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Canon D88 Mini DV DigitalCamcor


									CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                   February 21, 2007

                             LV-7260/LV-X7 Multimedia Projector

 Suggested List Price:   $ 1,199.00 (LV-7260)
                         $ 999.00 (LV-X7)

 Item Code: 2104B002AA (LV-7260) / 2105B002AA (LV-X7)                Packaging Information (W x D x H)
 UPC Code: 013803080407 (LV-7260) / 013803080414 (LV-X7)             (LV-7260) 17.8 x 16.1 x 12.5 in. / 451 x 410 x 318mm
 Press Announcement: February 21, 2007                               Gross 12.3 lbs/ 5.6kg
 Dealer Announcement: February 20, 2007                              (LV-X7) 17.8 x 16.1 x 12.5 in. / 451 x 410 x 318mm
 Delivery: Early March                                               Gross 11.9 lbs/ 5.4kg

 Kit Contents: LV-7260 or LV-X7 Projector       CD-ROM
               Quick-Start Guide                VGA Computer Cable
               Lens Cap                         Soft Carrying Case
               AC Power Cable                   Remote Mouse Receiver (LV-7260)
               Warranty Card                    Wireless Remote Control (w/AAA batteries)

Key Features                                                         Item Code        UPC Code
 Accessories: Replacement Lamp LV-LP26 (LV-7260)                     1297B001AA       013803065183
              Replacement Lamp LV-LP27 (LV-X7)                       1298B001AA       013803065190
              Ceiling Mount Adapter LV-CL11                          1299B001AA       013803065206
              Component Video Adapter Cable LV-CA32                  9270A001AA       013803036787
              RS-232C Cable LV-CA34                                  0959B001AA       013803059007

Key Feature List
       Genuine Canon Optics: 1.6X Zoom Lens
       2000 ANSI Lumens (LV-7260) / 1500 ANSI Lumens (LV-X7)
       Native XGA Resolution (Supports UXGA and SXGA through high-quality compression)
       Short Throw Distance: Project 100” Screen from only 9.6 feet
       Quick Start (8 seconds) and Quick Cooling (30 seconds)
       Quiet Operation: Only 29dB (LV-7260) Only 25dB (LV-X7)
       600:1 Contrast Ratio (LV-7260)/ 500:1 Contrast Ratio (LV-X7)
       Long Life Lamp: Up to 3000 hours in Quiet Mode (LV-7260) Up to 4000 hours in Quiet Mode (LV-X7)
       Keystone Correction (+/- 30 degrees Vertical)
       Color Management System – For accurate and precise image adjustment
       Flexible Image Settings – Preset image modes designed to help bring out the best image quality
       Enhanced Wall Color Correction (Used for projecting on chalkboards and conference room walls)
       Improved Control Panel
       New User- Friendly Tab Style On-Screen Menu
       Automatic Power Off Timer
       Front or Rear Projection, Ceiling Mount Compatible
       Excellent Connectivity – Connects with your HDTV, DVD Player, VCR, Digital Camcorder, Document Camera
       Wireless Mouse Control (Includes Drag & Drop Feature) (LV-7260)
       Size (W x D x H) 12.2 x 10.4 x 4.3 in. (310 x 265 x 109mm)
       Weight: LV-7260: Approx. 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) / LV-X7: Approx. 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg)
       3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty -120 Day Lamp Life Warranty
CONFIDENTIAL                                                            February 21, 2007

Positioning Statement
Ideal for the conference room or the classroom, Canon’s new LV-7260 and LV-
X7 projectors deliver bright, high-quality XGA images. Incorporating a fresh new
design, they offer a host of new features for effortless operation.

Genuine Canon Optics: 1.6x Optical Zoom
The LV-7260 and LV-X7 feature a powerful 1.6x Canon Zoom lens. The new 7-
group projection lens provides the further benefits of extremely short throw
distances and greater flexibility in projector placement.

Quick Start and Quick Cooling
One touch of the power button and the projector is ready to go in about 8
seconds. When you’re finished, the projector quickly cools down in about 30
seconds, allowing you pack up in no time at all.

Flexible Image Settings
Whether you are projecting a presentation, a DVD movie, or still images, the LV-
7260 and LV-X7 optimizes images based on the type of content. Five automatic
modes (Presentation, Video, Cinema, Standard, sRGB). Plus manual settings for
each image mode to create custom presets.

Enhanced Wall Color Correction
Sometimes presentations need to be made in rooms where a projector screen is
not available. Wall Correction is perfect for projecting on classroom blackboards,
the walls of conference room, or the partitions of an office. Eight different
adjustments are available to best match the color of the wall (greenboard,
greenboard gray, light yellow, light green light blue, sky blue, light rose, and pink)

Improved Control Panel
The LV-7260 and LV-X7 feature a control panel similar to Canon’s REALiS line.
Projector control is easier than ever whether using the control panel or wireless
remote, which feature matching icons.

User-Friendly On-Screen Menu
Inspired by Canon’s REALiS projector line, the LV-7260 and LV-X7 feature an
updated menu system. On screen adjustments are clearly labeled, allowing you
to change settings quickly and easily. You can even choose to display
information in one of 21 different languages.

Automatic Power Off Timer
The LV-7260 and LV-X7 can be programmed to turn off at a specified time. The
projectors feature eight selectable presets between 30 minutes and 16 hours.
Power management settings are also offered for energy efficiency.

Keystone Adjustment
For those times when the projector is not centered, the manual keystone
adjustment corrects the image up to +/-30 degrees.

Quiet Operation
CONFIDENTIAL                                                          February 21, 2007
Ideal for small conference rooms, the projector’s fan noise can be reduced to
only 29dB (LV- 7260) / 25dB (LV-X7). This allows your audience to focus on
your presentation, instead of the projector.

Long-Life Lamp
The projector’s lamp can provide up to 3000 hours of operation (LV-7260) or
4000 hours for the LV-X7.

Wireless Mouse Control (LV-7260)
Ideal for presentations, the LV-7260’s remote controller can be used just like a
computer mouse. A drag and drop feature is also provided.
     CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                 February 21, 2007

  Product                                                                LV-7265                       LV-7260                       LV-X7
                Imaging Device                                        0.63” p-Si TFT                               0.6” p-Si TFT
                Aspect ratio                                                                            4:3
                Native Resolution                                          XGA                           XGA                          XGA
                Brightness                                         2500 ANSI Lumens              2000 ANSI Lumens            1500 ANSI Lumens
                Uniformity                                                                              85%
                Contrast                                                                 600:1                                       500:1
                                                                         +/- 30                     +/- 30 degrees              +/- 30 degrees
                Keystone (Vertical)
                                                                  degrees(Auto/Manual)                 (Manual)                    (Manual)
                Projection lens                                                           F1.6-2.5 , f=17.7-28.3 mm
                Lens shift                                               9:1 Fixed                                 8:6:1.4, Fixed
                Zoom                                                                                1.6x Manual
                Focus                                                                                 Manual
                Screen size                                                                          25" - 300"
                                                                 3.5 – 27.7ft (1.1 – 8.4m)                    3.7 – 29.1ft (1.1 – 8.8m)
                Projection distance coverage                        / 100”: 9.2 - 14.3ft                         / 100”: 9.6 - 15.1ft
                                                                       (2.8 - 4.3m)                                 (2.9 - 4.6m)
                Throw Ratio                                             1.37-2.14:1                                  1:44-2:25:1
                                                                   Presentation, Video,
                Color Mode                                         Cinema, Standard,             Presentation, Video, Cinema, Standard, sRGB
                                                                     sRGB, custom
   Image        Color Adjust                                                                       RGB Manual
Adjustments     Wall Correction                                                                       Auto
                Mounting                                                                  Ceiling/Rear/Ceiling and Rear
                Tilt Angle                                                               Adjusting Feet up to 10 degrees
                Analog PC input                                                          UXGA/SXGA/XGA/SVGA/VGA
                Scanning frequency                                             H:15~100kHz, V:50~120kHz, Dot Clock 108MHz
Input Signals   Video/S-video input                                         NTSC/PAL/SECAM/NTSC4.43/PAL-M/PAL-N/PAL-60

                Component input                                                          1080i/720p/575p/575i/480p/480i

                                    Mini D-sub 15pin                              Analog PC input /Component input x 1
                                    DVI-I 29pin                         DVI Input                               -
                     Input          RCA                                                  Composite video input
                                    RCA                                                    Stereo audio input
                                    Mini DIN 4pin                                            S-Video input
 Terminals                          Stereo mini jack               Stereo audio input                           -
                                    Mini D-sub 15pin                                       Analog PC output
                                    Stereo Mini Jack               Stereo audio output                          -
                Build-in Speaker                                        5W (Mono)                                   1W (Mono)
                Control Terminal                                                                     RS-232C
                Type                                                   200W NSH                      190W NSH                       150W NSH
                Lamp Life(Quiet/Normal)                             3000/2000 Hours               3000/2000 Hours             4000/3000 Hours

  Remote        Wireless                                                                  Wireless Infrared, Front/Back
  Control       Mouse Control                                     Mouse control Receiver(USB) w/ Drag and Drop                        None
                Fan noise (Normal/Quiet)                                 35/29 dB                      34/29 dB                     32/25 dB
                                                                      285/220W/9W                   255/205W/9W                 205/170W/9W
                    Power           /Stand-by)
                                    Voltage                                                  AC 100 to 240V , 50/60Hz
  Ratings                           Operating                                                41° to 104° F (5° to 40° C)
                                    Storage                                    14° to 122° F (-10° to 50° C), 20%RH~80%RH
                                                                                                12.2 x 10.4 x 4.3 in.
                Dimensions (W x D x H)
                                                                                              (310 x 265 x 109 mm)
                Weight                                                6.8 lbs (3.1 kg)             6.6 lbs (3.0 kg)            6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)

                                                  Specifications subject to change.

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