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					Revising For
        Maths @ Bosworth
• Here at Bosworth we take the AQA
  Modular maths course.

• Students have taken module 1 – handling
  data and module 3 – number, which are
  both exams, and have also completed 2
  pieces of coursework

• This gives a total of 50% towards the
  final grade.
• The final 50% of the marks are made up
  of 2 papers. Paper 1 is non-calculator,
  and Paper 2 is calculator.

• This is made up mainly of Algebra,
  Shape, Space and Measures, with a
  small amount of number.

• Paper 1 – May 19th
• Paper 2 – June 2nd
The Maths page on the intranet contains
 past papers, topics to cover (in the self
 supported study section) and links to
 some useful websites.

To access the intranet from home type
 this link into the address bar
 If there are any problems with that
• Google Bosworth college, and go to the
  college website.
• Click on the link called ‘intranet’ on the
  left hand side of the page.
• Then click on the link named
  ‘Departments I-Z’ and select Maths to
  enter the maths area.
               Past Papers
• The best way to revise for maths is to
  practice questions. The best place to find
  questions is on past papers.
• The intranet contains past papers from June
  2002 up until June 2006 for the old 3 tier
• To access them from the maths page on the
  intranet select GCSE,
  then module 5,
  and finally select the link ‘Past Papers’.
• To access more recent past papers you will
  need to visit the AQA website

• To go straight to the papers copy this link
  into your address bar

• Alternatively go to

• The past papers are all the old 3 tier system,
  as no module 5 exam has been sat for the new
  2-tier system.
        My Maths Website
This contains teaching pages, booster
 packs and games for all levels of maths.

Website 
 Username  bosworth
 Password  fraction
• Every student has an individual login,
  which enables themselves and their
  maths teacher to track progress
  through the online worksheets.

• Each topic area on the website has an
  online homework attached, which is
  invaluable in testing understanding of
  that particular topic.
• There are 4 appropriate booster sections on
  the website that target key topics with a
  revision section and then has an online
  worksheet to follow.
•   A-A*  Higher tier
•   C’s 2 B’s  Higher tier
•   D’s to C’s  Higher or Foundation tier
•   6 Boosters  Foundation tier up to grade D

• Progress though these can also be tracked
  providing individual logins are used before
  starting any of the worksheets.
    Other Useful Websites
• www.gcsebitesize
•   Revision Lists
•   Booster pack tracking sheets
•   Individual login passwords
•   Revision CDs
•   Revision guides

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