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					   Government of Canada
   IM Program Business Design
   Phase 1: the IM Services of

Managing Government Information
3rd Annual Forum
March 8, 2005

The IM Challenge in Government of Canada
What is a GoC IM Program?
Why a GoC IM Program?
   Phase 1:
     TBS (CIOB), LAC and PWGSC IM services : initial models of
        an IM Program
     Business Context for RDIMS
   Phase 2:
     Engaging Departments: A Strategic Design and Plan for
        Target State IM services

      The IM Challenge of GoC
• Despite advances on many fronts such as IM policy,
    governance structures, community development, expert
    support and guidance, portal approach to IM resources

      A huge challenge remains before us to…

•   Ensure IM services are an integral part of GoC program and service
•   Ensure IM as a key enabler for transformation of service delivery
•   Leverage GoC investment in IM from an enterprise perspective: re-
    use designs, optimize limited resources
•   Build towards interjurisdictional interoperability
•   Build capacity within the IM community

     What is the GoC IM Program?
A GoC program targeted at recognized target group
      • Taxpayer/Citizen needs for responsible stewardship of
        information resources and trust in the government;
      • The needs of all government programs for information to
        achieve their outcomes which address client needs for
        government services

• Outcomes of the IM Program are achieved through the
  provision of information management services.

     An IM service manages information as a valuable asset or
     governs or creates the capability for a service that manages
                   information as a valuable asset.
     What is a GoC IM Program?
The primary outcomes of an integrated information
  management program at the enterprise level include:
   – Increased transparency of decision making and accountability
   – Value for money: enterprise management of information assets
     supports reuse, appropriate access and information integrity
   – Integrated service delivery: information interoperability across
     government and jurisdictions based on common standards and
   – Improved provision of information to public programs that serve
     citizen needs for GoC services

     Why a GoC IM Program?
Information Management is critical to GoC :
   – Information is part of every program, service and transaction
      carried out by government – a GoC approach to IM strategies
      and standards is a key enabler of service transformation
Needs to be rigorously planned and designed as a
 government program:
   – Common language to describe target groups, needs, outcomes,
     programs, services, processes
   – Ability to align and measure outcomes of IM in relation to public
     program outcomes
   – Strategic designs for services and business processes that can support
     GoC management of information
   – Ability to define enterprise roles & accountabilities
Need to consistently structure, manage, share and reuse information
  and IM services across GoC, communities of interest and
    Why a GoC IM Program?
•   GoC has made a commitment through the MGI Policy to manage
    information as a strategic resource. The only way that GoC can deliver
    on this commitment with certainty is to have in place a cohesive and
    comprehensive set of services and accountabilities that guarantee
    certain outcomes. This set of services and accountabilities is a GoC IM
•   The only way to prove IM’s contribution to the business of government is
    to have performance measures that are derived from a comprehensive
    set of services and accountabilities that guarantee outcomes.
•   Given that government programs need to interoperate to provide
    integrated service delivery to citizens and that a necessary condition for
    interoperability is the enterprise-wide capability to share information,
    such information sharing can only be achieved as an outcome of an IM
•   The only way to align investments in IM to an enterprise IM outcomes is
    to have an IM Program.

IM Program in context of
the overall business of the GoC

                                                        Public Programs
                                                (Socio-) Economic Development                 client
                                             Science and Knowledge Development
                                                        Natural Resources
                                                      Environment Protection
                                    Legal, Collective, Democratic & Human Rights Protection
                                                        Social Development
                                                       Cultural Development
                                                         Public Education
                                                           Public Health
                                                           Public Safety
                                                   National Security & Defense

             Provider Programs
          Public Policy, Planning and Management
       Corporate Policy, Planning and Management
         Human Resources Management Services
               Financial Management Services
    Information Management Services & IT Services
  Facilities, Fleet and Equipment Management Services
           Communications Management Services
            Supply Chain Management Services
                   Administrative Services
                    Professional Services

          IM Program is a Provider Program
          within the Governments of Canada
          Strategic Reference Model (GSRM)

                            Public program outcomes realize
                            improved quality of life for
                            For example, Parks Canada
IM outcomes support         promotes recreational parks, and
public program outcomes     encourages experience of nature

For example, IM creates
metadata standards for                                                Client
parks data, organizes            Other GoC                     (Service Recipient)
content, provides quality
information                      Programs                      Client experiences improved
                                                               quality of life and
                                                               appreciation for Canada’s
                                                               natural resources

IM Program                                                     For example, campers are
                                                               able to find out about parks
                                                               and book campsites.

          Key architectural concepts underline
          the GoC IM Program

 Something desired or
useful to a target group              A desirable trend in                 A mandate to
                                      the level of a need                achieve outcomes

                           fulfills                          achieves
        Need                             Outcome                         Program

            has                                   contributes to               belongs to

       Target                              Service           delivers                       A means of
                                                                          Service           producing a final
       Group                               Output                                           valued output

A group of individuals or             A product that fulfills a                realizes
collectives with shared                 purpose or intent
     characteristics                                                                        A collective
                                                                        Organization        allocated with
                                                                                            resources to realize

   Illustration: How a Library and Archives of Canada IM
   service contributes to a GoC Public Program

              fulfills                         achieves
  Need for               Better organization
                                                              IM Program
information                of information

      has                            contributes to                   belongs to

                                               delivers Records Classification
Immigration                Classification
  Program                  methodology                          Service


                                                          Library and Archives

IM PROGRAM                                    Taxpayer/Citizen                 NEEDS
                                                                     1 Responsible stewardship
Business                                                             2 Auditability of decisions
                                                                     3 Value for money spent to                                    Outputs of government
                                                                                                                                    services (e.g. loans,
Model                                                                   manage information assets
                                                                                                                                    licenses, etc.) including
                                                                                                                                    information as a service
                                                                                                                                    output (e.g. ATIP fulfilled
                                                                                 Increased assurance that                           request,,
                      Increased value for       Increased auditability
                        money spent to                                            programs and services                             Canadiana)
                                                  of GoC decisions /             demonstrate responsible
                            manage        3                            2                                     1
                                                   decision making                  stewardship of GoC                                          Client
                      information assets               process                      information assets                                   (Service Recipient)

                 Information Management                     Increased compliance with
                   Governance Program                     information management rules

                                                                                                                     D el               Any GOC Program
                                                                                                                   n m
                                                                                                              a tio gra
                                                                                                           r m Pr o
                           IM Capability Development Program                                             fo                              <The program’s
                                              Increased capability                                                                         outcome>
               Increased expertise
                                                   to manage
                in the Information                                                                  Increased access to
               Management domain                                                                         information
                                                                                                    necessary to achieve                   Program /
                                                                                                     program outcomes                    Service Owner
                                                                                                     and service outputs

                               Information Handling Program
    Increased protection         Increased protection               Increased                                                       
                                                                                                                                    4   Access to information
    from loss or damage           from unauthorized              accessibility and                                                      to achieve program
       to information            access to information            availability of
            assets                      assets                     information


Enterprise Architecture Program                                IT Program
     Group discussion

Two target group needs have been identified in the IM
1. Any GoC Program that needs information to achieve
    its outcomes in relation to clients that receive services
2. Taxpayers (Citizens) that have the needs for:
•   Assurance that government business is documented
    through records
•   Assurance that information is managed as a public
Do you think there are any other target groups and
    needs that are served by an IM Program?

        Developing an IM Program:
        A Phased Approach

    Defining                                                                                • Interjurisdictional target state IM
  The Future                                                                                  services

                                                            • Target state services for IM in
                                                              the GoC
                                    • Current services of representative
                                    • Begin to define target state services

                        • Current services
                        • Lead agencies only

                Small                              Scope                                          Large

                2004         2005                         2006                      2007
    Phase 1: IM Program (current services of
       CIOB, LAC and PWGSC)

• Workshops of staff from three agencies
• Identified all IM-related services (approx 250)
• Grouped services into 34 IM service types
  linked to the outcomes of the IM business model
• Identified possible areas of overlap and have
  begun to clarify roles and responsibilities
• Initial work on a more precise common
  vocabulary for IM


                                                                                             A period of agreement
                                                                                            to assure stewardship of
                                                                                             GoC information assets
                                                                                                                                                       IM Service Types
                             INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
                                Information Management Governance Program
                                        Enterprise                                                                                  IM Program and
                                                                     IM Rule Setting                   Information                                                   IM Promotion
                                  4    Architecture
                                                                                               3       Stewardship             11     Organization              12
                                                                                                                                                                        Service              8 IM Transformation
                                                                                                    Agreement Service                Design Service                                                  Service

                                         IM Rule
                                                                          GOC                                                                                                                       IM Rules
                                       Compliance                                                     IM Research
                                  6                            15 Representation/              10                              9 IM Strategy and                7      IM Funding
                                                                                                                                                                                             14    Consultation
                                       Assessment                                                       Service                     Planning Service                     Service
                                                                    Advocacy Service                                                                                                                 Service                                                 Client (Service

                                      IM Capability Development Program

Enterprise Architecture
Standards Program                              IM Best Practice                                                 IM Best Practices
                                                                              IM Information                                                       IM Expert
                                         20      Consultation           21 Repository Service              22     Development              23 Provision Service
                                                   Service                                                          Service
    71    Advisory Service

                                                                                                                                                                                    Information Delivery Program
                                                   IM Curriculum                                                  IM Capability                 IM Community                                                                                         Any GOC Program
                                                                                 IM Training
            Architecture                  24        Development          25 Provision Service              27      Assessment              28    Development
             Alignment                                Service                                                        Service                       Service                               Information Search
     72     Assessment                                                                                                                                                              65         Service                                                     Any Goc Service
              Service                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A unit of            that uses
                                                                                                                                                                                                              69      Information        recorded            information
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Provision Service   information    95
                                      Information Handling Program                                                                                                                          Information
                                                                                                                                                                                          Publish Service
                                                                                                                     Record                                                                                                                             Program and Service Owners
                                                     Information                 Record Verification                                            Metadata Creation
                                              40 Capture Service            41        Service
                                                                                                            42 Authentication              44       Service

                                                                                               Records Retention                    Metadata Registry
                                                         49    Preservation               48        Service
                                                                                                                               45       Service

                                                    'Information Use'            'Information Use'                  Records
                                              52     Control Service
                                                                            53 Logging Service             57 Transfer Service            58 Disposition Ruling

                                                           IT Systems Implementation Program                                              IT Operations Program                                                                                                                      16
                                                                        Systems                          Systems
                                                                                                                                                   IT Infrastructure
                                                               81    Implementation            83     Implementation                         85 Provision Service
                                                                    Planning Service                     Service
     IM Program Business Designs
     Key Results and Findings to Date
1.  Outcomes of the IM Program have been formally
    expressed using shared concepts for describing a
    government program
2. 34 types of IM services have been identified
3. Clearer sense of the relationships between various
    categories of services in an IM Program:
   • Services that manage information through its life
   • Services that create the capability to manage
       information (e.g. training)
   • Services required to govern the capability of
       managing information (e.g. information
       architecture, funding)
     IM Program Business Designs
     Key Results and Findings to Date

4.   Staff from the three agencies are developing a shared
     understanding of the business of IM using a common
5.   Lead agencies have a basis to look at possible areas
     of overlap and achieving greater clarity in relation to
     accountabilities to each other and to departments
6.   Better understanding of the domain of IM as distinct
     from the domain of IT
7.   Strong need to identify target state IM services and
     embark on transformation.

    Using IM Program Business
    Designs: the RDIMS connection
• IM Program business designs provide the GoC
  enterprise context for deployment of IM systems such as
  RDIMS, an enterprise records and document
  management suite
• The IM Program Business Designs will ensure that
  investments in the RDIMS system
   – Contribute to IM Program outcomes and thereby public program
   – Organize information as a whole of government resource in the
     context of an enterprise information architecture

     Using IM Program Business
     Designs: the RDIMS connection
Initially, four projects will contribute to the alignment of
   RDIMS to the emerging context of the IM Program
1. Business designs for transformation of records and
   document management services, showing how
   improvement in IM capability will result
2. Performance measurement models that will measure
   the contribution of RDIMS implementations to outcomes
   of the IM Program in the area of records and document
3. A GoC records management metadata standard
4. A GoC methodology for records classification aligned to
   Governments of Canada Strategic Reference Model

         IM Infrastructure & Capacity Development 2004/2005

                                                                  • Strategy
      IM         Enterprise IM Program Design                     • Architecture and Designs
                                                                  • Roles & Responsibilities
Infrastructure                                                    • Performance Measurement
    Project                                                       • IM Capacity Building
                  Strategic Linkages                           Metadata
                    To PAA, GSRM            RDIMS                                     Life-Cycle
                 (TBS, LAC, PWGSC)         Business              Strategy          Management for
                                          Architecture         (TBS/CIOB)           e-Information
                                          (TBS/CIOB)      GoC Records Management        (LAC)
                 Based classification                        Metadata Standard
                       (LAC)                                      (LAC)

                                        ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS / SOLUTIONS


                                    CONTENT MANAGEMENT & PORTALS

                           CORRESPONDENCE MGT            CASE MGT      COLLABORATION

    Information Architecture:
    Building blocks
Architectural principles
Standards and information modelling
Information Reference Model
Common Information Elements Model
Metadata Standards
Value sets (Taxonomies, Functional Classification,etc.)
        Developing an IM Program:
        A Phased Approach

    Defining                                                                                • Interjurisdictional target state IM
  The Future                                                                                  services

                                                            • Target state services for IM in
                                                              the GoC
                                    • Current services of representative
                                    • Begin to define target state services

                        • Current services
                        • Lead agencies only

                Small                              Scope                                          Large

                2004         2005                         2006                      2007
  GoC IM Program – Phase 2
  Engaging with Departments
  Target State IM Services
Strong need for a Strategic Design and Plan for
IM in support of GoC Program and Service
Delivery that will answer:
  –   What is wrong with where we are now?
  –   Where do we want to go?
  –   How should we get there?
  –   What will it be like when we are there?
  –   Is it worthwhile making the trip?
  –   Which roads are we taking and when?
  –   How will we know when we get there?
Donald Bidd
IM analyst
Policy and Service Transformation
Chief Information Officer Branch
Treasury Board Secretariat
Phone: 514-946-9897