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                                                  Popular Wedding Favors Ideas
                                                             By Joe Palladino

   When you are considering different wedding favor ideas it's always a good idea for the couple to
shop together. If that is not feasible then research can be done individually, and the two of you can sit
down together and compare your thoughts.

If you are using some sort of a wedding planner or an organizer, you can jot down your ideas, and sit
down and compare notes. Granted with some couples it may be hard to get a man to set down, but he
should still be given the opportunity to offer his input.

The Internet is an excellent tool when it comes to researching various wedding gift ideas. You can view
wedding planning guides, bridal magazines, or google search keywords "wedding ideas" to find various
places come up with reception gifts for your wedding guest who have attended your special day.

Another thing you can do is talk to friends and family members who've been to weddings and ask what
they remember about the favors from the weddings they attended. You are sure to come up with some
great ideas from them.

Here are 4 ideas, you can keep in mind in how you present the favors you choose.

1. You can get separate and personalize them for your immediate family members and closest friends.

2. For the rest of your guests you can incorporate your own style, or taste into the gifts that you hand

3. When coming up with various choices, it's important that you choose your gifts based around the
theme of the wedding your planning. It will be easier to express your joy and thankfulness for them
attending your special event.

4. Do not feel frustrated or rushed if you're running out of time and your wedding day is quickly

Here are four popular wedding favor ideas that have been used in the past.

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1. Colorful flowers such as roses. Your optimism that you have for your life together can be expressed
when you use vibrant, fresh, flowers.

2. Photo packs.These are great as you can customize them around the wedding and reception as it is

3. Gift baskets full of chocolate or cookies. These are a safe bet as everyone likes cookies or

4. Your guests already know someone has won the key to your heart. Show them that you care about
them as well. The heart shaped metal Keychain Key to Love in Deluxe Box sports a tag made of resin
which proclaims that you have found the key to love.

The Keychain Key to Love in Deluxe Box measures 5" x 1.75" inches and is tied with a striking white
organza bow, to which is attached a matching heart shaped thank you card.

The display box and gift combination makes a lovely place setting decoration and sets off the theme of
the Key to Love.

Regardless of which you choose, try and get this decision prepared and finalized early. This will free up
more time for other details pertaining to your wedding day. This should give you a few great wedding
reception gift ideas and help you pick them out.

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                                            Wedding Favors Everyone Will Love
                                                        By George Meszaros

 It is common practice that the bride and groom will offer a small token of appreciation to their wedding
reception guests, commonly known as wedding favors. There are many different kind of wedding
favors. Wedding favors vary in material and purpose. The savviest brides often seamlessly integrate
the wedding favors into their wedding theme. For example, a beach wedding may have beach wedding
favors, such as flip-flop candles as wedding favors.

A common characteristic of wedding favors is that they are usually inexpensive. Brides and grooms
usually spend no more than a few dollars per guest. Many brides chose to make their own wedding
favors, but most will end up purchasing them ready made.

It is important to remember that the primary purpose of the wedding favor is to show your appreciation
toward your wedding reception guests, your friends and your family.

The most popular wedding favors are edible. The most popular edible wedding favors are chocolate.
Personalized chocolates are especially popular with brides and wedding guests. Let’s face it,
everybody loves chocolate, so chocolate wedding favors are a sure hit with wedding guests of all age.
While some wedding favors may be more popular with women than man, or vice versa, chocolate is a
gender-neutral wedding favor.

To make chocolate wedding favors even more exiting, some companies offer personalized chocolate
wedding favors. Personalization adds a special touch of elegance to your wedding favors. The
personalization service includes printing the names of the bride and groom on the front of the candy
wrapper. Some companies even offer to print a special message from the bride and groom on the back
of the wrapper. Not only, that the personalized chocolate wedding favors can include the names of the
bride and groom, but they can be color coordinated to fit the wedding colors.

George Meszaros is affiliated with Sweet Reflections; a leading provider of wedding favors

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