The internet and the world wide web

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					    The internet and the world wide
              web (www)
 Question: Are they the same thing?
 Answer: No

                        The Internet
         How we get webpages
   Webpages (on the internet) are held on a
    computer called a server which is always
    connected to the internet

   When you (the client) type in a web address or
    click on a link you are requesting that the
    webpage held on the server is sent to you

   The sever responds to your request and sends
    the information back
                Client Server

Client                                          Server
e.g. you                                        e.g. google
           Request                   Request

                      The Internet

           Response                  Response
 The  webpage information that is sent over the
  internet when you request a webpage is HTML
 HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language
        Creating webpages
 We  create webpages in HTML
 We could use a program like notepad to
  type HTML but it is difficult to learn and
  takes a long time to master
 So we use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is
  What You Get) editor like Dreamweaver
How do we get our webpages onto
         the internet?
 Once    we have create a webpage we need
  to transfer it onto a web server
 There are web servers which allow you to
  upload your webpages. These are called
  web hosts
 To get a good domain name (the web
  address) you need to purchase it. Then
  link it to your web server.
           Creating a website
1.   Create webpages (HTML files) in
2.   Get a web host account and domain
     name (often provided together)
3.   Upload the webpages onto your web
     host account with any pictures or files in
     the page
         Task in pairs – brochure
               Web pages
Points to include:
 What is the internet?
 What is the WWW?
 What is a webpage? Website?
 HTML – what is it?
 How do we get webpages from the internet? – client,
  server, request, response.
 HTTP – what is it?
 How do our websites get on the internet? – what is a
  web host?
 What is a domain name?
 How do we create html webpages?
 How do we layout webpages?