How to import/convert MKV files into Sony Vegas

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					How to convert/import an mkv file into sony vegas?

Recently more and more people download Blu-ray rips of some very cool movies which encoded
as .mkv files. However, there’s no chance in hell they can open these .mkv files in sony vegas movie
studio, for vegas supports only AVI/DIVX/XVID/WMV/MPEG. Wana edit mkv files with vegas,
you’d first convert it to avi/divx/xvid.

Question1: Import mkv files to Sony Vegas.

I downloaded some mkv files (some cutscenes from a game). These movies are Mkv file format, but
when I try to import these mkv files to Sony Vegas, it doesn't let it happen. It's not recognized.I just
want these mkv movies to be used in sony vegas so I can make my movie, but it's just hard and
frustrating.Can anyone here offer a step by step guide including the tools I'll need to use, I would really
appreciate it.

Question2: Why can't Sony Vegas support .mkv files?

I wanted to edit a video together with some blu ray clips. (The container is .mkv apparently.) I tried to
import it but Sony Vegas just freezes or tells me that the video has an error, is corrupt or something. It
does not import the video.This is Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 9.0 that I am using. Is there
anyway I can make Sony Vegas accept .mkv files so that I can edit with then?

Why you have to convert MKV to another format for use in vegas?

Vegas does not support the Matroska (MKV) codec (for it uses DirectShow and Vegas only supports
the older Video For Windows codecs) so you must use another program like MKV to Sony Vegas
Converter to convert the mkv file into a format (using a different codec) that Vegas can edit. And MKV
to vegas converter provides a quick fix to convert mkv to avi/ divx/xvid/wmv/mpeg that can be
imported into vegas.

How to convert MKV files and edit in vegas?

Now you have a powerful MKV to Sony Vegas Converter to convert MKV file to avi. With mkv to
vegas converter, you can convert MKV to AVI, DivX, XviD, MP4, WMV easily and fast. The video
quality won’t be reduced through conversion.

With mkv to vegas converter, you can cut, crop, trim MKV files, add effects to your MKV files, merge
MKV files into a large one, split MKV files, set the output parameters for your MKV files etc.

Here is a tip about how to convert MKV to vegas compatible avi/divx/xvid/wmv/mpeg?

Step 1, Download and install MKV to Vegas Converter.

Step 2, Add mkv files.
Step 3, Select output formats and output fold(For output format I recommend divx for its ability to
compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality).

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