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					Supporting Your Research at the U of C
New Faculty Orientation

Research Services & Research Accounting (RS & RA)

September 2009

Lori Foster
Director, Research Grants & Administration
Welcome from the Vice-President,
Research Office

Robert Haché
Associate Vice-President - Research
University of Calgary
Research Services Overview

What we do?
Who are we?

Michelle Rempel
Director, Strategic Projects
RS & RA: What We Do
Research Services and Research Accounting offers various services and supports
to the research community at U of C. Among other things, we:

•   Help secure and manage research funding
•   Maintain records and statistics of funding applications and awards
•   Communicate information around funding opportunities, application procedures,
    awards, and research outcomes
•   Work with researchers and ensure compliance of research in accordance with
    the guidelines and policies of U of C and our external partners
•   Assist with the strategy and tactics of submissions for internal and external
How RS & RA Works
                                                  Vice President

                                     Associate                        Associate
                                      VP (R)                           VP (R)

                                                 Senior Executive
                                                 Director (RS&RA)

  Legal &Intellectual   Research Grants                                                       Research
                                                 Strategic Projects           Partnerships
       Property         & Administration                                                     Accounting

                                   Research Compliance

                                    Prizes and Awards

                                     Research Chairs

                               Each unit is divided into further areas that serve the
                               U of C research community and their specific needs.
Research Grants and Administration

External Grants, Prizes and Awards

Lorna Very
Associate Director Grants, Prizes and Awards
Research Grants and Administration
Grants and Administration offers programs and services to assist researchers with external and internal
grants, prizes and awards, and the administration of funds. This includes administration of external funding
programs, the ethics review process for non-medical research, and management of internal grants and
awards programs.

The External Grants/Awards subunit assists with programs from 1200+ funding agencies, including:

            •   Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
            •   Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
            •   Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
            •   Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR)
            •   Alberta Ingenuity Fund

Staff in each area can assist researchers with determining eligibility, identifying funding opportunities,
application processes, coordinating peer reviews, holding workshops and providing pre-and post-award
administrative support.

The area of Prizes and Awards helps researchers by raising their profiles and emphasizes the importance of
nominating colleagues for provincial, national and international awards that celebrate innovation, research
teaching and service excellence. An example is the prestigious Royal Society of Canada award.

External Grants and Awards: Lorna Very (403) 220-4121,
Compliance and Ethics

Sharon Van Oort
Manager, Research Compliance
Compliance and Ethics
The Research Compliance subunit assists researchers in meeting their regulatory obligations,
when conducting research involving human participants, animals or biohazards. All research,
funded or not, that involves any of the above, must first be reviewed and receive approval by
the appropriate certification committee, before research can begin. Access to funds can only
happen after all of the required certificates are in place.
Compliance staff liaise with all compliance boards/staff to streamline and harmonize processes
and procedures and ensure compliance institutionally. U of C has two research ethics boards
(REB), 3 Animal Care Committees and a Biosafety Committee.

The Secretariat for CFREB is located in RS & RA and is administered under Grants and
Administration. It reviews and approves research with human participants in non-medical
Research Compliance: Sharon Van Oort, (403) 210-8811,
CFREB: Russell Burrows, (403) 220-3782,
Internal Awards and Chairs

Jeremy Tuff
Manager, Research Chairs Program
Internal Awards and Chairs
The Research Chairs and Internal Awards Unit assists researchers with
research chairs and/or applications to secure chair funding. U of C Chairs
include, among others, Canada Research Chairs, iCORE Chairs and
NSERC Industrial Research Chairs.
Contact: Jeremy Tuff, (403) 220-5441

The Internal Grants/Awards subunit administers several internal funding
programs and coordinates all aspects of these programs, including pre-
award, peer review and post-award activities.
Contact: Denise Ward, (403) 220-5925
Research Accounting

Marjorie Moreau
Research Accounting Team Lead
Research Accounting
The Research Accounting unit has undergone significant change in the last few
years, including a partnership with Research Services in December 2006.

The Research Accounting team is responsible for the post-award financial
administration of all U of C sponsored research and restricted funding. It also
manages all restricted revenue including generated billings, distribution of revenue
and overhead, and managing outstanding receivables.

Research Accounting has the important responsibility of accounting control and
financial reporting for a wide range of U of C administered research.

Contact: Research Services Administration (403) 220-7499
Research Accounting

Jeanette Murray
Research Fund Analyst (Medicine)
Research Accounting
Research Funds Analyst
Research Funds Analysts (RFA’s) support the research community in managing
research funding. They are responsible to monitor and implement controls on
research expenditures and are the first point of contact for researchers to
address questions on funding agency regulations and eligibility of expenses

RFA’s establish and maintain policies, systems, procedures and controls that
require Grant Holders compliance with the policies and requirements of the
Agency as published in its formal guides and program literatures.

Research Funds Analysts are required to provide reporting to senior faculty
administration to ensure that appropriate sign off from the faculty is in place.

Contact: Jeannette Murray (Medicine), (403) 210-6412
May Stein (Medicine), (403) 210-6407
LeeAnn Stroh (Social Sciences, C&C), (403) 210-6336
Barb Munro (Engineering), (403) 220-7493
Partnership Programs

Jamie Day
Director, Partnerships
The unit provides assistance to researchers who have been approved to apply for
infrastructure funding through institutional Partnership Program Awards. Staff have
the expertise to guide researchers through the often complex application process,
determine eligibility, help prepare budgets, and manage the accounting of
successful projects.

There are currently a number of partnership funding agencies that offer
opportunities. Included in these are the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI),
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (AET) and Genome Canada.

Contact: Crystal Fehr, 220-6731
Legal & Intellectual Property

Karyn Mundy
Legal Counsel, Research
Legal & Intellectual Property
The Legal unit oversees the negotiation and signing of all legal agreements for
sponsored research.

Our Legal and IP experts can help with:
 •   Interpretation of and compliance with the University’s IP policy
 •   Advice on IP management
 •   Non-Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements and other special
     documentation evolving from research projects
 •   Guidance for disclosure of intent-to-commercialize, ownership, and revenue
 •   Liaison role with UTI regarding the University’s commercialization activities

Contact: Jayce Loh, (403) 220-2762,
University Technologies International

David Reese
Project Manager,
Licensing and Business Development Team
UTI is Here to Support
Your Success
 UTI is the University of Calgary’s technology
  transfer, commercialization and company
  creation incubator
 Since 1989 UTI has:
   Evaluated over 1500 discoveries
   Negotiated and closed over 500 licensing deals
   Worked with hundreds of researchers
 In 2008/09 UTI helped raised over $1 million in
  technology development funds for researchers
 Commercialization Process
                             1-2 Months

                                                                     3 Months – 5 Years

                              Invention                                  Relationship
   Disclosure to UTI                            Preliminary Report
                             Assessment                               Agreement with UTI

                                                                      Further Research &
                          Encourage Further                              Development
                            Development                                    Strategy

                       6 Months – 5 Years                              Commercialization
                       Work with an Existing
Commercialization                                                       IP Protection &
   Success                                     Commercialization

                       Create a New Company
How We Help
 Researchers                        Government/Funding Agencies
   Commercializing                    deploy commercialization
    technologies through                 related funding
    licensing or company               help develop/attain
    creation                             outcomes
   Assessing technologies for       Industry
    commercialization                  one-stop shop for new
   Packaging Intellectual               technology
    Property (IP) for transfer to    Entrepreneurs
   Negotiate business deals
                                       source of new opportunities
    with industry                        for company creation
   Provide on-going, post
                                     Companies
    agreement management               in-license new IP
    and administration of              technology assessment
    intellectual property
Strategic Projects Unit

Michelle Rempel
Director, Strategic Projects
Strategic Projects
The mandate of the Strategic Projects Unit is to promote the strategic growth of the
University of Calgary’s institutional research priorities.

The unit supports the development and institutional approval of high-value, multi-
stakeholder, complex research development projects. This includes such activities
as project management services, business case development, pre-award industry
liaison support, and governance structure development.

The Strategic Projects Unit also manages the application intake process for
institutional strategic funding pools, such as the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, NSERC
Research Partnership Programs and Networks Centres of Excellence Programs.

Contact: Sean Schnell, 220-6289
Supply Chain Management

Chris Turner
Procurement Specialist, Research Services
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
We are here to assist faculties and business units with the acquisition of goods and services
from the time that a requirement (requisition) is identified until the supplier of the good or
service is paid (cheque).
                     Customer Service Number – 403-220-5611
•Procure all goods or services necessary for the operation of the University
•Manages Purchasing and Corporate Card Programs
Accounts Payable
•Process payments to suppliers and expense reimbursement for staff, faculty and non-
Distribution Services
•Handle the receipt of goods from outside the campus, the movement of goods on campus,
and the disposal and/or outbound movement of goods.
•The safe collection and disposal of hazardous materials;

Contact: Chris Turner, (403) 220-5747
Here to Support You
If you require more information about our services and supports, or
would like some advice about meeting your research goals, please
contact Research Services and Research Accounting.

Energy Resources Research Building
University Research Park
3512-33 St NW

Research Services   t: 403-220-6354           f: 403-289-0693
Research Accounting t: 403-220-7499           f: 403-210-6996

Please visit our Web site for more details: