How to make a good power point presentation_ by rt3463df


									How to make a good
   power point
             Make a title Page
   Name your presentation
   Make sure to include your name
   Add pictures related to the topic
            Introduce your topic
   Give key points about the topic
   Have either a universal Theme
    (background) including smaller pictures
    related to points you’ve talked about or,
    have your picture as the background.
Use knowledge about your topic to create
 an argument that you intend to prove.
   Use evidence to support your argument
    (quotes, data, facts)
   Use points that your audience can relate to
        Rap up your power point
   Make a powerful closing argument
   Review what you talked about
   Thank the audience for taking their time out
    to listen to your presentation
            Making it look good
 Make sure that you use either a sharp
  universal theme (background) or, pictures
  that cover any white on the screen.
 Make sure that the print is a font everyone can read. Be
  creative with font but don’t take it too far! Also change the
  colour of your text so that it contrasts the colour of the
            Making it look good
   Don’t over write! It is great to have a lot of
    information and content but organize it into
    short point form so the audience isn’t
    overwhelmed with text. Remember a
    picture will give the audience something to
    look at while you share your information.
                            Making it look good
   Break it up! If your text is taking up the
    whole page take half the information to the
    next page.
   Make sure your text is big enough for people to read from far away.

   Hyper linking can be very effective
            Making it look good
   Animation schemes! (entrance/exit of
    words or pictures into/out of the slide) these
    can be a lot of fun but make sure you don’t
    fall into the bad habit of things moving too
    slowly. The audience will quickly loose
    interest if they have to wait for your text if it
    takes too long.
           Making it look good
   Sound effects/ background music this is
    great to make a presentation more
    interesting but, make sure the music isn’t
    louder than you! Sure the audience might
    like the music but they have just missed
    everything you just said! 
           Making it look good
   Great animation and effects can make or
    break a presentation. Make sure they help
    you and not hurt you!
                   One last tip
   One last thing that will help you when giving a
    slide show presentation is having a copy of your
    slide show in hands to read instead of having to
    read it off the screen. When you turn away from
    your audience it makes it harder for them to hear
    you and it also shows that you are unprepared.
    So if possible get your own copy and even
    practice it a couple of times so that you have
    better eye contact. When you’re better prepared
    you will use more body language. More body
    language makes a presentation more interesting.
               Hyper Linking
   Hyper linking Is what you just saw where
    you click on a word or item to jump to a
    slide or back to a slide
   Very effective when use with charts
   Can also used to just go from slide to slide
    as an alturnative to just clicking the mouse

 Can be used
                       Or just to
in a early slide
                       sort terms
   as a table
  of contents
                                    How to make
                                    a power point

                                              . Use knowledge
                                               about your topic
                                                       to             . Rap up
Make a title page   Introduce your topic
                                             create an argument   your power point
                                                that you intend
                                                   to prove

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