the good the bad and the ugly by sdfwerte


									Surfing the Mersey without getting wet

                    Simon Wilson
       Project Manager, Mersey Gateway project

     in a sentence...

“an online showcase of material
held in libraries, archives and
museums across Merseyside -
these resources will be used to
tell the story of the port and city
of Liverpool and the wider
Merseyside region.”
         the ideal scenario...
– a person with some knowledge in a subject
  or topic (ie Overhead Railway, Runcorn
  Bridge or the Lusitania) reads a narrative
  or the captions to some related images

– after 5 minutes says “I didn’t know that ….”
  • informal learning
  • likely to tell others about the site and pass the
    knowledge on
    Port Cities & Mersey Gateway
                            Port Cities (NMM)
Bristol         Hartlepool               Liverpool          Southampton

Chester and Cheshire Archives   Halton                       Knowsley
Lancashire RO                   Liverpool Central Library    Liverpool RO
Liverpool University            Merseyside RO                NMGM
North West Sound Archive        St Helens                    Sefton
Warrington                      Wirral Archives
Content Management System

                     • manages text,
                       images & internal
                     • uses templates -
                       dynamic web site
                     • workflow -
                       management &
            Research team
– background research into topic(s)

– visit partners
   • select material
   • write narratives
   • add captions, metadata, keywords etc

– assist with education, user forum etc...
search 20,000 images
  – free-text,
  – by historical period
  – areas of interest
    [Politics, Engineering etc]
  – by type of person
    [eg Artists & Architects]
  – by collection type
  – by location [of resource],
  – or combination of all of
    the above
hundreds of narratives
(informal learning)
  – primarily from a
    historical perspective
  – biographies & profiles
    of buildings and
  – cross linked to
    encourage browsing
  – facts,quizzes etc
encouraging access and research
– presented as a starting point
  • further reading and web links
  • full references will be cited
     – allow / encourage users to view the originals
  • general guides to using resources
     – maps, street directories, newspapers etc
  • MALG Guides
     – transport & public health in a searchable format
  • questions to ask on a first visit
  • FAQs from partners
– lifelong learning (grant condition)
   • anyone and everyone over the age of 16
   • not to be aligned to the National Curriculum
      – which is very clearly defined

– Mersey Gateway
   • a local history (not family history) resource
      – perspectives and needs are very different
   • user forum on 4th March
    post project - the future ?
– funding requirements
  • maintain the site for 3 years
  • look to secure more funding

– further development
  • images can be added very quickly
  • description & metadata take time
  • additional learning resources (for all ages)

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