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									 Don’t get Depressed…

      Get the Press!
Creating a buzz – getting the
   attention of the media
     Promotional Concepts

One of the biggest mistakes that
entrepreneurs and business owners
make is that they fail to put together a
viable and targeted marketing plan.

Part of that marketing plan should
include interaction with the media
        Think of the Media as your

• In any relationship there must be give
  before take.
• Find out Who they are and what they
  write about
• Familiarize yourself with who writes about
  your industry and become informed
       Understand their industry

• In any media, whether it is print or other,
  understand that every editor, producer and
  manager gets hundreds of emails a day
  about something NEW and EXCITING!

  promote something you should be
  promoting on your own.
     How do I get their attention?

• Follow their stories
• Ask if you can reprint any of their articles
  that may be appropriate to your industry
• Keep up on trends and send them info
  they can use
          What can I give them?

• Let them know of upcoming events that you
  think the public may want to know about
• Send them good information on follow – up for
  their articles
• Let them know what you do and offer free tips
• Publish information to the web that they can
  easily find
            Become an Expert

• Offer information with no expectation of
  anything in return
• Be a connector- you can be a go - to
  person for them so that if they need info –
  you are the one stop shop.
         Inform them officially

• Press releases are an effective tool when
  used properly
• Remember it is only a small part of a
  bigger plan
• Be ready with a press kit
• Be trained for media appearances
          Issue a Press Release

• A press release is a document announcing
  special information to the entire media
• It announces special events and gives the
  media information about something the
  public may find newsworthy
      Who makes and issues a press

• Often this is done by a publicist
• This can also be done by you
• If you do not release a professional
  document, you will not get any response
  from the release.
• (Remember timing- more later)
          What does a press release

•   Facts
•   Trends
•   Statistics
•   Newsworthy events
•   Something that is RELEVANT
•   Something the public wants to
    know about
     How do I write a press release?

• Needs to have an informative and catchy
• Information should be presented so that it
  is easy to read and understand
• Needs to be laid out in a format that is
       What goes in a press release ?

•   Answer all the W’s- why comes first
•   Keep to one page or less
•   Short bite sized paragraphs
•   Catchy title possibly tying in with the news
         Where do I send it to?

• Appropriate Media
  – Newspapers
  – Television
  – Radio
  – Organizations
  – World Wide Web
• Lists can be purchased with fax #’s
  and e-mail
       Make it easy to find you!

• Have your name or your contact
  information at the top and the bottom of
  the press release
• If you must be absent have a person they
  can contact who has access to your
  schedule who can make appointments for
       Why am I not on the front page?

•   Your release was poorly written
•   Not newsworthy
•   Not relevant
•   Advertorial
•   Too long
•   Poor headline
•   News - Something else more important
          Other things you can do

•   Volunteer work – announce it to the media
•   Calculated Spectacles
•   Events with important people
•   Network
•   Build Relationships
•   Form Alliances
             OK I am ready…..

• Recap – you will need
• Something that is trendy, ties in with
  the news
• A great headline
• Nuggets of information – statistics -
• Have 3 great points and 1 great quote
• Be easy to contact
• Articulate and have interesting points
  to make
              Write your release

•   Check your facts and spelling
•   Send it only to appropriate people
•   In the body of an email- NO HTML
•   Follow up with a polite phone call
•   Be persistent- do not be a pest
             Feed Back

• Please complete the feedback
• For those who do we have 16
  point check list for writing a
  professional press release
          For more information..

• Contact Mandie at 726 3361

•   We offer:
•   Press release writing, reviewing
•   Media training
•   Marketing plans and consultation

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