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									HQ from the State
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November 2007
OSPA/WSPA Fall Joint Conference

 Bev Pratt
  Education Specialist
  Oregon Department of Education
  (503) 947-5806
How has NCLB changed teacher
qualification requirements?
 Required all states who receive Title I-A
  funds to have all core academic teachers
  highly qualified by the end of 2005-06
 Extension given with HQT Plan
  approved by US Department
What is the definition of a
Highly Qualified Teacher?
 Obtain full state licensure

 Holds a minimum of a bachelor’s degree

 Demonstrate subject matter competency
Demonstrating Subject Matter
 Hold an undergraduate or graduate
  degree in the core academic subject
  matter area or
 Complete coursework equivalent to an
  undergraduate major in the core
  academic area (minimum 34 quarter
  hours) or
 Passing a rigorous state exam in the
  core academic subject matter area or
Demonstrating Subject Matter
Competency (continued)
 High Objective Uniform State Standards
  of Evaluation (HOUSSE)
Licenses Considered Full
State Certification
 Basic and Standard Licenses

 Initial and Continuing Licenses

 Five Year Teaching License

 Approved NCLB Alternative Route
  Teaching License
Core Academic Subjects

 English (Language Arts)
 Mathematics
 Science
 Foreign Language
 The Arts
 Geography
 History
 Civics and Government
 Economics
What happened to Social
 Pre 1989

 Post 1989
What about alternative
 Must meet requirements of HQT in all
  core academic subjects they teach
Endorsements That Do Not
Meet NCLB Requirements
 Endorsements in Special Education and
  ESOL only

To Meet NCLB:
 SPED needs ORELA and/or Core
  Content Test
 ESOL needs ORELA and/or Core
  Content Test
What about Special Education
 Must meet the requirements for HQT in
  all core academic subjects they teach
       How can SPED Teachers
       Demonstrate Subject Matter
 Major or Equivalent

 Passing appropriate Test


 To meet the requirements under NCLB
     Must have full state Special Education
      licensure; and
     Must have Bachelor’s Degree; and
     Must have demonstrated subject matter
NCLB and Charter School
 Registered or Licensed
NCLB Accountability and LEA
Who needs to be HQ?

 All teachers of core academic subjects
 Long term substitutes of 4 or more
What if my district does not
take Title funds?
 Since Oregon takes federal Title funds
  all core academic subject classes must
  be taught by HQT
LEA Responsibilities

 District HQT Plan

 Individual Teacher Plans for non HQT
What if I cannot find a HQT?

 Procedure to follow:
     Contact ODE

     Complete Individual Teacher Plan

     Send Copy of Plan to ODE
LEA Flexibility

 Rural Flexibility

 Special Education Flexibility
Staff Assignment Collection

 Opens January 15, 2008

 Closes March 14, 2008

 Must report all teachers

 SPED teachers of core content must be
Validation of HQT Data

 Communication between IT and HR

 Completed by the end of the school year
SEA responsibility

 Ensure LEA’s are making progress
 toward AMOs for HQT

 AMO is now 100%

 HQT Plans
     The SEA enters into an agreement on the
      use of funds with any LEA that has not
      made progress toward meeting its annual
      measurable objectives (AMO) in meeting
      the highly qualified teacher challenge for
      three consecutive years and has also
      failed to make AYP for three years. 2141

 Things to Watch
    Highly Qualified and Effective Teachers
    HQT and Student Achievement Data
    Elimination of HOUSSE…Times Up!
      Equity Plans and Teacher Level Data
      More Linkage to AYP Results…Possible
       Offset to HQT
      More Flexibility for Rural Districts
License Inquiry

Matching Licenses to Courses


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