stone                       Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                                Lincoln Church of Christ       Marie Stone
                    Honor of   Dorothy Brewer
                                                                                                  Celia Kenner
                                                               Noel & Linda Tallon                 Leroy & Ann Lusk
                                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown    Clifford & Marie Troup
Lauren Blair Balentine                                                                            Kenneth Lackey
“Newborn to parents:           Elenanore Brockman              Eileen H. Wells                     Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
 Bryan & Jessica Balentine -    Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown    Juanita Willis                     Jill McAllister Larsen
 Birmingham, Al”               Ed Brown                        Wilbur & Arnette Wright             Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
 Rejetta Balentine              Jerry & Peggy Wallace         Tim Fields                           Elisabeth Whitten
Mrs. Jamey Cearley             Virginia Brown                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown        Shannon Lewis
 “Teacher - Ladies Class on     Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Martha Flowers                       Vera Bailey
  Encouragement”               Donald Burleson                 Fred & Lucy Peery                  Pauline Maples
 Anonymous                      Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Beverly Fuller                       Steve & Irene Kelly
Willard & Janie Whitaker       Kris Callas                     Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown        T. E. Martin
  “60th Wedding Anniversary”    Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Joseph “Ed” Grobmyer, Sr.            Steve & Irene Kelly
 Anita Whitaker                Paul Chandler                   Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown        Jean McCoy
                                Keith & Jamie Coates           Mayfair Church of Christ
               In Continued                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                                Greg & Paige Kemp              Rick & Cindy Maxwell               Sarah McCreight
                Memory on       David & Janice Moore          Lavoid Gullion                       Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                               Helen Childress                 Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
               Mother’s Day     Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                                                                                                  Marian McDonald
                                                               Warren & Clovis Smith               Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                               Louise Chrisco                 James Hamilton                      Myrna McLaughlin
            Daisy Bennett       Rejetta Balentine              Jeff & Diane Brown                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
              Nell Baites       Leroy & Ann Lusk              Billy Hampton                        Glenn & Tommie Jamison
            Mary Johnson       Osceola Brooks Church           Maxine Burgreeen
               Nell Baites                                                                        Neal Milam
                                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Scottie Hampton                      Vera Bailey
Orpah Vinson                   Ashley Clark                    Maxine Burgreen                     John & Gladys Branch
 Beverly Stine                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Evelyn Harmon                        Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
                  In           Robert Clark                    Katherine Fowler                    Wade & Betty Mordecai
                                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown   Vance Harton
               Continued        Carolyn McBride
                                                                                                   Elisabeth Whitten
                                                               Clifford & Marie Troup             Dorothy Minor
                Memory          Dave & Louise Mellberg        Wilma Hicks                          Jim & Irma Steelman
                                John & Jo Price                Jeff & Lisa Burgess                Leonard Moore
John and Cheryl Bowling        Margaret Cole                  Hazel Hodges                         Vera Bailey
 “Loving Parents”               Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown    Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
 Della Bowling                                                                                    Jack O’Neal
                               Grady Cox                       David & Janice Moore                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
Elon & Virgie Duke              Vera Bailey                   Bernice Holley
 “Loving Parents”                                                                                 Tola Orbison
                               Catherine Dabov                 Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown         Carl & Judy Reed
 Dwayne & Gayle Helton Duke     William & Iva Mitchell
                                                                                                        AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc.
 Jim & Irma Steelman              Cassandra Townsend                   Virginia Sanderson              Dr. James Robert Thomson
Ruth Orbison                      Clifford & Marie Troup                Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown     Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
 Carl & Judy Reed                 Arnold & Pat Wright                  Lucille Helton Sandlin           Bob & Lillian James
 Jim & Irma Steelman             Frances Prickett                       Dwayne & Gayle Helton Duke      Joe & DeLoris LeFan
Doug Payne                        The Beach Bunch                      Jerry Schmidt                   James Vardaman
 Greg, Jeanne & Zachary Jones    Betty Roberson                         Jim & Irma Steelman             Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown
Lula Perry                        G.O.S.P.E.L. Class -                 Mary Schrader                   Drew Vaughn
 Carl & Betty Jo Harris            Memorial Parkway Church of Christ    Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown     Lynda Doud
 Jim & Irma Steelman              Ernest & Shirley Hargrave            Virginia Sexton                  Paul & Ruth King
Elmer Phipps                      Paul & Ruth King                      Marie Comstock                  William & Iva Mitchell
 Vera Bailey                      Donald & Shirley Mastin              Sanford Shaver                   Frank & Barbara Riddick
 Debbie Chandler                  George & Louise Reed                  Warren & Clovis Smith          George Wachter
Lawson Pope                       Jerry & Mildred Smelser              Geneva Slatton                   John & Gladys Branch
 Ron & Sara Adams                Charles Rodman                         Vera Bailey                     Pearl West
 Rejetta Balentine                Ruth Boseck                          Betty Jane Snitger              Margaret Walker
 Ken & Merry Barfield             Maxine Burgreen                       Bob & Lillian James             Barney & Glenda Powell
 Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown      Lynda Doud                           Elanda Solley                    Elisabeth Whitten
 Kathrine Fowler                  Greenbrier Church of Christ           Jerry & Peggy Wallace          Michael Todd Ware
 Cleve & Marge Humphrey           Jessie & Barbara James               Caroline Stempien                Norma Kinard
 Jesse & Barbara James            James & Susie Lewter                  Philip & Betsy Guy             George M. Wyler
 Mychelle Leonard                 Kathleen Murphy                      Earl Strickland                  David & Janice Moore
 Tony & Jean Mathias             Roger Rollings                         Vera Bailey                    Larry Whitaker
 Wendell & Bonnie McCrary         Rejetta Balentine                     Pearl West                      Polly Baker
 Dave & Louise Mellberg           Ken & Merry Barfield                 Lottie Swafford                 Mack Whitaker
 Stanley & Shirley Plattenburg   Jim Rose                               Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown     Polly Baker
 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Ralston           William & Paulette Brown              Charles & Jo Gray              Alma Williams
 Dorothy Spencer                  Earl & Betty Choate                   Greg & Paige Kemp               Glenn & Tommie Jamison
 Charles & Helen Stringer         James & Evelyn Harris                 Barney & Glenda Powell                          as of 05/20/09
 Noel & Linda Tallon              Scotty & Celine Sparks & Family      Rebecca Thompson
 Kathleen Tate                                                          Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Brown

AGAPE has an urgent need…
 Since I have been here at AGAPE (8 years) we have literally hobbled along with our computers. Almost all of our computers
(10 & 1 server) have been donated by gracious donors that most likely have gotten a new computer at home or business and we
“fix” them up so they will work and keep us up and running. Our technology is behind times. Gene Palmer, Mark Kelly, Jacob
Kelly and previously Kevin Reynolds have donated their time and knowledge in patching up our computers. I think we are
coming to the end of our journey with these fixed up older computers. We are in dire need of replacing our computer system
with new computers and a new server. Newer software would be nice since we use Microsoft Office 2003. We also are having
to replace our voice mail that is on its last leg. This system was also older and was donated to us by Laser Communications. I
am requesting donations earmarked “equipment” so we can keep operating efficiently.
                                                                                                       — Beverly Stine
                                                                            Board of Directors                    Staff:
                                                                         Keith Skinner, Chairman
                                                                       Sandra Shipman, Vice-Chair            Danny Holmes,
                                                                          Becky Kelly, Treasurer            Executive Director
                                                                           Ruth King, Secretary                Sara Demir,
The spring ALANA meeting was held on April 4th                                                          Director of Social Services
                                                                              Jack Caudle
at Mastin Lake Road Church of Christ. Twenty-                                 Craig Cheek              Leah B’Smith, Social Worker
seven ladies attended and enjoyed an inspirational                           Cedreck Davis                  Marci Blackshear,
devotional, short business meeting, and delicious                              Jay Dryden                     CaseWorker
brunch. The Avon sale was launched during the                                  Kevin Gray
                                                                              Ashley Jones            Britney Duncan, Social Worker
business meeting and a yard sale was scheduled for                           Robby Koester                 Reba Harrington,
May 30th. These have both been successfully con-                            Cheryle Luchini              Administrative Assistant
cluded netting $784 from the Avon sale and $1,692                             Ted Nietzold            Mandy Hollaway, CaseWorker
from the yard sale. After the meeting, some of the                          Bennie Pinckley
                                                                               Bob Rieder                    Mona Madaras,
ladies visited the AGAPE house to view the food                             Carroll Roberson             Social Services Assistant
and clothing available for foster parents. The next                            Barry Scott                  Courtney Pruitt
meeting is scheduled for August 1st at Plainview                             Celine Sparks               Administrative Assistant
                                                                             Irma Steelman
Church of Christ at 10:00 a.m. Please plan to join                                                    Beverly Stine, Office Manager
                                                                           Martha Washington
us there.
   AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc.
         P. O. Box 3887
      Huntsville, AL 35810
         (256) 859-4481
       Return Service Requested

                          Please consider AGAPE in your Estate Planning.
                         For more information, contact us at (256) 859-4481.

Please accept this Memorial/Honor Gift
In Memory of ____________________________________________________________________(In Continued Memory___)

In Honor of ___________________________________________ for ______________________________________________
                                                             (e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s , Birth or Birthday, Anniversary)
Please send the acknowledgement to:


         Street __________________________________________________________________________________________

         City, State and Zip: _______________________________________________________________________________

This gift is from:

         (If Mr. & Mrs., please list both first names)

         Street __________________________________________________________________________________________

         City, State and Zip: _______________________________________________________________________________

         Phone: ____________________________________ E-Mail: ______________________________________________
              Please clip and mail to: AGAPE of North Alabama, Inc., P.O. Box 3887, Huntsville, AL 35810

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