Laskin and Wilson Moot

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					Wilson and Laskin Moots
         Daniel Perlin
      Reference Librarian
       October 17, 2008
           Finding Articles
• Index to Canadian Legal Literature – in QL
  and WL
• Legal Trac
• QL (All Commentary)
           Finding Factums
• Supreme Court of Canada
  – 3rd floor (not catalogued)
  – Catalogue (supreme adj court and factum)
• U.S. Supreme Court
  – QL – Federal Briefs, Motions and Pleadings
  – WL: SCT-BRIEF 1990-present
• U.S. state courts
         Updating Statutes
• Department of Justice website – Table of
  Public Statutes
• Parliament website (Legisinfo)
• Legislative Pulse
           How to find Cases
•   QL
•   WL
•   WorldLII
•   European Court of Human Rights
•   Global Legal Information Network
      Researching Civil Law
• Where to start?
  – Articles – look in QL <<Source
    Directory<<topic: civil law<<commentary
• J.E.C. Brierley & R.A. Macdonald, eds.
  Quebec Civil Law: an introduction to
  Quebec private law (Toronto: Irwin Law,
  2006), KF 385 ZB5 Q45 1993
          Quebec Civil Law
• How do you find a relevant article?
  – Use Index at back of code
• Cases
  – Annotated civil code of Quebec – by Lexum
  – Azimut/Soquij – 500,000 documents
    (summaries and full text) of Quebec law
• Dictionaries – Dictionary of Private Law
  KF 156 D54 1991
          Quebec Civil Law
• Books – KF 385
• Journal articles: ICLL – QL and WL
• Public Order – what is it in the civil code?
  – Look at Cuerrier v. Bourbeau
  – Also look at Private Law Dictionary and Words
    and Phrases
         Administrative Law
• Books – KF 5402
• Articles – look under ICLL in QL and WL
  – In QL, go to Source Directory>>topic:
    Administrative law>> Commentary>>
    Administrative law commentary - Topical
             Treaty Research
• Where to find out if Canada is a party to at
  – Canada Treaty Information
  – United Nations Treaty Collection
• Articles
  – QL
  – WL
  – Index to Legal Periodicals
  – Legal Trac

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