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Reasons For Taking Part in Physical Activity


									Reasons For Taking Part in
    Physical Activity

  The Physical and Mental Effects of

            By Ed and Sam
 Why People Take Part in Exercise
• There are many reasons for taking part in sport. A person will
  choose a type of activity according to the benefits they want from
  the physical exercise. Some people do exercise purely for the
  social enjoyment, whereas others take part to get a sense of
  achievement from winning the competition.

• The general health of a person, both physically and mentally may
  improve as a result of regular exercise. Not only may the heart
  and lungs become stronger but success in sport can lead to an
  increase in confidence which can help in other areas of life.

• There are many reasons for taking part in physical activity. These
  are divided into two categories; physical and mental. We will look
  at these on the next few slides.
       Physical Effects of Exercise
• Enhance and change body shape: With regular exercise
  muscles get toned. This gives you more muscle definition
  which is something many people want. Exercise at the right
  level also burns calories so exercise can lead to weight loss.

• Increase Life Expectancy: Regular exercise increases the
  efficiency of the heart, circulatory system and lungs.
  Exercise can also lead to an improvement in the persons
  general health. Good general health means you are less
  likely to suffer from minor ailments and can recover from
  severe illness more quickly.

• Fitness: Generally the more you exercise, the more your
  body is able to meet demands of exercise. Exercising can
  increase strength, stamina, mobility and flexibility.
• Personal Development: Certain physical activities can
  present a person with challenging situations. By achieving a
  set goal a person can develop courage and confidence.

• More Energy: When exercise is carried out regularly the
  body begins to respond to the activity. As a result the body
  can work harder before becoming tired.

• Reduce Stress-Related Illness: When involved in physical
  activity the stress a person may feel is often forgotten for a
  time. This can have a good effect on the heart and so
  stress-related illness may be reduced.

• Offers Physical Challenges: Whether taking part in a team
  sport or an individual training programme there will be
  targets to meet. Following a plan will help the performer to
  meet targets of physical self-improvement in skills,
  techniques, speed and strength.
      Mental Effects of Exercise
• Look Good, Feel Good: The improvement to general body
  shape and posture can result in people feeling more
  positive about themselves.

• Feeling of Well-Being: An improvement in the efficiency of
  the body systems and body shape brought about by regular
  physical activity can give a person a sense of well-being.

• Sets Physical Challenges: A person may take up physical
  activity later in life for the first time since school or be a
  regular exerciser. Whatever the circumstances, targets for
  development can be set so progress can be made.

• Gives Enjoyment: There are various reasons why a person
  enjoys an activity, it can be the tactical battle to outwit an
  opponent or playing as a team to achieve success.
• Interest/Hobby: Starting a new interest can extend the
  knowledge of the individual. New tactics, skills strategies
  and safety factors may have to be learned. As the skill
  develops personal pride in the new achievement is felt and
  so pleasure and satisfaction result.

• Reduce Stress: Some activities are extremely competitive.
  These activities can act as a release valve for aggressive
  behaviour so that a persons general life is calmer. Having a
  hobby is something to look forward to and when taking part
  in a sport or activity it takes the persons mind off of
  problems in their daily life.

• Excitement through the activity: Some activities are
  attractive because they are exciting to perform. Skiing and
  BMX racing are examples of sports that can attract people
  because of the thrill and adrenaline rush involved.
           Benefits of Joining a Club
• Encourages Co-operation: In any club there are many jobs
  to complete for its overall success. The obvious one is to be
  a member of the team, but there and many other duties
  essential to the smooth running of the club. Fixtures need
  to be arranged, finances have to be looked after and the
  facilities have to be maintained. By working together for
  the good of the club you are encouraged to co-operate with
  fellow members of the club for maximum success.

• Opportunity for Competition: Many clubs arrange matches
  against other teams. This gives members and opportunity
  the chance to show their skills against opposition and try
  and outplay their opponents. The competitive
  characteristics can develop can help effectiveness in other
  areas such as work.
• Mixing Socially with New People: Training with club mates
  and performing against other teams gives a person the
  opportunity to meet a large number of people. This can
  expand the number of friends a person has. Through these
  experiences a person can become more outgoing and
  confident in the company of others.

• Encourage Friendships: By being a member of a club, a
  person meets others with the same interests. After a club
  event there is usually a social drink, by regularly attending,
  friendships can form.

• Allows us to Take Part in a Particular Sport: In some
  instances the only way to compete in a sport is to be a
  member of a club. Clubs make taking part in an activity
  viable, as the equipment and coaching may be too costly

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