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									Rotherham General Hospitals
NHS Trust
Action on Cataracts - project remit
   To expand a nurse-led pre-assessment
    and post-operative assessment and
    discharge service

   To develop the Clinical Nurse
    Practitioner role in the cataract service
What are the advantages?
   The CNPs develop their input to the service
    – are rewarded by increased professional
      development and through supporting patients
      throughout the service
   Nurse led pre-assessment
    – saves steps in the patient journey as a “one stop”
      facility is developed
   Nurse led post-op assessment and discharge
    – allows consultants’ follow up slots to be converted
      to new appointments
Position before the start of the
 A single-handed CNP sees all patients
  for pre-assessment
 Patients are seen for pre-assessment
  on a second journey to the hospital after
  an initial out-patient appointment
 Consultants review all patients for post-
  operative assessment and discharge
Position at the start of the project
–February 2003
 A second CNP starts work and is
  inducted to pre-assessing cataract
 The existing CNP pilots seeing patients
  for pre-assessment as part of a “one-
  stop” out-patient service and pilots post-
  op assessment within a consultant’s
Changes made:

 Both CNPs deliver pre-assessments as
  part of a “one-stop” out-patient service
 CNP to deliver post-op assessment and
  discharge service on own clinic lists
 Consultant follow up slots will be
  converted to new appointments

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