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					          Affiliate Gameplan: Return To Common Sense Affiliate Marketing

                                                Affiliate Gameplan introduces new Internet Marketing
                                                strategies from Taylor Fletcher. Taylor is one of Rob
                                                Benwell’s (Blogging To The Bank) top affiliates. His huge
                                                success marketing BTTB led Rob to find out exactly what
                                                Taylor was doing that led to so many sales. The result was
                                                Taylor’s Affiliate Gameplan.

                                                But what makes Affiliate Gameplan different than the
                                                scores of “Make Money” products released in prior
                                                weeks? Will it really help you make money online?

Having read the review copy of the system twice now, I believe I can offer a credible review. I am not
new to Affiliate Marketing and have earned a full-time income online now for nearly 4 years. I have
purchased scores of products, software and other tools from “gurus” and “super-affiliates” all promising
to make me loads of money online, if I just do what they say and follow their “proven” system.

There is both a measure of truth and gaming in all of these claims.

Is It Just Rehashed Material?

The term “rehashed,” is a really a misnomer. There is what I call general information and specialized
information. Most Internet Marketing guides contain both. General information is common knowledge
or facts about Internet Marketing that are readily known, i.e. basic SEO, Web 2.0, Back-linking, etc. And
then there is specialized knowledge that the product creator/author presents that gives deeper or
broader insight into what is commonly known on the subject.

Recently I was at Barnes & Noble Booksellers browsing really. I decided to check out their Business
Books and noticed an entire section devoted to Twitter.

There a whole shelf of Twitter guides. As I
thumbed through the pages of several guides,
I noticed that most General Knowledge about

It was all basic stuff, but eye-opening to a

Were these “rehashed?” No. Each author, e.g.
Joel Conn, also included their specialized slant
on Twitter.

Keep in mind, Barnes & Noble is in the “HOW
TO” book business. It’s the biggest market in

                             Matt Baker’s Affiliate Game Plan Review & Bonus
          Affiliate Gameplan: Return To Common Sense Affiliate Marketing

                     As another example, let’s look at Howie Schwartz, noted as an expert at Web 2.0.
                     His products dig deep into how to manipulate Web 2.0 properties and maximize
                     their unique properties to explode Google results and “dominate the
                     conversation.” On top of that, his team creates unique products that automate the
                     processes he discusses in his eBooks and on his websites.

                      Howie gives away a ton of free information. He advocates building scores or even
hundreds of Web 2.0 properties to dominate a niche. But as you probably know, building scores of Web
2.0 properties for link wheels etc., can be extremely time consuming. So Howie gives away tons of free
guides. And then pitches his automating software throughout the guides. And believe me, his products
are not cheap.

Howie knows that most folks never follow-through. Lots of folks download the free guides, but only a
small percentage actually purchases the software. It’s a numbers game, and he keeps giving away stuff.

This is marketing.

Definition: The activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service. It includes
advertising, selling and delivering products to people. People who work in marketing departments of
companies try to get the attention of target audiences by using slogans, packaging design, celebrity
endorsements and general media exposure. The four 'Ps' of marketing are product, place, price and

Those who develop their own products or systems do so for primarily one reason, to make money [and
help people too]. That is the nature of our business.

Years ago, I purchased a course from Michael Cheney in which he clearly stated that there are 3 ways to
make money online:

    1. Sell Advertisement
    2. Create Your Own Product
    3. Sell Other People’s Stuff (Affiliate Marketing)

By far, selling O.P.S. is the easiest way of the three to earn a profit online. This is commonly referred to
as Affiliate Marketing. For this reason, (it’s relatively easy) most online marketers begin their careers as

Now for the rub…

While Affiliate Marketing is tends to be more profitable than selling ads and is infinitely easier that
creating your own product, it has its challenges.

We live in a time where hard work and patience are lost virtues and nearly everyone (not you of course)
is led to believe they can achieve massive success, become rich overnight with little or no work. Why,
because generally it is what people want to hear as opposed to the real truth.
                             Matt Baker’s Affiliate Game Plan Review & Bonus
          Affiliate Gameplan: Return To Common Sense Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Gameplan is different.

    1. You’re told up front that these techniques will not make your rich overnight
    2. You are taught fundamental principles for building a sustainable business.
    3. The lessons are reinforced with professional video tutorials that show you how to do what
       you’ve just read.
    4. You are guided through each step with crystal clarity. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION!

TAKING ACTION… The Key To Your Success!

While it borders on sounding ridiculous, the simple truth is that most online
marketers FAIL to take action. Most purchase products and never follow-through and
work the system until they see results. Most bail just before their break-through.

Recently, Johnny Andrews (The Money Siphon) released a video where he shared his story of how he
achieved online success. It took him over three years to finally make it (make it big indeed). Prior to that,
he was invisible online.

The same is true for just about every big name marketer you hear about online. Their rise to success
was not overnight, but after years of struggle and toil, learning the business, perfecting their skill until
one day; everything clicked and the years of struggle began to pay off.

The same is true of Rob Benwell. His initial success was Niche Blogging with Blogger Blogs. It was not
until he attended a Terry Gale conference that he was introduced to the idea of selling his success
secrets to the internet Marketing “How To” market.

What followed was the birth of Blogging To The Bank. The key of course, he had already developed a
system that was earning him 4-5 figures per month.

Final Thoughts

After 20+ years of sales I’ve learned that just like you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him
drink, you can give people all the reasons in the world to take appropriate action, but the final decision
is theirs.

As an ethical bribe, I’ve created a generous bonus package that complements Affiliate Gameplan. Only
50 are available. This is consistent with the limited number of copies of Affiliate Gameplan that will be
sold so as not to dilute the marketplace with these Copy & Paste techniques.

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                             Matt Baker’s Affiliate Game Plan Review & Bonus

Description: Affiliate Gameplan introduces Affiliate Marketing strategies from Taylor Fletcher. Comprehensive PDF Guide & Videos teach step-by-step, copy & paste system for earning real profits online. Excellent guide for both new & experienced online marketers. Taylor's techniques yield real results. In fact he gives away an entire campaign for FREE. Incentives and bonuses available.