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					                          La Paz Intermediate School

                                                                                                           February 2008

                          La Paz Newsletter

                                  Principal’s Message
Inside this issue:
                                  Dear Students and Parents,
A Message from the
                         2        The end of January is an important time as it marks the half
                                  way point for promotion as well as the beginning of the home
Calendar of Events       2        stretch as we prepare for the California Standards Tests in
                                  May. During this crucial time, La Paz teachers collaboratively
Principal’s Honor Roll
                         3        review student progress as measured by grade-level
                                  curriculum maps and student success on a variety of
                         6        assessments. Based on the information gained, the teachers
Curriculum Update
                                  adjust their lessons, providing additional reteaching and time
Electives                9        for some students while ensuring a challenging and enriching
                                  environment for all. Our goal is to provide all of our students
Learning Communities     10       with an outstanding education, and to accomplish our goal, we
                                  will do whatever it takes to support students in their
Special Education        11       learning.

ASB                      11       At La Paz, ―whatever it takes‖ means setting high expectations for each child, caring about each child
                                  as an individual and a learner, and working together (teachers, counselors, staff and administrators) in
Technology               12       partnership with students and parents, to systematically intervene and provide timely support. To this
                                  end, our teachers and counselors are committed to reviewing students’ grades every three weeks,
Service Awards           12
                                  congratulating those students who are successful and providing support for those who are struggling.
                                  ELT (Extended Learning Time) at lunch, and before and after school is the foundation of this systemic
PBS                      12
                                  support. In ELT, strong students can receive clarification on an assignment or a particular lesson, or
What It Means to Be An            simply use the time to work on assignments; and others who are struggling in a particular subject can
American                          get individualized help from the teacher and depending on department policy, demonstrate mastery of
                                  standards by redoing key mastery-driven assignments. Throughout this process, the counselors
Intramurals              13       contact parents of students whose grades slip below a ―D‖ at the three week interval, giving them
                                  specific information about what we can do together to help the student improve. As we monitor grades
California Junior                 and support each of our students, we are counting on your steady and loving intervention. Please talk
Scholarship Federation            with your children about their homework, projects and tests. Help them establish daily study times,
                                  project timelines, and effective ways to study for tests. Encourage, even insist, that they attend ELT.
                                  And most importantly, check their grades online at least once a week. If a grade does not meet your
                                  expectation, talk with your child and contact the teacher. (Email is the most convenient and the
                                  quickest way to communicate with teachers.) The sooner we are all working together, the sooner we
   Read more about the...
                                  will see positive results.
      Washington, D.C. Trip
                                  Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to each and every child’s success.
      California Junior
       Scholarship Federation
                                  With Leopard Pride,
      San Diego Field Trip for
       7th Graders                Jean Carroll

                                  Jean Carroll
Page 2

                                   A Message from the STPO
                                   Dear La Paz Families;

                                   I hope that your winter holiday was restful and that you were able to spend some time with your
                                   family and friends. As we begin 2008, I know many of us look to set resolutions and goals for the New
   These fundraisers are fun       Year. One goal that we have set for our STPO is to provide additional lunch tables for our students to
   for everyone, and a great       use during their lunch period. In addition to the money raised during the magazine fundraiser, we have
   excuse to go out to dinner!     planned to have monthly ―Dine Around‖ fundraisers to help achieve our goal.

                                   We have some fantastic speakers scheduled for our upcoming STPO meetings. On February 28, 7:00
   The next several ―Dine
   Around‖ fundraisers are         PM, College Wise will give us information on how to find, apply to and attend the right college for our
   listed below. If you can,       child. On March 17, 7:00 PM, we are sponsoring a High School Information Night. We’ll have Band,
   please come out and lend your   Cheer and Athletic representatives from Mission Viejo H.S., Laguna Hills H.S., Trabuco Hills H.S. and
   support!                        El Toro H.S available to answer your questions regarding their programs, try-outs and summer camps.
                                   Don’t miss this very informative night. On April 16, 7:00 PM, we’ll have an Internet safety expert talk
   February 27                     with us about keeping our kids safe while they use the Internet. Please try to attend if you can.
   Islands (Laguna Hills )         Our Community Service Chairperson, Heidi Davies is planning several service projects to benefit local
                                   charities. We’ll collect spare change for the Pennies for Patients program in February, which will
   March 19                        benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as well as collect cereal for South County Outreach in
   Fuddrucker’s ( El Toro)         March. Both are wonderful charities that support families in our community. Please watch for
                                   information to come home to let you know how you can help.
   April 30
   El Torito ( Laguna Hills)       Finally, Dawn Johnson, STPO Parliamentarian will be coordinating the nominations for the 2008/2009
                                   STPO Board. If you are interested in serving on the board, or would like more information regarding
   May 28                          board positions, please contact Dawn at We will vote at the April STPO
   Rubio’s (Mission Viejo &        General Meeting, so if you can, please try to make it so that your vote can be counted.
   Laguna Niguel)
                                   Take care,

                                   Christina Salcido, STPO President

                                   Calendar of Events
                                   February 6                       Benchmark Writing Practice Test

                                   February 8                       Second Trimester Progress Reports

                                   February 15-18                   No School

                                   February 23                      Music Camp

                                   February 28                      College Wise Speaker

                                   March 4                          STAR 7th Grade Writing Test (Very important to be in school!)

                                   March 18-19                      Pre-Festival Concert

                                   March 20                         SCSBOA Music Festival

                                   March 24-28                      Spring Recess

                                   April 2                          Second Trimester Report Cards

                                   April 24                         Open House (Minimum Day)

                                   May 13-16                        STAR Testing (Very important to be in school!)
                                                                                                     Page 3

First Trimester Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0)
Samantha Adams      Brian Downs           Elika Lavassani      Matthew Rodriguez     Anna Young
Alec Ananian        Dan-Thanh Duong       Solida Lay           Adam Rubin            Emily Young
Hailey Andes        Mahta Fakhimi         Jae Lee              Alexander Sacharske   Kathleen Zaug
Brittany Andrade    Katelyn Fawcett       Max Lee              Alyssa Sandore        Michelle Zens
Lina Antonson       Shannon Fishman       Tristan Lennertz     Angela Sangalang      Nicole Zens
Sara Arsenault      Sydney Flora          Joseph Levatino      Krista Sangalang
Ariana Asgarian     Catharine Flynn       James Li             Claire Scheele
Collette Astle      Victoria Fontoura     Samantha Liu         Melanie Schultz
Kathrine Bailey     Jennifer Frerk        Harry Lubowe         Nancy Secundino
Rebecca Beals       Cameron Gatewood      Marie Lucero         Maren Sedgwick
Evan Bender         Jacklyn Goldman       Jonathan Mabuni      Samantha Shaver
Holly Bennett       Madison Goodman       Christian Macias     Jacqueline Shimabu-
Natalya Bettey      Amanda Gordon         Sierra Mackey        kuro
Daniel Beymer       Harley Gubler         Jessica Makin        Kevin Shishido
Sundeep Bibra       Katelyn Guido         David Martz          Brent Shulman
Eleanor Blott       Parsa Hadidi          Patricia Masengale   Ian Simpson
Matthew Bobke       Wyatt Hahn            Devon Maslyn         Aris Simsarian
Kiera Bocchino      James Hall            Kayla Mayer          Amanda Skinner
Tyler Boyd          Ryan Hall             Daniel Mc Carthy     Kristina Slezacek
Benjamin Braun      Torie Hamilton        Molly Mc Cullough    Katelyn Sloan
Elisabeth Bruce     Kristine Hannan       Brittney Messer      Quinn Sneddon
Pachet Bryant       Charles Hanzel        Sophie Miller        Ryan South
Julia Cabrales      Tyler Hanzel          Nicole Millward      Anoop Sownderraj
Nicholas Camarda    Kristen Hardy         Torra Ming           Corinne Spires
Lindsey Campbell    Shannon Hargis        Hanah Mirahmadi      Steven Sprecher
Angelina Caplanis   Colton Harrison       Nina Miraki          Jennifer Stanley
Emily Cebula        Jacob Hauptman        Jason Mohr           Ashlee Stapf
Melanie Cebula      Avery Hedde           Kelley Moody         Jamie Steele
Hannah Cernicky     Sierra Henderson      Nicholas Mooney      Sarah Steele
Adam Charron        Katherine Hernandez   Kevin Moore          Sage Stone
Jasmine Chau        David Heron           Ty Moore             Daniel Tayag
Jonathan Chau       Matthew Hiller        Tiffany Mulya        Russell Taylor
Olivia Chen         Allison Ho            Bradley Myers        Stephanie Tenborg
Erika Cheung        Alec Hogan            Nicole Nakayama      Brett Tenhoff
Melissa Chisam      Natasha Howe          Jordan Nelson        Monica Tomovich
Rebecca Clark       Aya Ibrahim           Emily Neudecker      Michael Tucker
Luis Collazo        Leilah Islami         Michael Ngo          Shelby Tuper
Cassi Connella      Amanda Jaffe          Ryan Nguyen          Guillermo Valdez
Guy Cooper Sutton   Stephanie Jamlang     Stephen Nguyen       Megan Van Horn
Emily Corbo         Alana Jones           Natacha Nielsen      Gabriela Vasquez
Michael Cramer      Kaila Kaczmarek       Keefer Nishiki       Zachary Voss
Danielle Cross      Samantha Keary        Analise Nuxoll       Andrew Walraven
Jackson Dahl        Winter Keith          Stephanie Parker     Kelsey Warkentin
Maille Daley        Nawal Kibria          Ayesa Patino-Whitt   Collin Wasley
Siobhan Daley       David Kim             Shannon Pham         Kylie West
Alexander Davis     Timothy Kim           Rachel Portillo      Sebastien Wheeler
Scott Davis         Yuri Kim              Jake Price           Rebecca White
Dakota Dehn         Alisa Kokanoutranon   Jacob Purcell        Rebekah Wilson
Naya Deykes         Alexandra Kulick      Paige Ramos          Shelby Wilson
Brian Diener        Roohi Kumar           Nicole Rice          Adam Wong
Esma Djokovic       Edmund Kuras          Luke Riley           Samuel Yaeger
Sarah Dobrofsky     Jacob Lane            Jonathan Rinella     Kevin Yang
Landon Domenico     Amanda Lauderdale     Zainub Rizvi         Tayler Ybarra
                                                                                                                                     Page 4

First Trimester Principal’s Honor Roll (3.5 to 3.99)
Seyed Abediyeh          Kimberly Cahuantzi     Destiny Flaherty     Montana Kleppe         Ah Park               Eduardo Solana
Muzammil Adil           Aubrey Cameron         Cecily Flora         Matthew Klister        Tina Parsaee          Kareem Soliman
Ryan Agnew              Laura Campoy           Siena Florentine     Emily Knudsen          Megan Passaglia       Matthew Sommers
Margaret Agrela         Grant Canas            Zane Folta           Jacob Koransky         John Payne            Malina Sos
Amir Ali                Tiffany Carinchi       James Foundoulis     Jonathan Lagunas       Madison Peace         Calvin Spencer
Austin Allen            Marissa Carrillo       Connor Freer         Michael Lathon         Alejandro Perez       Tyler Stein
Ashley Allison          Conner Cassens         Robert Friedman      Denis Lavinski         Claire Peterson       Caroline Stratton
Shelby Alpert-Waldman   Jessica Castellanos    Emily Fritz          Peter Le               Lamar Pi              Oliver Streit
Isabella Alvarez        Jessica Castro         Sophia Fusco         Jayne Lee              Anthony Pierce        Charles Swanson
Jodi Amundsen           Christopher Cebula     Ryan Galbraith       Allison Leyva          Taylor Pruett         Cezar Tabrizy
Noah Andersen           Andrew Cecil           Darren Geenen        Bryan Lloyd            Grant Puckett         Blake Tafoya
Alexander Anderson      Tessa Chamberlin       Rebecca Genin        Elena Lopez            Austin Purmort        Nathaniel Tago
Meagan Anderson         Josephine Chan         Ariana Ghalami       Jennifer Lopez         Rachyl Quan           Tanner Tardiff
Daniel Antonson         Christopher Chavez     Meghan Gladwell      Stephanie Lowe         Kiefer Rabe           Connor Tate
Alicia Armenta          Gordon Chen            Benjamin Golden      Shelby Lynn            Alexander Rahe        Noah Taylor
Sarah Astor             Casey Chiljian         Max Goldstein        Jeffrey Macmonigle     Varun Rai             Zaka Temori
Tyler Atherley          Shane Chowdhury        Elizabeth Gonzales   Aja Maez               Elizabeth Rains       Giana Terranova
Robert Augustine        Georgio Christodulou   Marlene Gonzales     Ashkon Maghsoodi       Arsham Ravanipour     Vishal Tharani
Martina Aurelio         Jay Cobarrubias        Jake Greer           Courtney Makin         Steven Reames         Alexis Thompson
Natalie Aviles          Abbie Coe              Daniel Haberman      Nairi Mardirossian     Iman Rejali           Allison Thorsell
Asher Axe               Christine Connolly     Jake Hagadorn        Vincent Marfone        Victoria Remsnyder    Sara Toderich
Adi Azran               Ryan Contreras         Castina Hagerman     Christopher            Raymond Rhew          Karissa Ty
Tiffany Backe           Jason Corlett          Kristen Hall         Martindale             Katarina Richardson   Taylor Van
Amanda Bahou            Julia Cornish          Brooke Harris        Chelsea Masoni         Anna Righi            Doleweerd
Ruchika Bajaj           Loraine Corona         Tanner Harvey        Joshua Massey          Jayson Rivera         Makayla Vaninetti
Anmol Bal               Jocelyn Corrales       Jared Hazlett        Cody Matlock           Jefferson Rivera      Britney Vargas
Emily Ballmaier         Keana Cowden           Christopher Henson   Reece Maxon            Fariha Rizvi          Sophie Vickery
Trever Barron           Daniel Cox             Ashly Hernandez      Camree May             Kevin Robert          Heidi Vineyard
Zachary Baumeister      Jack Crowley           Jaime Hernandez      Aaron Mayer            Austin Roberts        Tyler Walters
Brandy Bautista         Danielle Cunningham    Victoria Hernandez   Alison Mc Coy          Matthew Rochford      Klarissa Weber
Alisa Benites           Victoria Czorny        Jordan Hessler       Nolan Mc Murray        Tyler Rolstad         James Weems
Brandon Benites         Peter Damgaard         Brendan Hicks        Lance Meinhardt        Robert Romero         Stephen Weigand
Meaghan Berry           Michael Damyen         Matthew Higa         Brian Melchor          Matthew Rosales       Jessica Welch
Morgan Berschauer       Tracy Dang             Brennan Hill         Matthew Merryman       Daniel Roy            Amanda Wexler
Erik Besner             Morgan Dano            Miles Hoard          Mc Kenna Metcalf       Bradford Runyon       Sarah Whetzell
Shane Bieber            Cole Dargan            Zachary Hollander    Brooke Millard         Bryan Russo           Joshua Whitney
Michael Bieniak         Shireen Daryabary      Pauline Hua          Bryton Miller          Alexandra Ruvalcaba   Andrew Whitt
Sean Biernacki          Morgan Day             Sabrina Hughes       Christina Ming         Chelsea Salcido       John Wiehe
Natalie Blenker         Luke Degrassi          Luke Hulse           Xochitl Minor-Garcia   Christian Sampson     Christine Wilde
Brendan Bohen           Ryan Denton            Noelle Hunter        Ashley Morris          Erika Sanchez         Emillie Willett
Brett Bommarito         Kevin Devine           Samantha Huntley     Jason Mulcahy          Leidy Sanchez         Royce Williams
Amanda Bordner          Nicholas Dezember      John Inkster         Anna Mumm              Graham Sanders        Sarah Williams
Derek Brackett          Jeffrey Doll           Zachary Ip           Sydney Murai           Lauren Sandler        Spencer Williams
Emily Bradford          Bryce Douglass         Brynna Irving        Diana Murillo          Brock Sanford         Kelsey Wilson
Mark Bragg              Kevin Dowell           Colby Jackson        Rami Murillo           Zachary Sattler       Kevin Wolting
David Braymer           Jessica Eisenbart      Erik Jackson         Jordan Murphy          Taylor Savage         Samuel Wood
Sarah Braymer           Shane Elliott          Ameen Jarrahian      Derek Murrieta         Krystal Scavo         Michael Wu
Ryan Brillhart          Michelle Escobar       Nolan Johnson        Omar Naji              Nolan Schwartz        Margaret Yanni
Joseph Brinkis          Sarah Espinosa         Brett Jones          Aria Najmzadeh         Araceli Sevilla       Donya Yassami
Corine Brix             Shirin Farhoomand      Melina Kalhor        Montana Ng             Ashley Sharp          Carley Yegsigian
Emily Browning          Dina Fasheh            Kaveer Kapoor        Amanda Nguyen          Setareh Shekarchi     Miranda Young
Ashley Burbach          Joseph Fastuca         Kristine Karimian    Phikhanh Nguyen        Elizabeth Simonian    Audriana Zehra
Adam Burke              Lauryn Feilmeier       Kaitlin Keltner      Francisco Nunez        Johanna Simpson       John Zundel
Wesley Burkhard         Mackenzie Felt         Michael Kemmer       Ashley Olson           Allyson Smith         David Zweibel
Jennifer Caballero      Noel Ferrer            Thomas Kim           Marlea Ong             Brianna Smith
Emily Cabuling          Michaela Finkbeiner    William King         Tate Overend           Danielle
Kacey Cadwell           Keith Finneran         John Klawitter       Cody Pannell           Smothermon
                                                                                                                   Page 5

First Trimester Principal’s Honor Roll (3.0 to 3.49)
Remie Adams            Sarah Du              Gabrielle Kaiser         Alyssa Odden            Daniel Steel
Matthew Addonizio      Jordan Duran          Sara Kamieniecki         Alexander Olson         Sami Sullivan
Nadine Agharezei       Brandon Earnest       Kirin Kapowai            Alexis O'neill          Maria Suriano
Christopher Aguilera   Jonas Earnest         Savanna Katz             Hannah Owen             Michael Tabora
Christopher Akhavein   Colin Eichelberger    Nicolas Kellstrom        Hugo Paniagua           Ryan Takamiya
Daniel Albarran        Maxwell Engel         Benjamin Kimler          Vincent Paplia          Keenan Talamo
Martin Alfaro          Kyle Erspamer         Damien Knox              Jacob Patterson         Fernando Tellez
Arianna Alosio         Marco Evangelista     Nicole Kolenic           Lucas Pellizzon         Jessica Tellez
Norma Alvarez          Zachary Fajardo       Kallee Krebs             Ryan Perera             Vanessa Tellez
Kelsey Anderson        Devan Fakharizadeh    Elijah Kreindel          Blake Pieksma           Stephen Teuton
Clarissa Armenta       Abby Fickinger        Nicholas Kugler-Fakhim   Nicole Pifer            Crystaline Tran
Alijah Arnold          Denee Fleites         Erich Kuhlmann           Matthew Portillo        Paulina Valdivia
Joshua Auerbach        Christopher Fontana   Mathias Kuhlmann         Nicklas Potter          Dakota Vallar
Mackenzie Ayers        Lindsay Frias         Anna Lavinski            Jeremy Powers           Kahn Van Toor
Lauren Bahlinger       Cory Friedman         Julie Le                 Joshua Quintino         Austin Vandegriff
Alex Barradas          Christine Gaeta       Victoria Lee             Nader Rahelan           Mireya Vazquez
Andrew Barry           Marlee Galaz          Isbir Leigh              Marissa Ray             Derek Vu
Emilee Beck            Lilian Galeana        Kathrine Lemos           Cyrus Riahi             Grace Walters
Katelyn Bento          Brian Garcia          Cody Lenhart             Sina Riahi              Elliott Washington
Erick Bermudez         Jordan Garcia         Emily Lerner             Audrey Rink             Andrew Weaver
Jeena Bonutto          Magaly Garcia         Jessica Lezay            Xyomarah Rivera         Casey White
Veronica Boutwell      Pedro Garcia          Karen Li                 Sydney Roberts          Nicholas Whitney
John Bradley           Kimberly Gazga        Michael Lorrimer         Scott Robison           Forrest Wiederman
Nicholas Brinkmeier    Sanam Ghaneeian       Raquel Luczo             Rachel Rodarmel         Jason Willahan
Priscilla Cabello      Michael Gold          Austin Mac Pherson       Carlos Rodriguez        Zanoah Wilson
Kyle Candalla          Heather Goldin        Sean Mackey              Jeffrey Rodriguez       Allen Winton
Beau Caouette          Katarina Golemo       Sophia Majidian          Isaiah Rolow            Cristiana Wo-
Gabrielle Caplan       Elizabeth Gomez       Michael Mamich           Samantha Roman          jciechowski
Maggie Carranza        Nigel Gomez           Mie Manniche             Kevin Romero            Leslie Woodson
Justine Casper         Nicholas Gonzalez     Christopher Mansfield    Stiven Romero           Kathleen Woodward
Daniel Castle          Cassandra Guerrero    Andrew Manzanares        Chad Ross               Fang Yao Wu
Deborah Chamberlain    Heath Gullifer        Alexandra Maring         Kyrsten Salazar         Sara Yazdanfar
Danielle Chawki        Angel Guzman          Garrett Marino           Adam Salcido            Taylan Young
Claes Claeson          Christen Hagstrom     Joseph Martin            Frida Salinas           Caitlyn Zayas
Allison Close          Amna Haider           Krisjon Martinez         Michael Salzle          Nicholas Zintgraff
Olivia Codd            Paige Halloran        Donald Mc Allister       Andrea Sandoval
Gerardo Collado Jr.    Haley Harrelson       Hunter Mc Daniel         Taylor Sato
Stefano Colucci        Natalie Hart          Paige Mc Ginnis          Dylan Scarpelli
Jordan Corredor        Logan Hatfield        Alyssa Mc Ivor           Ryan Schreiner
Samuel Crawford        Erin Heidenreich      Devon Mc Rane            Kyle Serio
Itzayana Cruz          Gilberto Hernandez    Edward Merk              Ani Shahmirian
Markus Dannenberg      Ivonne Hernandez      Kyle Miller              Brooke Shimazaki
Keanu Patr David       Christian Hirsch      Hayley Mizar             Taylor Shook
Hunter Davis           Alessia Huch          Michael Mofid            Jonathon Sianez
Elizabeth De Witt      Michael Hudson        Giordan Moloian          Jenna Simoncelli
Joseph Deal            Kimberley Hughes      Julia Moon               Sonya Singh
Grace Defibaugh        Cynthia Huizar        Cinthia Morales          Kevin Skelly
Andrew Delbridge       Theodore Hunt         Richard Morris           Ryan Sloan
Christian Diaz         Brandon Hunter        Ivone Mota               Justin Smith
Garrett Dilorinzo      Tanner Huntley        Carly Mottram            Brittany Snook
Nicklaus Dimino        Gabrielle Jackson     Hannah Narragon          Pranaya Soeraadiningr
Colin Dodd             Jade Jackson          Morgan Nassif            Arturo Sosa
Jared Donahoe          Tatiana Jackson       Brandon Neville          Allyson Spafford
Megan Dorsey           Jenna Johns           Jesse-Bric Nicholson     Dillon Steckbauer
Page 6

         The English Department is          Literature and Language Arts textbook. Both grade levels include
         busy with essay writing skills     sample essays and other information that is helpful to young writers.
         this month. Seventh grade          There are also many resources available on the Internet.
         students are working on
         persuasive essays currently,
         and will also be practicing                           Check out these useful websites!
         narrative writing in
         anticipation of the state
                                                      Our school online program:
         writing assessment in March
         which may be on any of these
         genres. Eighth grade students
                                                      The Five Paragraph Essay:
         are applying their knowledge
         of literary devices, and
         writing Response to Literature
         essays. Next they will be                    Great Source iWrite:
         practicing technical writing,        
         and finishing up the year with
         a research report.                           Thesis Builder:
         For more information on types
         of writing, and writing skills,
         look through the Holt


         Algebra                             proud of the hard work your        equations and their graphs. The
         A small airplane flies 600          Algebra students are putting       main focus of this section is the
         kilometers in 5 hours against       in. They’ve grown by leaps and     understanding that slope is a
         the wind. Returning with the        bounds! (By the way, the plane’s   rate of change. When they
         wind requires only 4 hours. How     speed was 135 km/h, and the        finish this unit, students will be
         fast was the plane flying? How      wind’s speed was 15 km/h.)         well prepared for their algebra
         fast was the wind blowing?                                             classes next year.
         If you have fond memories of        The focus in Pre-Algebra has       Geometry
         this type of word problem, so do    been on solving equations and      Right before winter break,
         the Algebra students at La          linear functions. Pre-Algebra      Geometry students
         Paz. This past month, Algebra       students are exploring the         created fractal projects that
         students have been studying         patterns and relations between     looked like snowflakes and
         Systems of Equations and            two quantities. Students are       tessellations that looked like
         Inequalities, including the         analyzing real-life                stained glass. Now they are
         wonderful world of word             examples, such as college          using their Algebra skills to
         problems. The students passed       savings and cell phone plans, in   learn Geometry. In chapter 1,
         their word problem quiz with        relation to linear functions.      the Pythagorean Theorem was
         ―flying‖ colors, and also gained                                       reviewed and now in chapter 7,
                                             Math 8
         confidence in tackling math                                            it has been revisited to
                                             The past few months have been
         problems that look like they                                           help them develop more
                                             very productive for the Math 8
         came from a book of riddles. We                                        theorems involving right
                                             students. Several weeks were
         soon will be exploring exponents                                       triangles. These theorems will
                                             spent on ratios, proportions and
         and powers. The students will be                                       lead them into their
                                             percents. Students are now
         applying multiple properties of                                        trigonometry section of
                                             comfortable with solving several
         exponents to simplify                                                  Geometry. How exciting!
                                             types of word problems involving
         expressions. They’re almost like
                                             percents. They have spent the
         solving puzzles! You should be
                                             past few weeks exploring linear
                                                                                                                               Page 7

                             Experience History in Washington D.C.
                             Preparations for the fall 2008                                              approx. 9/25/08). This would
                             (Oct. 5-10) DC/NY trip have                                                 also mean that students who
                             begun. Over 200 parents and                                                 have been suspended for
                             students braved torrential rain                                             serious offenses will be
                             to attend the information                                                   ineligible. Students who are
                             meeting held in the La Paz MPR                                              registered for the trip will be
                             on January 23. Many have              This is an exciting opportunity       required to show proof of
                             already taken advantage of the        that you won’t want to miss, so       acceptable grades, work
Those who register before    opportunity to save 5% by             make sure to meet the                 habits, and citizenship.
March 15 will benefit from   registering early. If you are         eligibility requirements. All
                                                                                                         Space is limited so
a 5% discount on the cost    planning to register but have         students must demonstrate
                                                                                                         registration should be
 of the Washington, D.C.     not done so, go online or call        respect and responsibility to
                                                                                                         completed soon. If you have
          trip.              before March 15 to get the            qualify for the trip. This
                                                                                                         questions about the trip, send
                             savings.                              means that there cannot be
                                                                                                         an email to either Mrs.
                                                                   any grades lower than a “C”
                             If you want to register your                                                Billingsley
                                                                   in any class and no “N”s or
                             child or find out more about                                                ( or
                                                                   “U”s in citizenship or work
                             School Tours of America, you                                                Mrs. Russell
                                                                   habits in the last trimester
                             can go online at                                                            ( Do not
                                                                   of seventh grade and on the
                                                                   send money or registration to
                                                                   first grade check in
                             or call their toll free number                                              the school or the teachers.
                                                                   September (which will be due
                             (866) 543-9625.

                                                                  ZOOming Out In Science
                                                                   home a handout for the San           form will have a slip for parents
                                                                   Diego Zoo field trip. The cost       who want to chaperone to fill
                                                                   of the trip will be $20, which       out and send back to the
                                                                   covers transportation and            teacher. Adhering to district
                                                                   admission to the zoo. The trip       policy, students must have at
                                                                   is scheduled for April 15            least a ―C‖ in all classes and
                                                                   (Keith), April 16 (Beck), and        excellent citizenship to go on
                             La Paz seventh grade science          April 17 (Ernsbarger/                this daylong fun, fantastic trip.
                             classes are going to the world-       Nakatsuka). Each group will          We hope all students are
                             famous San Diego Zoo! La Paz          need about 20 parent                 working hard to keep their
                             students always have a great          volunteers to accompany small        grades and classroom manners
                             time on this annual outing. During    groups of 5-6 students               acceptable! We will leave La
                             the day at the zoo, students will     throughout the zoo for the           Paz at 8:45 AM and return at 6
                             be exploring many different           day. The field trip permission       PM.
                             animal species while comparing
                             their habitats, food sources, and
                             living habits. Students will have                             SCIENCE TRIVIA
                             the opportunity to observe and                            BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW!
                             make notes on animal adaptations             About our animal friends
                             and body structures. The zoo is                 A cat has 32 muscles in each ear
                             famous for its re-creation of the               A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue
                             natural habitats, and the
                                                                             A snail can sleep for three years
                             students will have the
                                                                             An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain
                             opportunity to see many animals
                             that are now extremely
                                                                             Butterflies taste with their feet
                             endangered. At the end of                       Cats have over 100 vocal cords
                             March, each seventh grade                       Dogs have only about 10
                             science teacher will be sending                 Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur
Page 8

                                  Science Notebooks & Journals—Tools for Parents Too!
                                  Research tells us that science     styles, increase student skills    The most
                                  notebooks and interactive          in communicating and analyzing     powerful way to use a student
                                  journals help students learn in    the results of their thinking,     science notebook as a true
                                  several ways (How People           and help organize and restate      learning tool is to provide
                                  Learn, 200 National Research       their learning in many             multiple opportunities for
                                  Council) . Among these are:        different ways.                    feedback to the student and
                                                                                                        allow multiple opportunities
                                   By drawing out a student’s       Parents should use the
                                                                                                        for students to express their
                                    pre-existing understanding       notebooks as an opportunity to
                                                                                                        thinking. Research has shown
                                                                     interact with their children
                                   By assisting a student                                              that this type of feedback
                                                                     while keeping abreast of the
                                    through a variety of                                                has a direct effect on the
                                                                     concepts and activities taking
                                    experiences to build a                                              achievement and attitudes of
                                                                     place within the science
                                    conceptual framework                                                the students.
                                                                     classroom. Parents are
                                                                     encouraged to go through the       Student notebooks or journals
                                   By organizing their
                                                                     notebook often and many            should be viewed as a work in
                                    knowledge in order to later
                                                                     times with their children.         progress. Students should be
                                    retrieve it and apply it
                                                                     Asking questions about             working to complete the
                                   By allowing students to          activities, grades and             notebook consistently
                                    reflect on their learning,       concepts will promote a            throughout each trimester. A
                                    assess their own                 motivation for the students to     parent involving himself or
                                    understanding and generate       stay current, do well and          herself in the process is a
                                    new questions.                   develop a better                   valuable, contributive part to
                                                                     understanding of the               the notebook or journal’s
                                  Notebooks and journals also
                                                                     materials presented.               successful completion.
                                  accommodate diverse learning

     “Parents should use the
   notebooks as an opportunity
      to interact with their
                                                              Physics is FUNdamental
      children while keeping
     abreast of the concepts      This second trimester, eighth      brought all of us down while       down while we timed their
    and activities taking place   grade students are exploring       always, always pulling at us. We   speeds. Doing this domino lab
        within the science        the science of physics. The        are investigating Newton’s three   was a good way to learn
            classroom.”           study of motion and forces         laws of motion using computers,    average speed! Another lab we
                                  involves many fundamental          marshmallow catapults, and         did this trimester was the
                                  activities. Racing Hot Wheel       bouncing balls. We will end the    Speed & Acceleration lab; in
                                  cars led us to the examination     trimester and the pressure of it   this lab we took Hot Wheel
                                  of speed and acceleration. Mass,   all will get to us as we look at   cars and raced them down a
                                  weight and density are terms       buoyancy, take off in flight       track while we timed them to
                                  that everyone now knows and        studies, and do our best           find speed and acceleration.
                                  will ―grow‖ with throughout the    impression of Dave Letterman       This lab was one of my
                                  year. We have found out that       with our own ―Will It Float?‖      favorites! The best one we did
                                  being the most ―attractive‖ may    experiments.                       so far was the Forces Lab. We
                                  not mean the best looking. We                                         learned that things only
                                                                     In the words of eighth grade
                                  also know that there is a                                             balance when force (push or
                                                                     student Erin Heidenreich, "We
                                  scientific reason why we don’t                                        pull) on them was zero. We got
                                                                     have done so many fun labs! We
                                  get up to do chores when asked                                        to play with the jumble tower,
                                                                     have done labs like the Domino
                                  the first time and it’s inertia.                                      build a house of cards, and
                                                                     Dash lab that helped us
                                  Friction has us all heated up                                         attempt to balance nails on
                                                                     calculate and understand
                                  while dragging some the wrong                                         each other. I can't wait until
                                                                     average speed. This lab was fun
                                  way. The gravity of the                                               we get to science class and do
                                                                     because we got to work in
                                  situation has affected the                                            our next lab." Wow, the
                                                                     groups. We also got to set up
                                  dropping of eggs and our                                              science of physics really is
                                                                     dominos then knocked them
                                  pendulum swings and has                                               FUNdamental!
                                                                                            Page 9

Physical Education (P.E.)
P.E.classes are in full swing—    Pfaffman (who isn’t tall!)          It is time to check the shoes
literally! Mrs. Bosanko’s         enjoys watching his kids learn      your children are wearing for
classes are actively swinging     the complex motor skill of the      P.E. They really need good
their golf clubs as they are      lay-up shot.                        running shoes to support their
each being trained to be the                                          feet, legs and back. Have they
                                  Fitness is a priority in Physical
next Tiger Woods—it could                                             complained of sore feet?
                                  Education. The eight graders
happen! Mrs. Stoner’s class is                                        Could be the shoes and not
                                  have assessed their fitness
swinging a bowling ball as they                                       the mile run that is to blame!
                                  levels and with their data have
develop an understanding of                                           A reminder that sweatshirts
                                  established fitness goals for
the underhand pattern.                                                and sweatpants (both have to
                                  this year. Throughout the
                                                                      be sweatshirt material) are
Mrs. Mitchell’s classes are       year they will be given
                                                                      recommended for cold days.
swinging a bat and she is sure    opportunities to track their
                                                                      Students are not excused
that there is a homerun hitter    individual progress and re-
                                                                      from dressing unless they
somewhere in the mix. Mr.         evaluate their goals. The
                                                                      have a doctor’s note. If
McAlister and Mr. Pfaffman’s      seventh grade students are in
                                                                      students have a parent note
classes are bouncing              the process of establishing
                                                                      we still have them dress out
basketballs and they make a       goals for fitness and will be
                                                                      and modify their activity to
lot of noise! Basketball is Mr.   creating a one-week fitness
                                                                      suit their needs.
McAlister’s favorite sport (he    plan toward the end of the
is tall, you know!) and Mr.       year.

Art                               mentary and have completed          the Monterey Jazz—―Next
Students are creating beauti-     their short documentary films.      Generation‖ Festival. The en-
ful watercolor lotus blossoms,    They continue to develop their      semble is trying to gain an
learning calligraphy, and         storytelling techniques as          invitation for the fourth
studying the Elements of Art      they work on their three act        straight year.
and Principles of Design. In-     stories.
                                                                      Schedule of events:
termediate students are
                                  Students in the introductory
working on portrait drawing                                           2/23/08,     Music Camp -
                                  class have developed their
skills, digital photography and                                       9:00 AM—     Orchestra/
                                  storytelling skills by writing,     4:00 PM      Advanced Band
cartooning. The Art Academy
                                  taping, and editing fairy tales.                 meets
meets Tuesday and Thursday
                                  They’re moving on to further
from 3:15-4:00 PM for car-                                            3/18/08      Concert for
                                  develop three act stories in
tooning and fashion design                                            6:30 PM      Orchestra and
                                  the ―Your Choice‖ projects.         La Paz MPR   Jazz #2
(new programs added each
month). The Art Department        Music
will have a fundraiser to pro-    The La Paz Music Program is         3/19/08      Concert for Inter.
mote our clay/ceramics pro-       back in full swing after a suc-     6:30 PM      Band, Adv. Band
gram. Please help us achieve      cessful holiday concert and         La Paz MPR   and Jazz Band #1
our goals by ordering Cookie      Jazz Band breakfast. All
Lee jewelry for your friends      groups are currently preparing      3/20/08      GGHS Festival, all
and loved ones for Valentines     for a festival, which will be on                 groups to depart
Day! OR just make a donation.     Thursday, March 20 at Garden                     La Paz at 6:30 AM
Check my website for more                                                          sharp
                                  Grove High School. Parents
details. Peace, Mrs. Baca         are welcome and encouraged          4/4 to       Monterey Jazz
                                  to attend!                          4/6/08       Festival – TBA
Video Production
Advanced students have
                                  The Jazz Band is working hard
learned the art of the docu-
                                  on their audition recording for
Page 10

                                     Electives (continued)
                                     Drama: 7th Grade theatre             their scene studies.               will be required to create and
                                     production will be performing        Check for more      present a family tree to their
                                     Disney’s Mulan Jr. Feb. 1, 2, & 9    information.                       peers. The oral presentation will
                                     at 7:00 PM. There will be a                                             include a description of the
                                                                          Keyboarding: Students are
                                     matinee performance on Feb. 9                                           personality and physical traits
                                                                          racing for the finish line on
                                     at 2:00 PM. Tickets are just $5                                         of different family members.
                                                                          their typing speed and
                                     at the door. 8th Grade theatre                                          Students are encouraged to
                                     production is in rehearsal for                                          work on their notebook
                                     Shakespeare’s Much Ado About         Spanish: Students have been        ―reflections‖ daily in order to be
                                     Nothing. This show is held ―in       busy in class exploring and        more successful in this class.
                                     the round‖ for a unique audience     singing songs that focus on
                                                                                                             Oceanography: Students have
                                     experience. The show opens Feb.      grammar concepts and enhance
                                                                                                             just finished learning about
          ANNOUNCEMENTS!             22 for two weekends. 8th Grade       the learning experience.
                                                                                                             waves and tsunamis! Now
                                     drama is in rehearsal for their      Throughout the rest of the
   ASB                                                                                                       students are making
                                     children’s theatre production of     year we will continue to add to
   Lots of fun student                                                                                       presentations on why sea turtles
                                     Snow White which will be             our repertoire, including songs
   activities coming up! ASB                                                                                 are becoming critically
                                     performed at local elementary        that have cultural value and
   Elections will be held in April                                                                           endangered. In the upcoming
                                     schools in Feb., March, and          songs that are relevant to the
   for 2008-09 Officers. See                                                                                 weeks we’ll be doing cool labs
                                     April. Intro to Drama classes        thematic units covered in class.
   Mrs. Baca to sign up (check                                                                               like looking at plankton under
                                     have just completed their study      Our next unit will be based on
   ASB webpage for more info).                                                                               the microscope and dissecting
                                     of theatre history and               the family. As part of their
   Year Book                         improvisation and will soon begin    formal assessment, students
   Order your Yearbook and
   DVD now before the price          The Camp
   goes up! Go to        (Tammy Black, Maria DiAntonia, Jan Ernsbarger, Lisa Meyers, Jane Stoner and Jim Tellier)
   to order book and products.       Happy Campers Go Bowling             by using their Cornell notes to    The second trimester project
   Deadline for add on products      (Cost $15/student)                   quiz them on historical content.   will be announced soon.
   is January 31, 2008.              The Camp will work on improving      Ask them to share what they
                                                                                                             Science: Students know why an
                                     aerobic capacity by walking to       have learned and help them find
                                                                                                             apple is red, the eyes detect
                                     Saddleback Lanes to assess           where they don’t understand.
                                                                                                             light and the brain turns the
                                     their bowling skills on February     Encourage them to come to ELT
                                                                                                             image right-side up. The angle
                                     22. This is a culminating activity   for clarification any day of the
                                                                                                             of incidence is equal to the
                                     for our bowling unit. We will walk   week.
                                                                                                             angle of reflection and this is
                                     to the bowling alley, have lunch
                                                                          English: We are drafting and       why 25 degrees equals 25
                                     and bowl for a couple of hours.
                                                                          improving essays in preparation    degrees. They now know that
                                     Then we will walk back to La Paz,
                                                                          for the state writing test on      the rock cycle is more than it
                                     and check out our heart rates.
                                                                          March 4. Don’t wait until the      seems and that there is a
                                     (Physical Education)
                                                                          last minute to do your Reading     difference between continents
                                     Homework: If a student says          Counts. Students should be         and plates and the slow
                                     they do not have homework, ask       reading 20 minutes every night.    movement changes
                                     to see their planner and ask your    Parents please initial and write   EVERYTHING. They have
                                     child to explain what they           in the student planner the total   learned it is easier to argue a
                                     learned in each class that day.      number of minutes your student     side you agree with than one
                                     This helps to deepen the level of    has read each night. This will     you know little about. Science
                                     understanding.                       help us monitor student            is cool that way. The focus is
                                                                          progress. We are creating a        to learn by thinking about
                                     History: Planning has begun for
                                                                          special reading group during       previous information, attach
                                     the Renaissance Fair. A parent
                                                                          lunch ELT. Some students may       current understanding and then
                                     committee is being formed. We
                                                                          be assigned in an effort to        attempt to predict what you
                                     are looking for volunteers to
                                                                          improve their comprehension        think will happen next. Wow!
                                     chair interactive booths. The
                                                                          and earn the necessary Reading     Advance notice: be on the look
                                     meeting is tentatively scheduled
                                                                          Counts points.                     out for the cell project and
                                     for February 20. Please e-mail
                                                                                                             information regarding the
                                     Ms. Black if you are interested.     Math: Students are learning
                                                                                                             annual San Diego Zoo trip, April
                                     You can help your child succeed      linear equations and functions.
                                                                                                             17 (chaperones wanted).
                                                                                                                                 Page 11

                                The MacVillage
                                (Sandi Babic, Boni Beck, Wendy Cook, Mary Jacks and Ron McAlister)

                                The MacVillage Community is having a great year. The ELT program has been a big contributor to
                                student success. When students do their homework, they are more successful on tests and that
                                results in good grades. Our community website has links to all of the teacher’s websites and grades
                                online. Students and parents are encouraged to check grades online regularly. We have a great group
                                of students and we look forward to continued success throughout the school year.

                                The Tribe
                                (Carolyn Bosanko, Ian Keith, Chris Luker, Rebekah Pogue and Laurel Ramsey)

                                The Tribe had a great first          students will get to go               volunteers are needed! Please
                                trimester! Lunch time ELT has        together. In March, the Tribe         contact Ms. Ramsey. The English
                                really helped students stay on       with do an inter-disciplinary day     class is preparing for the state
                                track and kept up to date with       exploring the mathematical            writing test. They have been
                                their assignments. Students who      concept of Pi throughout all the      working really hard to learn all
                                showed outstanding citizenship       different subjects. The history       the writing types and have
                                during the first trimester were      department is starting to             enjoyed typing into My Access
                                rewarded with a walking field        organize the first annual             and receiving instant feedback.
                                trip to lunch with their             Renaissance Festival, in which        Students of the Tribe who show
                                teachers. The second trimester       all the students will participate.    "Lapazative" behavior can look
                                is looking just as promising. The    It will be held on May 30 and         forward to another walking field
                                science field trip to the zoo will   incorporate all of the subjects       trip this Trimester!
                                be exciting as all the Tribe         and communities. Parent

 “As the year progresses,       Our Corner of the World
   the leadership program       (Mrs. Eaton, Mrs. Nakatsuka, Miss Schimeneck)
  continues to help inspire
                                Seventh Graders are working hard to master skills in their World History classes! While researching
 students to do their very
                                Spices of Asia and India, we learned that cinnamon was discovered by the Romans, parsley is good for
best. Student involvement
                                the digestion, using herbs on the skin improves circulation, and peppercorns come from Borneo!
in all activities is our main
goal. We hope to eliminate      To demonstrate irony, English students created book titles such as ―Ballet for Gorillas‖ by King Kong,
the typical stereotyping of     ―Throw a Football‖ by David Beckham, ―How I Gave Up‖ by The Rock, and ―Let’s Get Serious‖ by Jim
 school and change it to a      Carrey. The activity was not only fun but provided a great reinforcement for a difficult concept!
 fun learning environment.
    We hope that you as
   parents will continue to
 influence your children to     ASB
    participate with ASB
                                The leadership program at La         County started in October, the         As the year progresses, the
  activities and show their
                                Paz is one that supports the         leadership class knew they had         leadership program continues
        school spirit.”
                                students in everything they do.      to help. With the help of Mrs.         to help inspire students to do
                                ASB organizes all the activities     Roush, we met fireman Dan, who         their very best. Student
                                at school, including advertising     lost his own home while fighting       involvement in all activities is
                                of activities and announcements.     the fire. We put firemen boots         our main goal. We hope to
                                The theme of this school year is     out on the stage in the quad and       eliminate the typical
                                environmental awareness and          in the office and collected money      stereotyping of school and
                                harmony.                             for the victims of the fires.          change it to a fun learning
                                                                     Fireman Dan came and visited La        environment. We hope that
                                In the beginning of the year, we
                                                                     Paz and spoke about a fireman’s        you as parents will continue to
                                focused on doing activities that
                                                                     responsibilities and activities, as    influence your children to
                                showed unity and helped start
                                                                     well as what happened with his         participate with ASB activities
                                new friendships for everyone.
                                                                     home. Our school collected over        and show their school spirit.
                                When the fires that affected
                                                                     $3,000 to support those who had
                                so many homes in south Orange                                               - Kelley Moody, ASB President
                                                                     lost their homes.
Page 12

                                   Technology use at La Paz for both students and teachers has been growing by leaps and bounds over
                                   the past few years—with most of the key funding coming from eScrip and other fundraising efforts
                                   lead by STPO, ASB, and the community in general. As a direct result of this funding we have been able
                                   to purchase additional laptop computers for student use in English as a part of the EETT program,
                                   supply every classroom with a LCD computer projector for presentation of lessons, turn La Paz into a
                                   wireless community with Internet access to the entire campus by installing wireless access points in
                                   key locations, and create student online folders which allow students access from home to documents
                                   or presentations they have made on school computers. Advancements in technology at La Paz as a
                                   result of this funding has made us one of the most technologically progressive campuses in the
                                   Saddleback Valley Unified School District.

                                   ELT (Extended Learning Time)
                                   ELT is off to a successful start. Many La Paz students are taking advantage of the free, teacher-
                                   directed tutoring offered through ELT. It is available before and after school and during lunch. ELT is
                                   a drop-in program where students get individual help from their teachers in all subject areas. ELT is
                                   primarily for students who need to review a particular concept, but all students are welcome to attend.
                                   Lunchtime ELT is mandatory for students who are falling behind in any subject area. Even though ELT
                                   is mandatory for some students, it is optional for all other students. For more information and an ELT
                                   schedule, please visit or get a flyer at the front office.

   Congratulations to Jan          La Paz School Service Awards
   Ernsbarger and Lisa Meyers!                                                       PBS (Positive Behavioral Support)
   Finalists for Region 11         This year La Paz students have an opportunity     The PBS team has been focusing on increasing
   California League of Middle     to be recognized for giving back. A School        positive student behavior though increased
   Schools Teacher of the          Service Award has been established for            Lapazative participation. We have had very
   Year. Ms. Ernsbarger is a 7th   seventh and eighth grade students who             successful Lapazative drawings since the beginning
   grade Science teacher and       complete 20 hours of activities such as peer      of the school year. STPO has been a huge help in
   Ms. Meyers teaches English      tutoring, escorting new students, band            accumulating prizes, which include iPods and gift
   7. Both are outstanding         tutoring, campus beautification and the           certificates of all kinds. Currently we are pushing
   teachers and we were very       Esperanza Birthday Club. This award will be       for more involvement in promoting positive behavior
   proud that they were            presented at the end of the year.                 in the classroom with the help of the communities.
   selected as 2 of the top ten
                                                                                     Each community has set up rewards for their
   teachers in Region 11.          Verification forms may be picked up from the      students based on citizenship. We are very excited
                                   counseling offices. Students are responsible      about the results and it shows. The simple fact is
                                   for recording service activities and returning    that our Leopards are great kids thanks to the
                                   the forms to Ms. Shortley or Ms. Lynch.           efforts of parents, teachers, and students.

                                   What It Means to be an American
                                   ―I am proud to be an American. I am proud that my father served in the United States Marine Corps.
                                   I am also glad that I have many different opportunities as an American. My father proudly flies the
                                   American flag in front of our house everyday of the year.‖ - Zachary Fajardo
                                   ―My mother is from South Africa and she tells me her experiences during the Apartheid. They are
                                   very sad. Every time I have gone to South Africa, people hear my accent and ask me where I am from.
                                   When I say ―America,‖ they always say, ―Wow!‖ and ask what life is like in the United States.‖ -
                                   Robert Walters
                                   ―Being an American to me means Freedom of Speech, Religion, privileges and opportunities. What I like
                                   about being an American is that I can grow up and get a job and be able to have a family. The Bill of
                                   Rights actually lets me be able to have this advantage in life.‖ - Ivonne Hernandez

                                   ―We are the luckiest people to be in America because America is awesome.‖ - Brandon Hunter
                                                                                                 Page 13

The La Paz Intramural Program offers sports and       a volleyball tournament, and we are now in a full
contests for students to compete in at lunch          court basketball tournament. Coming up this year
time. Each event this year has had great turn         we will have a three point contest, a soccer
outs with over 160 students per event. There are      tournament, and track and field. Track and field
separate 7th and 8th grade divisions for each         participants will practice at lunch and then
sport and each team is guaranteed to play in four     compete in the district middle school track meet
regular season games. The top eight teams are         at Trabuco Hills High School. Track and field
then put into a single elimination playoff series     practice will begin after spring break and the
until a final championship is played. 8th grade       meet will be in late May. All students make the
champions get the opportunity to compete against      track and field team if they come out at lunch
the staff in a fun staff versus student game.         and participate. It is suggested that lunchtime
This year the staff won in football and volleyball.   intramural participants eat the majority of their
It is the first time the staff has won either         lunch at snack time and have a quick snack at
event in over five years. We have finished a          lunch before they play.
football tournament, a field goal kicking contest,

                                                               7th Grade Field Goal Champions
             7th Grade Football Champions

            7th Grade Volleyball Champions
                                                                8th Grade Field Goal Champions

              8th Grade Football Champions                     8th Grade Volleyball Champions
Page 14

   California Junior Scholarship Federation
   California Junior Scholarship Federation is a free, state-wide organization of over 600 chapters. Its purpose is to foster high standards
   of scholarship, citizenship, and service on the part of middle school students in California’s public and private schools. CJSF grooms the
   student for CSF membership in high school, where it becomes an important part of a resume that may open doors for students going to
   Here at La Paz, students qualifying for CJSF are honored at the end of their 8th grade year with a gold seal on their promotion
   certificates and special recognition in the souvenir promotion program. This year for the first time, eighth grade students may earn
   CJSF with distinction membership for completing 20 school service hours or choose regular CJSF status without completing the service
   CJSF coordinators are Lisa Shortley, 8th grade counselor, Karen Lynch, 7th grade counselor and Cyndi Billingsley, CJSF with Distinction

   How do students earn membership?
   Students must qualify for membership two trimesters in 7th grade and two trimesters in 8th grade to earn the gold seal. Membership
   drives are held at the close of each trimester. The application period for trimester 3 is held at the beginning of school in the fall.
   In order to qualify, a student must earn at least 2 A’s and 2 B’s in the core subjects of math, English, social studies and science. Honors
   credit or classes earn 1 extra point for an A or a B. Students must reapply each trimester. Applications are available in the counselors’
   offices or from English teachers and must be accompanied by the report card (which is returned immediately) or a copy of the report
   card. Applications should be returned to the English teachers or counselors. Additional information is available on the school website.

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