Tips for Home Spa Care and Maintenance by bcullen


									                      Tips for Home Spa Care and Maintenance

Your home spa can give you more in terms of service if you make sure it undergoes
maintenance on a regular basis. Maintenance not only makes sure that your home spa is
working properly but also guarantees that it is safe to use. Here are some key points you
should remember to keep your home spa clean and functional:

Keep your filter clean.

If your home spa filter is disposable, replace it regularly. Depending on how heavily it is
used, do this after about 8 months or simply follow the manufacturer's recommendation.
In between, detach the filter unit and clean it manually. Remember that a clean filter
system means clean water.

Clean the tub.

You can prevent stains and discolorations from forming by simply using a vacuum or a
skimmer net to remove floating residue. Each time you use your home spa, body oils,
sweat, grease, dirt, dust and additional oils from cosmetics can mix with the water and
form residues on the side of the tub. For maintenance, simply wipe off the residue or use
a mild cleanser for more stubborn stains.

Disinfect your home spa.

Home spa maintenance is never really complete without disinfection. The warm
temperature and dampness is an ideal environment for germs and bacteria to grow. Algae
and mold can also appear, which can cause allergies and other health risks.

After cleaning, make sure your home spa is disinfected. Simply mix some disinfectant
into a pail of water and use this to rinse your tub.

Ensure circulation.

Checking the circulation of your home spa is part of its maintenance. Observing the
circulation will alert you to any defect in your equipment. Good circulation also means
that water is moving efficiently throughout the tub and that it mixes thoroughly with
chemicals. For maintenance, run the circulation system of your home spa for 3 to 4 hours
every day.

Change water.

Sooner or later, the water in your home spa will get dirty, even if you clean your filter
regularly or add chemicals. Grayish, cloudy, discolored and smelly water means you will
have to drain your tub and replace it with new water. This usually happens after 3 to 4
months of regular use.
Home spa maintenance is quite simple and can easily be incorporated into your home
equipment care schedule. If necessary, have your home spa serviced at least once a year.
A professional can ensure that the equipment is working properly and that any defects are
immediately repaired.

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