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									Human body cells are organized
as tissues, organs and systems

   11.1 Cell Organization
Cell Organization

A system is made up of parts that work
   together as a whole.
Each system of the body consists of
   organs that are made up of different
   kinds of tissue.
Tissue are themselves made up of many
   similar cells working together to carry
   out a specific function.

A bike is made of many different parts
  such as the wheels, chain, cables and
  break pads.

Each part of the bike plays a specific role
  and it is all of these parts that allow
  the bike to work properly.
   Characteristics of a System
1. A system is made up of individual
   parts that work together as a whole.
2. A system is often connected to one or
   more other systems.
3. If one part of a system is missing or
   damaged, the system will not function
   well or may not function at all.

Imagine this: if the break pad on your
  bike were not working what would
Tissues are groups of similar cells. All
   muticellular (made of many, many
   cells) organism have tissues.
These tissues are classified according to
   the function they perform.
See page. 422 and discuss the different
   types of tissue there. What function
   does each tissue provide, is this why
   it is different from the other tissues?
 Organs are groups of tissues

Organs are distinct structures
 that perform specific

Each organ in the body is made
  up of two or more types of
  tissues that work together.
Tissues of the Stomach
Look at page 423 in your textbook.
  How many types of tissue do you see
 Organ Systems are Groups of

Organs are organized into organ systems
  to perform activities that help the body
  as a whole.

Can you name the organs involved in the
  Circulatory System, the system
  involved in moving blood – Hint there
  are 5
Questions: Page 423 1-4
Activity: Read page 424

Pig Parts for People?

Class discussion
Check your understanding questions:

Page 425 1-4, 5 and Pause and Reflect
Introducing Human Body Systems
There are 11 body systems

 Circulatory       Muscular
 Digestive         Nervous
 Endocrine         Reproductive
 Excretory         Respiratory
 Immune            Skeletal
     Human Body Systems Foldable
Check your understanding:

Page 431 1-4, 5-6

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