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									     THE                            BIG                                     Big Brothers Big Sisters

                                                                            of the Black Hills

                                                                         Volume 10, Issue 2 Mar. - Apr. 2007

Calling All Bowlers!                                                                     Inside this issue:

You can put it on your calendar; Bowl For           We sincerely appreciate
                                                                                  BFKS                        2
Kids’ Sake 2007 is almost here! You may             all their support and the
notice some changes to the names and                support of our bowlers        Donor List                  3
dates of sessions, but the fun will be the          over the years. We will       Donor List                  4
same. Due to some scheduling conflicts,             be offering Team Captain      Endowment                   4
we will be running only on weeknights this          training sessions to          Retreat 2007                4
year. The dates are Monday, April 23rd              ensure you have all the
                                                                                  Observatory                 5
through Thursday, April 26th. In this issue         information necessary to
you will find the schedule of events                have fun while helping        Matches                     5
                                                    the children in your          Refrigerator
                                                    community.                    Clipboard                   6

                                                    Back by popular demand, we have our
                                                    online fundraising tool, Kintera. Kintera is
                                                    a quick and efficient tool that can be used
                                                    to request pledges from friends and
                                                    family, especially those who live out of the
                                                    Rapid City area. Visit our website at
                                           and click on the
                                                    Bowl For Kids’ Sake link for more
                                                    information on Kintera. Pledge forms will
                                                    also be available to pick up at our office or
                                                    at any Common Cents Food Store,
Come try your luck bowling backwards for a prize!   Meadowood Lanes, or Robbinsdale Lanes.
along with the prizes to be won. Once
again, our sponsors have stepped up to      (look inside for more information)
the plate to help ensure a successful fund-
raising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    605-343-1488 •
                                BOWL FOR KIDS’ SAKE 2007
                                                             Bowl For Kids’ Sake
                                                             Prize Structure:

                                                             Raise the following amounts and
                                                             WIN THESE GREAT PRIZES!

                                                             $75   2 free games of
                                                                   bowling, free food and
                                                             $100 All of the above plus a
                                                                   2007 Bowl For Kids’
                                                                   Sake T-shirt
                                                             $150 All of the above plus a
                                                                   Bowl For Kids’ Sake
                                                                   water bottle and Flags
                                                                   and Wheels passes
                                                             $250 All of the above plus a
                                                                   BBBS cooler
                                                             $350 All of the above plus $40
                                                                   in Outback Steakhouse
                                                                   gift certificates
                                                             $500 All of the above plus an
                                                                   overnight guest
                                                                   package or pool party
BFKS sponsors:                       Bowl For Kids’ Sake           from Grand Gateway
                                                                   Hotel, First Gold Hotel or
                                           dates:                  Rushmore Plaza Holiday
Arby’s                                Monday, April 23rd           Inn
Butler Machinery                                             $1000 All of above plus a $100
                                      Hot 93.1 Youth Bowl
Devorah Diamond                                                    debit card
First Gold Hotel                       Robbinsdale Lanes
McDonalds                               6 & 8 pm sessions
Pepsi Cola of the Black Hills
                                                             ADULT GRAND PRIZE:
                                                             The bowler who raises the most
Scheels                               Tuesday, April 24th    money (as of July 1st) will
Stanley J. Johnsen Concrete           Magic 93.9 Common      receive a travel package of
  Contractors, Inc.
                                           Cents Bowl        his/her choice valued at $1500,
Who’s Hobby House
Woodland Flooring                      Robbinsdale Lanes     courtesy of Sharon and Tom
                                        6 & 8 pm sessions    Warner. Some restrictions apply.

Black Hills Central Railroad 1880    Wednesday, April 25th   YOUTH GRAND PRIZE:
                                                             The youth bowler who raises the
  Train                                KAT Country 98.7      most money (as of July 1st) will
Dakotacare Insurance                    Corporate Bowl       receive a $300 gift card from
Eagle Sales of the Black Hills         Meadowood Lanes       Who’s Hobby House.
Great Western Bank
Pioneer Bank & Trust
                                       6 & 8 pm sessions
Reptile Gardens                                              YOUTH GROUP PRIZE:
Rushmore Amusements                  Thursday, April 26th    The youth group to raise the most
TSN, Inc.                                News Center 1       money (as of July 1st) will receive
US Bank                                                      a pizza party and an evening of fun
                                       Community Bowl        from Flags and Wheels Racing.
Wells Fargo                           Meadowood Lanes
Western Stationers
                                       6 & 8 pm sessions

    605-343-1488 •
                Thank You
          Donor List                   Donor List (Cont.)                    Donor List (Cont.)
The following are people              Johnson & Johnson                     Western Stationers
and businesses that have              Barbara Keene                         Who’s Hobby House
                                      Katherine Kinsman                     Woodland Flooring
shown financial and/or
                                      KNBN News Center 1                    Yellowbook USA
significant in-kind support           Lamar Outdoor Advertising
for Big Brothers Big Sisters          Shirley Lewis
in 2007.                              Charles and Marilyn Lindly
                                      Anya Linn                             BUILDING DONORS
Arby’s                                Larry Mayes                           Stan Adelstein
Vickie Atkinson                       McDonalds                             All Metal Manufacturing
Lynette Banks                         Morgan Drain & Sewer                  Anonymous donors
Pat Bilek                             Mary Niehaus                          Atkinson Painting, Inc.
Black Hills Central Railroad 1880     Outback Steakhouse                    Barker and Little
  Train                               Pepsi Cola of the Black Hills         Bickett Construction
Black Hills Health & Wellness         Pioneer Bank and Trust                Black Hills Seamless Raingutters
  Center                              Rapid City Journal                    Black Hills Technologies
Dennis & Lynette Braun                Red Wing Shoe Store                   Kevin Buntrock
Myrtle Brude                          Reptile Gardens                       Dakota Masonry
Butler Machinery                      Riddle’s Jewelry                      Doug & Shawn DeGroot
Chad Catron                           Rushmore Amusements                   Diamond Vogel Paints
Common Cents                          Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn            First Western Bank
Dakotacare Insurance                  Rushmore Radio – KAT Country,         Brad Fischer
Devorah Diamond                         Magic 93.9, Hot 93.1                Floor to Ceiling (Freed’s)
Jessica Dial                          Sam’s Club                            Harlan Dressler
Eagle Sales of the Black Hills        Scheels                               David & Carla Hillard
Elaine Ebbert                         Simpson’s Printing                    Independent Roofing
First Congregational Church           Stanley J. Johnsen Concrete           J Scull Construction
First Gold Hotel                        Contractors                         John T. Vucurevich Foundation
First Western Bank                    Taco Johns                            K & K Sheet Metal
Flags and Wheels Racing               Donneen & Mark Torrey                 Bob Knecht
Gary Gamache                          TREA Bingo                            Knecht’s Home Center, Spearfish
GE Money                              TSN, Inc.                             Klein Appraisals
Goodballs, Inc.                       UBS                                   Eric Lee
Grand Gateway Hotel                   US Bank                               Ludwick Family Foundation
Great Western Bank                    Mary Victor                           Lund Associates
Marcel & Ann Greenia                  Ray & Karen Warner                    Malon Insulation
Ivan Gros                             Sharon & Tom Warner                   Sandra & Michael McNeely
Nancy Gunter                          Marsha Welch                          MWP Construction
Independent Insurance Agents          Wells Fargo Bank                      Leisa & Bruce Nash
Greg & Sally Ingemunson               Western Mechanical Services           Suzan Nolan

       Corporate Partners
 The following businesses consistently help BBBS make a positive impact in our community. Many thanks to:
 Black Hills Corporation               Red Wing Shoe Store                  Simpson’s Printing
 Common Cents                          Riddles                              Sound Pro
 Outback Steakhouse                    Rushmore Radio                       Wal-Mart
 Pepsi Cola of the Black Hills         Sam’s Club                           Wells Fargo Bank

Volume 10, Issue 2 Mar. - Apr. 2007

     605-343-1488 •
 Thank You
 Donor List (Cont.)                        Big Events                              Big Events
Park Owens                                                                  2007 Board and Staff
Pella Window Store                                                          Retreat
Tim & Lynn Powell
Jo Prang                                                                    The strategic planning retreat for
Bob & Sharon Rose                                                           the upcoming year was held on
Rosenbaum Signs                                                             February 2, 2007 at the K Bar S
Rushmore Amusements, Inc.                                                   Lodge in Keystone, SD. Our
Sabo Electric                                                               hard-working day was
Sand Scripts                                                                facilitated by Sandra McNeely,
Ed & Peg Seljeskog                                                          Vice President of the Abbey
Inez Shaver Charitable Lead        At the press conference for receipt of   Group, Ltd. and a current BBBS
Trust                              the Big Brothers Big Sisters
                                                                            Board Member.
Chris & Cindy Soppe                Endowment are (left to right): BH
                                   Area Community Foundation                The group developed a vision
Chris & Kerri Stover                                                        for what BBBS does with families,
Merton & Connie Tice               Executive Director Regina Jahr, Tom
                                   Warner, Sharon Warner, Chad              volunteers, and the community,
Trinity Lutheran Church
                                   Catron, Mary Victor.                     what makes BBBS distinctive in
Triple C Cabinetry
                                                                            their work, and what results are
Walcro Floor Coverings
                                   Endowment Set For BBBS                   achieved in the process.
Sharon & Tom Warner
                                                                            The beautiful location kept the
Don & Elsie Warner
                                   Through the Black Hills Area             group motivated even through
Warner Images
                                   Community Foundation, Sharon             the afternoon as a new
West River Masonry
                                   and Tom Warner established               committee structure was
Western Mechanical
                                   the Big Brothers Big Sisters             developed as well as job
                                   Endowment. In doing so, they             descriptions, goals and
                                   are creating an opportunity for          strategies for each newly
South Dakota Division of Alcohol   financial growth and                     established committee. At the
 and Drug Abuse                    development of this                      end of the day, all knew a hard
United Way of the Black Hills      organization for years to come.          day’s work had been completed
                                                                            with wonderful accomplish-
                                   The interest from these
                                                                            ments. Special thanks to Sandra
                                   endowment funds will be used
BBBS Annual Meeting                                                         McNeely for her energy and
                                   as deemed necessary by the               enthusiasm for completion of a
On January 8th, BBBS held it’s     BBBS Board of Directors. The             necessary process and to the
annual Board and Staff meeting     endowment itself will serve as           Riddle’s Group for providing a
at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday      the vehicle for receipt of               magnificent location and
Inn. At this meeting, we           additional monetary gifts and            wonderful hospitality.
welcomed on our new board          allow BBBS to grow a solid
members, said goodbye to a         financial foundation. We truly
few and elected our new            appreciate the care and
officers. The officers for 2007    concern shown by the Warner
are as follows:                    family as they work to
                                   strengthen the foundation of
Dave Westergaard, President        BBBS. A press conference was
Chris Soppe, 1st Vice President    held at the BBBS building to
Sandra McNeely, 2nd Vice           announce the receipt of this gift
 President                         in December. Thank you to all
Tim Powell, Treasurer              that attended. If you are
Jo Prang, Secretary                interested in learning more              The Fund Development Committee
Elizabeth Sailer, Past President   about BBBS’ endowment,                   strategizes on how to bring in
Tom Warner, Member at Large        contact ED Mary.                         revenue.

                                                                    605-343-1488 •
         Big Events                      List of Commonly                                  New Matches
                                        Used Abbreviations:                              January & February 2007
Observatory Outing                     CM: Case Manager     SV: Student Volunteer
                                                                                           Community Based
                                       LS: Little Sister    SM: School Mentor
                                       WL: Waiting List     BC: Big Couple              BB Mike Reinhart/LB Tyler
On January 19, some BBBS               LB: Little Brother   SB: School Buddy        BS Robbie White Eyes/LS Remona
matches had the opportunity            BB: Big Brother      BF: Big Family              BS Jennifer Fritch/LS Char
                                       MM: Mother Mentor    SR: Senior Mentor
to visit the Hidden Valley             BS: Big Sister       FR: Freshman Mentee
                                                                                    SVBS Jaclyn Zabolotny/LS Makayla
Observatory for an evening                                                              SVBS Ali Kinzley/LS Alyia
                                       NM: New Mom
of star gazing. Matches were                                                            School Mentor Program
able to see Andromeda                                                                    SM Barb Ulmer/SB Faith
Galaxy, Orion’s Nebula and                Match Anniversaries                          SM Billie Wattier/SB Chantel
                                               March & April 2007
several major stars. High               (Don’t forget to call your Case Manger to
                                                                                        SM Jim Dowding/SB Phillip
clouds threatened to spoil                  schedule your Annual Update!)
the show, but they held off.                                                            Mother Mentor Program
                                                      8 years                           MM Kathleen Batchelder/
Overall, everyone enjoyed
their time and a BIG thanks            BF Gregg & Jena McNabb/LB Cale
goes out to the hosts.                                5 years                        If you know of a business or
                                        BS Kathy Hudlemeyer/LS Ashley                organization that would like
                                           BS Lindsay Sebbo/LS Julia                 BBBS to come speak to them,
                                                                                      contact Chad at 343-1488.
                                                      4 years
                                          BS Debbie Leber/LS Mikaela

                                                      2 years
                                           SM Amy Alford/SB Jade
                                          SM Lynette Banks/SB Desi
                                          BB Shane Olney/LB Darius
Participants gaze up at the night       SVBS Jennifer Thomson/LS Lena
sky looking for hidden treasures
above.                                                1 year
                                          BS Jessica Jenson/LS Justice
                                         BS Leslie Anderson/LS Mariah
  Little Birthday Club                   MM Heather Nelson/NM Nikki
                                          BB Mickey Snook/LB Daniel                 Team Telco Federal Credit
           (March & April)
                                            SM Pat Bilek/SB Bryanna                 Union is geared up for Bowl For
LS   Angelica H.      LB Jeremiah S.       SM Chris Rauch/SB Buddy                  Kids’ Sake 2007!
SB   Ashley P.        LS Julia M.       SM Hameeda Vignes/SB Maddie
SB   Ashtney B.       LB Justin D.
     Austin T.
     Braden O.
     Bradley L.
     Brittany K.
                      LB Kelan T.
                      LB Kevin W.C.
                      SB Montel O.
                      NM Nikki D.
                                                                                    BIG Bits…
                                                                                    Congratulations to LS Lizzy who
LB   Bryce W.         LB Paul D.                                                    was accepted into the Dakota
LB   Cale B.           SB Roger S.                                                  Chorale singing group.
LB   Calvin S.        LS Sierra D.
LS   Carlena G.-S.    LS Taya B.-T.                                                 School Mentor Program CM Larry
SB   Chantel S.       LS Tiana P.                                                   Mayes has been chosen by
LS   Chelsea R.       LB Travis S.W.                                                Wellspring as a “We Believe in Kids”
LB   David G.         LB Trevor H.                                                  honoree for his work with children in
SB   Dexter F.        LB Tyler H.      Even firemen have to take a                  the local school systems. He will be
LB   Hunter M.        LB William M.                                                 recognized at a banquet at the
                                       break for some fun!
LB   Jason H.                                                                       Ramkota on February 23, 2007.

Volume 10, Issue 2 Mar. - Apr. 2007

                                                                            605-343-1488 •
    605-343-1488 •

                                      Refrigerator Clipboard
                                        BOWL FOR KIDS’ SAKE
                                       APRIL 23RD—APRIL 26TH
                                     SIGN UP BY CALLING 343-1488

BFKS Team Captain Trainings - BBBS will be holding Team Captain training sessions on the following dates:
                Monday, March 12th: 12:00 & 5:30pm            Thursday, March 22nd: 12:00 & 5:30pm
                Wednesday, March 28th: 12:00 & 5:30pm         Thursday, April 5th: 12:00 & 5:30pm
                                      Wednesday, April 11th: 12:00 & 5:30pm
**The training sessions will last approximately one hour and will include introducing bowlers to our online
fundraising software, Kintera.

                                                                    Return Service Requested
   PERMIT #390
                                                                        Rapid City, SD 57701
       PAID                                                             425 Kansas City Street
                                                                           of the Black Hills
       ORG.                                                     Big Brothers Big Sisters

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