Terms of Reference of the spreadsheet specialist include_

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Terms of Reference of the spreadsheet specialist include:

   1) To perform calculations and enter data to determine the economic value of
       critical marine habitats within a particular area using a Microsoft Excel
       template with macros. The area is to be either an established or proposed
       marine protected area or an area deemed critical for protection.
   2) To access data from the Department of Marine Resources on fisheries
       landings, fish processing plants, fisheries buying stations and individual
       fishermen that are linked to the referenced site.
   3) To access data from The Ministry of Tourism and other entities on hotel
       accommodations & rates, employment, gross revenues, occupancies,
       operating costs and number of accommodations in the vicinity of the study
   4) To access information from the relevant dive operators for associated fees
       for recreational diving, snorkeling and boating activities within or in the
       vicinity of the designated area.
   5) To access information from the management agency responsible for the
       designated Marine Park or proposed MPA on types of uses of the site and
       any associated fees.
   6) To conduct interviews with persons employed in the fishing industry who
       utilizes the case study site.
   7) To access information on the critical marine habitats integrated in the case
       study site, identifying the extent of reef and mangrove habitats.
   8) Collate fisheries statistics to valuate coral-reef related services in 4 areas;
       1) commercial fishing, 2) commercial fish processing & cleaning aspects,
       3) local non-commercial fishing, and 4) impacts of fisheries related sectors
       to overall economy, to be translated in report form.
   9) Collate Tourism and Recreational data for mangrove and coral-reef related
       activities in 4 components; 1) accommodation, 2) diving, 3) snorkeling &
       boating and 4) marine park and local use, to be translated in report form.
   10) To update and inform all translated data to The National Implementation
       Support Programme (NISP) Partners.
   11) To translate data at a REEFIX 3-day demonstration workshop sponsored
       by The Inter American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN) at the
       case study site.

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