Possible Gift Ideas to Thank Bridesmaids

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                                              Possible Gift Ideas to Thank Bridesmaids
                                                                      By Janet R.

   Though thick and thin, your friends have always been there for you. Now, that you are getting
married and you still have them as your bridesmaids, it is time for you to give back and show that you
really appreciate them. You can do that by presenting the best choices of gifts for bridesmaids. If
chosen with care and consideration, bridesmaids gifts can make an effective medium to show your
love towards your supportive friends. How to do it? Well, let's discuss how.

 Before anything else, you must have a realistic budget for the gifts. Save a budget for that purpose
alone, and stick with it. The same price for each of the girls. Breaking the bank is not necessary at all,
for it is not the cost that counts but the thoughts behind the presents. However, that doesn't mean you
have to settle for less and sacrifice the quality of your gifts. It might require you extra effort and time,
but by the end of the day, it's all worth it.

 Secondly, you don't want to buy anything that has just popped out on your mind. Planning in advance
includes investigating your attendants' personal preferences. While other brides chosen their closest
friends as their wedding attendants, some happen to have bridesmaids whom they barely known. So, if
you are a bit clueless about t your “barely known” bridesmaids, then you have to do a good research
about their likes and dislikes, as well as their overall personality.

 When choosing bridesmaids gifts, it is a an ideal way to choose accordingly. Meaning, you have to
consider their personal preferences, as each bridesmaid is different from others. Also, you have to
remember that you are not shopping for yourself. Think about their hobbies, favorite sports and past
time. You can easily choose gifts if you have such ideas in mind. However, you will also need to
consider their dislikes. You might purchase a gift that will send your attendant to the emergency room
due to skin allergy. Considering such often overlooked circumstances can really make sense.

 Third, be creative and imaginative. All it takes to come up with wonderful bridesmaids presents are
some creativity and imagination. Of course, you can always purchase pre-made gifts at your local gift
store, but making on your own shows thoughtfulness on each gift. For example, instead of purchasing
pre-made gift baskets, why not pack several girls stuff in a bag? Making your own gift baskets doesn't
require you to use a traditional basket, this is where your creativity is needed. You may include
interesting items such as personalized shirts, engraved compact mirrors, embroidered towels,

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engraved perfume bottles, engraved picture frames and the likes. Personalized these items by
embroidering or engraving each bridesmaid's name or initials. You may also add two to three lines of
poem to make your gifts even more special. Browse the Internet to see more wider ideas and tips. And
above all, choose accordingly and stick to your budget. Have a happy shopping!

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collection. Find bridal shower gifts to make your wedding extra special!

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                                               Bridesmaids Gifts For All Occasions
                                                            By Michelle Lindsey

 It is a common practice for brides to acknowledge their bridesmaids' hard work by giving them a token
of appreciation. A traditional bridesmaids gift might consist of something small and inexpensive, yet
holding a lot of sentimental value. Many brick and mortar and online stores have developed over the
past decade that specializes in gifts for bridesmaids. Some of these bridesmaids gifts include bridal
jewelry, tote bags, cosmetic bags, jewelry boxes, and picture frames. The wonderful benefit to
bridesmaids gifts is that despite their name, they are not limited to bridesmaids only. In fact, these gifts
are appropriate for most occasions.

Bridesmaids gifts are useful for birthdays, Mother's day, Christmas, and graduations. They can also be
given as "just because" gifts or for an occasion when the hubby wants to win back his wife's good
graces. No matter the occasion, bridal jewelry, picture frames, personalized tote bags, and all other
bridesmaids gifts are appropriate for every girl. As a word of caution, please be advised that any
personalized bridesmaids gifts that are embellished with the word "bridesmaid" or "maid of honor" is
obviously limited to bridesmaids only.

The following are some bridesmaids gift ideas for birthdays, graduation, Christmas, Mother's day, or an

If you are in search of a special gift for a girlfriend, mother, sister, or any other woman in your life, a
personalized tote bag is the way to go. Many brides have chosen the tote bag as the bridesmaids gift
of choice. It is not only practical, but it's versatile and inexpensive. Every girl can use another bag to
tote her things. To make the gift even more special, you should have the recipients name or nickname
embroidered in her favor color or something neutral like black or brown. Take this bridesmaids gift
another step further and fill the personalized tote bag with some of her favorite things such as toiletries
or snacks.

Whoever said that bridal jewelry is strictly for weddings? Bridal jewelry is commonly given as
bridesmaids gifts. Every girl will have to attend a formal event at some point in her life. get her a set of
bridesmaids jewelry. And give your loved one the upper hand on choosing the right accessories for that
up and coming special event.

Photos are always an expression of sentiment. Giving that special girl in your life a personalized
picture frame with a picture of you and her is a sure way of making her feel specia

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for her, shopping in the bridesmaids gifts section is not a bad
idea after all!

Nicole writes about fashion,weddings and jewelry for

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