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The links between education and health


									Learning to be Healthy

Centre for Research on the Wider benefits
  of Learning

Factors linking learning with health

Issues to think about
Centre for Research on the
Wider Benefits of Learning
 Wider benefits
  – Social cohesion, family functioning, health
 Health
  – Includes health practices, physical health, mental
    health, psychological health, well being, dealing with
    ill health
 Learning
  – Includes all intentional learning, taught and untaught
 Sources of evidence
  – Wider research literatures, WBL fieldwork project,
    WBL analyses of national survey data
Factors linking learning with
health outcomes
Income and status (Chevalier et al., 1999;
 Acheson, 1998)
Access to health-related services (Hart,
Personal resilience (Howard et al., 1999)
 Health practices
The creation of healthier societies (Putnam,
 2000; Wilkinson, 1996)
How to maximise those outcomes of
learning that contribute to the positive
health of individuals
 Challenge, support, co-operation, inclusion,
  heterogeneity, active participation
 Match learning provision to the needs of the
 Make learning available at stages of the life
  course where it is particularly valuable
 Diversity and flexibility, support for progression
How to maximise those outcomes of
learning that contribute to the positive
health of communities and societies
Raise awareness that education can
 reinforce existing inequalities
Promote social cohesion and address
 inequalities through:
  – developing a sense of integration and social
    responsibility, social competence, critical
    awareness and creativity
  – targeting provision of learning towards
    disadvantaged and marginalised groups

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