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					                       1.5 Spreadsheet Magic
You may not know it yet but I am a spreadsheet wizard. Not only are
spreadsheets very useful for organizing information and performing
calculations, but you can also use them to have a lot of fun – and practice
magic! Don’t believe me? Try it out!

What you do:
  1. Open a new Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Choose two symbols (numbers, letters, etc.).
  3. Create a rectangle of ANY size using only these two symbols.

   E.g.     My symbols are A and B, and I made a 6x6 rectangle

What I do:
  1. I will add another row and column of symbols to your rectangle.

   E.g.     I added As and Bs to make a 7x7 rectangle.

What you do:
  4. Change one symbol to the other symbol.

What I do:
  2. Magically figure out which symbol was changed.

What you do:
  5. Try and figure out how I magically know the answer… then you too can
     be a spreadsheet wizard!