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Endeca Enhances SEO Capabilities With Key Partnerships


CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Leading Digital Agency 360i and Consultancy Earley & Associates to Help Organizations Leverage the Power of Endeca’s Information Access Platform

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									Endeca Enhances SEO Capabilities With Key
Leading Digital Agency 360i and Consultancy Earley & Associates to Help Organizations

Leverage the Power of Endeca’s Information Access Platform

April 06, 2010 10:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications
company,today introduced a new search engine optimization (SEO) partner program that will enable organizations to
take advantage of expertise from leading consultancies to deploy a successful SEO strategy that leverages the
Endeca McKinley release of the Information Access Platform (IAP). The first partners to join the program are digital
marketing agency 360i and information management consultancy Earley & Associates, two well-known leaders in
the SEO space.

The Endeca IAP platform’s built-in capabilities dramatically boost companies’ natural Web footprint by creating
dynamic Web sites with millions of relevant paths to key products from Web search engines, like Google, Yahoo!,
and Microsoft’s Bing. This not only helps customers improve their natural traffic profiles, but also helps users enter
sites directly into the most relevant part of the site. Additionally, Endeca’s SEO Module helps customers automate
site map generation for its dynamic pages and optimize dynamic URLs for humans and search spiders.

“Once you leave the realm of paid search, the connection between site search and a successful SEO strategy
becomes critical,” said John Andrews, vice president, solutions marketing & product management, Endeca. “Endeca
has established a strong track record with our commerce customers, who have been using our platform for years to
boost their SEO. We can now take advantage of expertise from leading SEO consultants to support the needs of
many more organizations as they focus on optimizing traffic from natural search to raise their Web presence and
drive sales.” 

Endeca’s SEO partner program enhances the capabilities of its technology by providing customers with access to
SEO leaders trained on Endeca technology. Inaugural partner, 360i, a digital marketing agency and recognized
leader in SEO strategy by major analysts firms and marketers, has been a pioneer in creating high-performing search
engine marketing and optimization strategies for over a decade. 360i’s deep knowledge of how consumers search
and interact online informs not only search campaigns, but the strategies they employ for developing Web sites for
some of the world’s leading brands and engaging consumers across all online media.

“SEO is an integral part of any successful online marketing strategy,” said John Ragals, COO at 360i. “As a leader in
site search, Endeca provides technology solutions that can significantly boost performance for marketers looking to
develop a stronger Web presence and drive site traffic.” 

Also playing a key role in Endeca’s SEO strategy, Earley & Associates will help companies align site taxonomy,
navigation, and SEO to help broader audiences make their way to the most relevant products on a company’s site.
Helping Global 2000 clients to integrate the language of business through taxonomy for over 15 years, Earley &
Associates has assisted several major retailers leverage the Endeca platform to drive branding consistency, product
findability, and enhanced customer experience.

“Now more than ever, if you’re not speaking consistent language to customers across your e-retail and in-store
channels, you’re losing business,” said Seth Earley, president of Earley & Associates. “Endeca’s SEO Module and
approach will have great impact on the bottom line, where speaking the same language as your customer creates
enormous competitive advantage.” 

As Endeca’s SEO program grows, companies will be able to develop a customized SEO strategy that leverages the
benefits of Endeca’s platform to drive more of the right type of traffic to their sites, increasing revenue and multi-
channel competitive edge.

For more information on how Endeca empowers customers to improve their SEO effectiveness, the following
resources are now available:

    l   A customer case study from the National Business Institute
    l   A new best-practices whitepaper from Endeca, entitled “Four SEO Fundamentals to Increase Natural Search
    l   Endeca’s white paper, entitled, “How to Leverage the Endeca IAP to Boost Your SEO” 
    l   A video demonstrating Endeca’s SEO capabilities
    l   The Endeca SEO Module data sheet

About Endeca

Endeca is a leading provider of search applications. Search applications built on Endeca’s technology deliver the
clearest visibility into information, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and increased revenue for our
customers. Powering these solutions is Endeca’s Information Access Platform, a major enterprise search innovation
based on a fundamentally new architecture for building high-ROI applications that let users access any data from
anywhere any way they need it. With this improved information visibility, customers make better choices, and
employees better decisions. More than 250 million end users around the world access information through Endeca
solutions, which are in use at more than 600 leading organizations including: ABN AMRO, Boeing, Cox
Newspapers, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hyatt, IBM, John Deere, the
Library of Congress, Texas Instruments, and

Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Endeca has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more
information: or

Alison Durant, 617-674-6335
Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications


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