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									                                                    Susan Haas
           Precious Donors                          Hilbert College
        July 1, 2007-June 30, 2008                  Deacon Mark and Linda Hooper
                                                    Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Fund
                                                    Joseph Ippolito
Immaculata Academy appreciates the following
                                                    Allen and Grace Janiga
friends who have supported our mission with a
                                                    Kloc Tech Services
financial donation. We are eternally grateful for
                                                    Michael's Banquet Facility
your contribution.
                                                    Murray Roofing Co. Inc.
Diamond $2000 and up                                National Fuel Gas
                                                    OLPH Altar Rosary Society
Anonymous                                           OLPH Holy Name Society
Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph                    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
Richard and Mary Heist                              Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity
Patrick and Ann Heraty                              Penfold Family Foundation
Immaculata Academy Parent Guild                     Anthony and Susan Pivarunas
John R. Oishei Foundation                           Cathy Rybczynski
Knights of Columbus, Hamburg #2220                  Leonard and Joyce Salvatori
Laura L. Adams Foundation                           Susan and Paul Santandreu
M & T Bank                                          James and Patricia Schimminger
Ogorek Wealth Management                            Patrick V. Scott, D.D.S., M.D.
Palisano Foundation                                 Simoncelli Electric, Inc.
Richard and Karen Penfold                           Sisters of Charity Hospital
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.                Southtowns Catholic School
SS Peter and Paul Parish                            St. Barbara' s Parish Scholarship
Peter and Mary Ann Starkey                          St. Francis High School
Trautman Associates                                 St. Joseph Hospital Foundation
Richard Wachowiak                                   Stachowiak Family
Maureen and Martin C. Winnert, Jr.                  Dennis and Janet Stoklosa
Msgr. John W. Zeitler                               The Russo Family Charitable Foundation, Inc.
                                                    Towne Automotive Group
                                                    Phil and Tracy Tremblay
Sapphire $500-$1999                                 Try It Distributing
                                                    Villarini & Henry LLP
ABASCO Incorporated                                 John J. Vujnovic
Anonymous (2x)                                      Wachovia Securities
Battista Construction, Inc.                         Susan Wagle
Anthony and Patricia Brunsing                       West Herr Auto Group
Sr. Jean Marie Cherry FSSJ                          Western New York Dental Group
Shirley and Chuck Cookson
Damon Morey LLP
Robert and Doris Drago                              Pearl $250-$499
E/F Burke Co.
ExxonMobil Corporation                              Gary and Michele Brady
Gernatt Family of Companies                         Catholic Charities
Goya Foods Great Lakes                              Anthony J. Colucci III
H. R. Benefit Advisors                              Curly's Bar and Grill
Maurice and Pearl Emerling                       Marlene Bambach
John and Lynn Fennell                            John and Sharon Battista
Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of      Rev. Joseph Bayne OFM Conv.
Buffalo                                          Mark and Chris Bellis
Franciscan Friars OFM Conv.                      William and Elizabeth Berry
Michelle Frech D.O.                              Michael and Marian Betrus
Nancy Gacioch                                    Charles and Debbie Binder
Rev. Msgr. Leo Hammerl                           Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School
Josie and David Herr                             Michael and Patricia Boehringer
Kathleen Hochul                                  Edward and Mary Bogdan
Richard and Barbara Hoen                         Ronald and Mary Colleen Breindel
Honeywell Matching Gifts                         David Brewer
Saima Horab                                      Rev. Larry Burns
Jim and Diana Iglewski                           James and Maria Case
Immaculata Academy Student Council               Charles Castiglia
Kirst Construction Inc.                          Michael and Mary Check
Sue Kloc                                         Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP
Donald and Mary Beth Konesky                     Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP
Kristina M. Young & Associates                   Marianne Chiumento
Lewis and Joan Kruszka                           Joan Chuba
Nancy M. Langer                                  Pasquale and Dorothy Ciccarella
Jill and Carmen Monaco                           Lawrence and Kathryn Cieslica
Sr. John Moravec                                 Marge Cieslica
Northwest Buffalo Community Health Care Center   Michael and Patricia Cody
Tom and Susan Randall                            Council Opticians of Hamburg, Inc.
Raymond E. Kelley Inc.                           Karen M. Daly
Roger and Pauline Ricotta                        Frank and Jennie Deni
Steven and Mary Schumer                          Frank DiMaria
Southtowns Radiology Assoc. LLC                  Rev. Sean DiMaria
Michael and Donna Stachowski                     Ethel DiPaolo
David and Lisa Strozyk                           Donald M. Demmerley Funeral Home, Inc.
Deborah and Caroline Strozyk                     Thomas and Gemma Donnellan
Susquehanna Sheet Metal Erection Service Inc.    Brian and Anne Downey
William and Susan Troy                           Greg and Susan Drago
United Way of Buffalo and Erie County            James and Brook Drzymala
John and Debbie Vinti                            Elderwood Village at Rosewood
                                                 John and Bernice Elliott
                                                 Erie Community College Foundation, Inc.
Tanzanite $100-$249                              Jeanne Fierle
                                                 Charles Fiorello, Sr.
Christopher and Deborah Acker                    Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph-Angola
Lynne Adamczyk                                   Melissa Frank
Greg and Robyn Altman                            Friends of Bill Stachowski
Armor Heating Company, Inc.                      Friends of Jack Quinn III
Richard and Harriet Attea                        Daniel and Deborah Gabel
Jerry Baldelli                                   Maureen Gannon
Ronald Baldelli
Sr. Regina Gertrude                      Robert and Janice Morawski
Gerald Glose                             Lawrence and Diane Myszka
Dan Grasso                               Neth & Sons, Inc.
Rev. Msgr. Gerard Green                  New York Life Foundation
Jean Gunner                              Betty Newell
Bradley and Shari Hall                   Niagara University
Hamburg Development Companies            Rev. Msgr. Richard T. Nugent
Cathryn Harris                           Office of Vicar for Priests
Donald and Theresa Hayes                 Peter and Donna Orchard
Liz Henneberg                            Kevin and Deborah O'Toole
Daniel Henry                             Michael and Barbara Papili
Ursula Hoch                              William and Maureen Pelham
Dean and Linda Hogg                      Paul and Lynn Pellicano
Christopher Holoman PhD                  Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
William Horbett                          Phillips, Lytle LLP
James and Janice Horbowicz               Polish Falcons Club
Richard Izzo and Mary Hulbert            Patricia Preston
Max and Mary Iglewski                    Prudential Matching Gifts Program
Immaculata Academy Alumnae Association   Irene S. Prybylski
Jaeckle Fleischmann & Mugel, LLP         Thomas Quatroche, Jr., PhD
Dr. and Mrs. B.A. Jagodzinski            Mary Radens
Suzanne Jasinski                         Jack Rahill
Martin and Mary Anna Jensen              John and Deborah Rebmann
Larry Kavanaugh                          Edward Reska, Jr.
David and Barbara Kiernan                Mark and Diane Rogowski
Larry and Nancy Ann Kilton               Thomas and Lori Salisbury
Patricia Kirst                           William and Mary Schaab
Ellen Koessler                           Andrew and Karen Schichtel
Jon Kucera                               Karen Schichtel
Norbert and Kathleen Kupinski            Assemblyman Robin Schimminger
Sandra and Richard Leenhouts             Jake and Katie Schneider
LeHigh Construction Group, Inc.          Lisa Schuler
Joseph and Susan Leo                     J. Douglas Schumer, DDS
Peter and Mary Leslie                    Thomas Sellers
Lincoln Archives, Inc.                   Mark and Grace Selvaggio
Mader Construction Co. Inc.              Edward and Kathleen Simoncelli
Mattel Foundation                        Frank Sindoni
Rev. Walter L. Matuszak                  Sisters of Mercy
Joseph V. McCarthy                       Marie Skrzyniecki
Robert and Karen McDonnell               Rev. Mark David Skura, OFM Conv.
Matthew McHale                           Judith M. Slon
Peter and Maureen Meyers                 Joseph and Judith Slowik
Judge John Michalek                      Norm and Gerri Smith
Richard and Margaret Miga                Robert and Marion Smyczynski
Kristyn Million                          John and Lynn Snyder
Richard and Maureen Minnick              Michael and Elizabeth Sobaszek
Joanna Solo                                   Kristine Buchbard
Southtowns Catholic Home School Association   Peter and Susan Bushman
St. Bernadette Church- Holy Name Society      Trisch Chapin
Karl and Deborah Stadler                      Mike and Kellie Chiavetta
Staples Business Advantage                    Paul Chlebowski
Jacqueline Strozyk                            Mark and Jane Colern
Rev. Jerome W. Sullivan                       Bob and Michele Collins
Steve Szymanski                               Larry and Lynn Colucci
The Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc.          Jane Connors
The Sallie Mae Fund                           Deb and Daniel Corcoran
Sr. M. Paulette Tirone FSSJ                   Jay and Eleanor Covelli
Susan Todaro                                  Dina Coyne
Rev. William Tuyn                             Rick and Jill Crapez
Upstate New York Transplant Services, Inc.    Ed and Patricia Dempsey
Robert and Jean Vetter                        Anthony and Lucy DeSantis
W. Coppola Tax Service Inc.                   Discount Trophy Co.
Arthur Walier                                 Linda Drabeck
Suzanne Walker and Shannon Herr               Marianne Drabek
Wanakah Pharmacy                              Andrea Agnello Drabik
Thomas Waring, Jr.                            Gary and Judy Drabik
Dennis and Mary Jo Weiss                      Mrs. Carol Dzik
Mrs. Jo Ann Wiatrowski                        Mary Fabian
Gayle and Denise Woodruff                     George and Karen Farley
Rev. Richard Zajac                            Paul and Joan Farley
                                              Father Justin Rosary Hour
                                              Rev. Joseph Fifagrowicz
White Zircon $50-$99                          David and Madonna Fink
                                              Fisher Pools & Supplies
Priscilla Adams                               Robert and Lynne Forsberg
Timothy and Donata Aldrich                    Scott Franz
Mike and Joanne Altieri                       David Friedrich
Ruth and Izzy Alvarado                        George Gallagher
Paul and Susan Azzopardi                      John Garrigan
Frank and Jeanne Badaszewski                  Patrick and Kathleen Garrigan
Joe Badaszewski                               Jeff and Renee Gearhart
Farkad and Holly Balaya                       Christopher and Colleen Gerwitz
Tom and Kathy Balcarczyk                      Dennis Gesel
John and Carol Barden                         Ann Godfrey and Dennis McMurray
Rosanne Batt                                  David and Kathy Hahn
David Bellissimo                              Sally Sikorski and Charles Hangen
Veronica Benes                                Vincent O. Hanley
Rev. Joseph Benicewicz                        Cal Harrington
Larry and Mary Betker                         Heidi Hartnett
Scott Bieler                                  Ray Hennessy Sr.
Douglas and Brenda Bodack                     Erin Hennessy
Cheryl and David Brady                        Ray Hennessy
Sr. Marilyn Brewer
Barbara Herman                                Rev. Michael Sajda
Mr. and Mrs. Nestor and Christina Hernandez   Mike Sauer
Karl and Beth Horvath                         Robert and Elizabeth Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Houston               Ronald Schifano
Immaculata Academy Newspaper staff            Sr. Lynne Anne Schimminger FSSJ
Immaculata Academy Staff/Faculty              John and Susan Schmitt
Sidney F. Jack, D.D.S.                        Isabelle Schoetz
Paula Jeziorski                               Marc and Mary Schreiner
Benita Kaszubowski                            Tania Servos
John and Frances Keough                       Shaw & Shaw PC
Mary Ann Kernitz                              Shoe Biz...A unique Boutique
Jim and Tina Knab                             Sr. Ernesta Sitkowski FSSJ
John and Elizabeth Kostek                     Chris and Julie Slupinski
Esther Kowal                                  Nancy Sobaszek
Thomas and Michele Kozlowski                  Rev. Paul Steller
Paul and Colleen Kraft                        Betty Stelmach
Gary and Mary Lou Krajnik                     Frank and Ann Sterlace
Cheryl Kropczynski                            Mark and Mary Anne Stevens
David and Suzanne Krycia                      Andrea and Christopher Swiatek
Lorraine Kurek                                Mary Lou Swiencicki
Eugenia LaRusch                               Ted Swiercznski
Connie Leo                                    Greg Szarpa
Mildred and John Metrosky                     Paul and Diana Szczepanski
Mark and Camille Miklos                       Ken and Sheryl Szewczyk
Anne Moot                                     Mark and Judy Tytka
Sr. Jane Muldoon RSM                          Frank and Patty Unger
Munroe Chiropractic, P.C.                     Karen Urban
Dan and Michele Nash                          Henry Wachowiak
John Newman                                   Tom and Margaret Wahl
Bradley and Sue Nutty                         Gordon Walker
Mary Nytz                                     Sam and Penny Wapshare
John and Mary O'Connor                        Bill and Irene Weiss
Bridget and Daryl O'Neill                     Michael Williams
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish           Scott Winnert
Jamie Overfield                               Janice Wojtanik
Dan and Kari Palermo                          Rev. Mark Wolski
Rose and Tony Paliwoda                        Ron Yormick
Peter and Judith Pawlak                       Jean Young
John Pelow                                    Candice Zak
Robert and Michele Penna                      Michael and Jody Zakowski
Bill and Gail Phillips
Jack and Mary Beth Quinn
William and Lisa Rebmann
                                              Aquamarine $1-$49
Edward and Pamela Reilly
Timothy Rektorik                              A.C.T. Electrical Const. Co.
David and Cathy Russin                        Sue Abram
                                              Mary Ann Agnello
Rhonda Albert                        Patrick Byrne
Phylis Alexander                     C M Dance Factory
Matthew Anastasi                     Loretta Cady
Carl Anderson                        Karen Campbell
Karen Anderson                       Irene Canterbury
Thomas E. Andruschat                 Gerald R. Carson
Ronald and Kathy Antonik             Liz Cash
Mary Badaszewski                     Marge Cataldo
Bob and Marge Baker                  Trish Catanzaro
Ace Baldelli                         Joe Cesarz
Annette Balon                        Diane Chiavetta
Walter Balon                         Kristen Chmura
John and Donna Banas                 Michael and Carin Chmurzynski
Betty Barrett                        Chudy Papers Co. Inc.
James and Tamy Barry                 Patricia Cieslica
Mike Bartlett                        Richard and Dorothy Ciezki
Mike Bartolomeo                      Deacon Robb Ciezki
Roger and Fay Beals                  Rev. James Ciupek
Beckes Optical & Hearing Aids        Gregory Clabeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Jean Bennett   David Clifford, M.D.
Irene Benson                         Robert and Camille Close
George Bestpitch                     Mark and Anne Coccionitti
Meredith Bielaska                    Colonial Memorial Chapels, Inc.
Robert Bishop                        Jim and Pat Connolly
Mrs. Pat Black                       Kevin Connors
Nancy Bleck                          Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Conti
Kathy Bley                           Janet Coughlin
Chris Bly                            Susan Covelli
Bob and Bonnie Boechel               Libby Cowan
Michael Bonilla                      Rick and Sandy Craig
Maria Borawski                       Dan Creek
Anthony and Deanne Borello           Edwin R. Czajka
Paul and Camille Bratek              Carl and Barbara Czora
Sharon Braun                         Rob deGrandpre
Albert and Mary Bremer               Joe and Mary DeGrave
Robert Britton                       Barbara Delarosa
Jerry Brooks                         Shirley A. DeNisco
Kathryn Brooks                       Sue Di Bianca
Barbara Brown                        Rox Ann Di Buono
Ann Browne                           Gerry and Cindy Dickey
Barbara and Michael Buchheit         Mary Dillon
Burt Bulger                          Mark DiMaria
Kim Bump                             Michael DiPalma
Karen and Jim Burdick                Tom Dobiesz
Mitzi Burns                          Norm and Patricia Dobrick
James Burritt                        Felix Domiano
Valerie Domiano                                      Tracy Golding
James Donohue                                        Kathy Goodwin
Yvonne Downey                                        Susan Gordon
Craig Drabik                                         Helen Gorkiewicz
Mark Drabik                                          Vincent and Michelle Grasso
Tom and Jeanne Dryja                                 Chris Greco
Rich Duda                                            Margaret Griffin
Jeff Dudziak                                         John Grotke
James and Lynn Duggan                                Joseph Gugino
Frank and Jean Dulak                                 Vinny Gugliuzza
Carolyn and Dane Durni                               Carole Gunn
Patti Durni                                          Clay and Carol Haas
Elizabeth Eagan                                      Brad and Marie Hafner
John Edson                                           Haier Farms
Anne Egloff                                          Sheila Halloran
Lynn Emminger                                        Denise Hamann
Sr. Sharon Erickson, R.S.M.                          Virginia Hamann
Paul and Mary Ellen Eustace                          Hamburg Accounting & Tax Service, Inc.
Kevin Farley                                         Mike and Deb Hanks
Bob and Karen Feldman                                Craig Harris
William and Susan Fitzpatrick                        Howard and Mary Harris
Jerome and Mary- Jo Flanagan                         Mary Beth Haskill
Emily Fletcher                                       Betty Haught
Jane Flury                                           Colleen Haulton
Paula Flynn                                          Amy Hayes
Pat and Colleen Foley                                Erin Heerdt
T.J. Foley                                           Coralia Hetzner
Nicholas and Beth Forth                              Renee Hill
Nancy Forys                                          Suzette Hino
Danielle and Joel Fowler                             Hoaks Restaurant
Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph-St. Clare Convent   Joseph Hoch
Bruce and Karen Freidenberg                          Sue Hohl
Sheila Fruehauf                                      Chester Hojsan
David Gaeddert                                       Robert and Donna Hooper
Michael and Denise Gallego                           Mary Hosler
Kathy Garbutt                                        Pat Hotnich
Tom Gardner, Jr.                                     Mary Alice Hottum
Rebecca Gardner                                      Sr. Ann Marie Hudzina FSSJ
Bill and Rita Gates                                  Immaculata Academy Library Club
Anna Belle Gavin                                     Immaculata Academy National Honor Society
Ruth Gear                                            Calogero Ippolito, M.D.
Michelle Giancaterin                                 Dr. and Mrs. Walter and Mary Iwanenko
Patrick and Christine Giles                          Henry and Betty Jakubowicz
Sr. Conrad Marie Glica FSSJ                          Paul and Elaine Janak
Bill Goc                                             Linda Jankowski
Maureen Godfrey                                      Elizabeth and David Jarosz
Heather Johnson                Pat McAnaney
Pam Johnson                    Anne Meyers McCarthy
Ed Jones                       Mary McCarthy
Hedwig Kacala                  Bill McDonnell
Margie Kaczmarek               Pam and Jim McDonnell
Kevin Kane                     Kelly McLeod
Bill and Lisa Kaveney          Frances McMahon
Jackie Keane                   Joe and Robin Mead
Patrick Keefe                  Howard Meissner
Jim and Sharon Kellerman       Gary and Nancy Meutsch
Donna Ketchum-Colletta         Deanne Meyer
James Kiernan                  Michael Mielcarek
Paul and Mary Knab             Frank and Marilyn Miklos
Mary Knott                     Larry and Maureen Miklos
Ronald Kobel                   Lynne Miliotto
Howard Koepnick                Carmen and Patricia Monaco
Richard and Susan Koronowski   Mary Montante
Jim and Melissa Kossow         Carolyn Mooney
Pat Kovach                     Rosemary Morgante
David Kraft                    Paul Mosksal
Sandra Kraft                   Michael Mosley
William and Kim Kruse          Joan E. Murphy
Joe Krysztofowicz              Joe and Kathy Murray
Sr. Joyce Kubiniec FSSJ        William and Cynthia Muscarella
Sr. Helen Kuc FSSJ             Carol Naffky
Veronica Ann Laco              Michael and Janette Neumeister
Patrick and Angela Larivey     Liz Newman
Anne Marie Lata                Joseph and Lynn Nowak
Becky Leone                    Karen Oddo
George Leverenz                Sister Ellen O'Keefe
Donna Levin                    Don Oliver
Mary Ann Liesinger             Marion Ortiz
Lisa Lindner                   Kevin Otwell
Donna Lipowski                 Ray and Colleen Palermo
Silvio and Teresa Lirussi      Bill Palisano
Camille Lupa                   Pamela Pantano
Diane Malecki                  Gary and Sue Papp
Cathy Malley                   Dr. and Mrs. Craig Pawlak
Steve Mandy                    Jean Penberthy
Paula Mann                     Jose and Kaylyn Perez
Bruce Marchese                 Ann Marie Pezone
Joe and Diane Marsillo         Cathy Pezzino
Kathy Mastrobattista           Sue Phillips
Mark Matyas                    Elaine and Carl Piazza
Tom Mazurek                    Jeffrey and Cynthia Piccirilli
Nancy Mc Keown                 Don Picone
Dennis and Claudia Pieczynski   Marty Shaver
Kathy Pierona                   Gerald and Karen Shea
Conrad and Suzanne Piskorz      Sicari Fqmily
Martin Polanski                 Bob Simoncelli
Cindy Ponczkowski               William and Ellen Marie Simson
Judy Post                       Larry Skinner
Judy Powers                     Annette Smith
Terry and Mike Quick            Kelly Smith
Bob and Lori Radwan             Norman and Geraldine Smith
Mark and Rosemary Rand          Rita Smith
Kevin and Ann Redanz            Walter and Diane Sopicki
Kim Reese                       Sharon Southworth
Antoinette Revekant             David Sowa
Mickey Ribard                   Deborah Spatz
Bill and Kathy Rice             Bill Spaulding
Ridgewood Pharmacy              Martin and Deborah Spencer
George E. Riedel Jr.            St. Columban Center
Dolores Rinaldi                 Sr. Marie Stachowiak FSSJ
Joe Ritsch                      Peter Stadler
Lynn Roche                      Jean and Chuck Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Len Rojek          Dave Stewart
Daniel and Andrea Roland        Roger Stone
Nancy Rooney                    Don Suchan
Dolores Rose                    Joel Sullivan
Rev. Romulus Rosolowski         Harold and Lisa Summar
Michelle Rudz                   Skip Summar
Deacon John M. Ruh              Melissa Switzer
Betty Rumming                   Dominic Szaturski
Keith Ryan                      Rev. Walter Szczesny
Brad and Madeline Rybczynski    Margaret Szczur
Mary Ann Sachenik               Sr. M. Felicia Szymanowski FSSJ
Traci Saeli                     Mike Talluto
Rev. Ron Sajdak                 Terry Hills Golf Course
David Sambora                   Marian Tetreault
Sr. M. Rayneld Samsel FSSJ      Ken and Marsha Thomas
Diane Sauer                     Anthony and Sharon Tojek
Peter and Sue Schaffstall       Rosalie Topinko
Carol Schieber                  Michael Torcello
John Schiffer                   Nichole Trzepacz
William and Jean Schmitt        Helen Twarog
Richard and Jackie Schmitz      Brian Tytka
Mary Schreiner                  Ann Usinski
James Schunk                    Valu Home Centers
Seasons Day Spa by Corto's      Fran Vanghan
Jan and Bill Sexton             Verizon Foundation Matching Incentive Program
Frank and Barbara Shaughnessy   Coupon
Donald and Linda Wach
Brian Wachowiak
Kathy and Beth Wachowiak
John and Christina Wagner
Deacon Ron Walker
Rachel Walter
Rita Walter
Bruce and Gail Warner
Gloria Way
Mary Beth Wayne
Elizabeth Webb
Pat Webb
Ann Weingartner
Madie White
Adam Wicinski
Anthony Wiertel
Faren Gault Wilson
Nanci Winterhalter
Barbara Wischerath
Virginia Witczak
Donna Wittmeyer
Kevin and Suanne Wolfe
Joseph and Natalie Woodward
Anthony and Louise Woyshner
Ray Wylegala
Bob Young
Louis Zawistowski
Susan Zgoda
Zonta Club of Hamburg/Orchard Park
Kathy Zotara
Bill and Marlene Zulawski

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