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					                 COOKIE MINING:
The purpose of this activity is to provide an introduction to the economics of mining.
This is accomplished through purchasing land areas and mining equipment, as well as
paying for mining operations and reclamation. In return, the “student miners” receive
money for the ore mined. One of the goals is to make as much money as possible; a
number of other goals will be discussed, in addition to the $$$ motive.

1. Each player is allowed to purchase equipment on credit from the “I Got You Babe”
bank, also known as IGUB.

2. Each miner receives a sheet of graph paper, in addition to this Cookie Mining sheet.

3. Cookies for sale = land sale
1 plot of land = 1 cookie
Price of the land = $10.00

4. Following the purchase of land area, the miner places the cookie on the graph paper
and traces the outline of the cookie. The miner then counts each square that falls inside
the circle, as well as counting partial squares as FULL squares.

5. Mining equipment for sale:
Flat toothpick = $2.00
Paper Clip = $6.00
Forceps = $8.00
Dissecting Probe = $10.00

NOTE: No miner can use their fingers to hold the cookie. The only items which can
touch the cookie are the mining tools and the paper the cookie is sitting on.

6. Mining Costs = $1.00/minute

7. Reclamation costs: $1.00 per square over the original count

8. Sale of the chocolate chips (or the “ores) brings $2.00 per chip (broken chips can be
combined to make one whole chip.)

9. After the cookie has been mined, it must be place back into the circle are of the graph
paper. This can only be done using the mining tools; NO FINGERS/HANDS allowed.
1. Type of cookie (land area): ________________________________

2. Price of Cookie (land area): _______________________________

3. Size of Cookie (land area): _______________________________

4. Mining Equipment:

Flat toothpick _____ X $_______=_______________

Paper Clip _______ X $_______=________________

Forceps _________ X $_______=________________

Dissecting Probe ________ X $_______=____________

5. Mining _________ minutes X $_________ = _____________

6. Total Cost of Mining (Cookie, equipment, and mining time) = _________________

7. Chip removal: Number of Chips _________ X $________ = _____________

8. Value of chips – cost of mining = profit or loss:

_____________ - ____________ = __________ ***
***is this value positive or negative?____; what does this mean?

9. Reclamation: _______squares X $________ = ______________
It is possible to not have a cost for reclamation; if you do, you MUST subtract it from
your profit.

   1. Were the minerals evenly distributed throughout the cookie mines? Do you think
       this has a real application?
   2. Were you able to restore the land? Briefly explain why you were able to or why
       you were not able to.
   3. Do you think the mining process is faster when you know in advance that the land
       must be restored? Explain.
   4. Do you think legislation requiring the restoration of land makes mining more
   5. Why was the Federal Strip Mining Reclamation and Control Act SMRCA
       written? What does it require? Who supports it?

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