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Altai Technologies Starts Volume


									                                                                           Altai Super WiFi

For Immediate Release

    Altai Technologies Starts Volume Shipment of New Super WiFi
                     Solution for 3G Data Offload
   Over 15 Tier 1 Carriers on Trial or have Commercially Deployed the New Solution

Hong Kong, Feb 25, 2010 – Altai Technologies, a carrier-grade Super WiFi equipment
supplier, today announced that it has started shipment of its new Super WiFi Solution to
carriers for 3G data offload. In addition to the recent success in China, Altai has over 15
tier 1 carriers in different regions commercially deploying or in trials with the new solution.
This new solution assists the mobile operators to offload its heavy data traffic from the
licensed frequency band to the unlicensed frequency band at minimal cost.

The new Altai A8 series Super WiFi Base Station can provide 70% of the 3G mobile data
coverage area in typical deployment scenarios. The Super WiFi Base Station can be
collocated with the 3G base station sites therefore saving the majority of the site
acquisition cost, wired backhaul costs and radio planning works. “Instead of limiting the
usage of mobile data users, the operators can focus this segment for generating more
revenue,” said Chi-hung Lin, President & CEO of Altai Technologies. “The new Super
WiFi base station offers carriers a more cost-effective and quick 3G data offload solution.
It is a just-in-time solution for 3G operators who need to provide fast wireless networks
to cope with their increasing iphone, ipad and smart PDA users’ demand.”

The surge in mobile data traffic and band-width hungry Internet applications on
smartphones have congested the 3G mobile networks and therefore reduced the service
quality. The Altai Super WiFi Solution helps the operators to offload data traffic from 3G
to a high speed, low cost WiFi network. With Altai’s patented long range technologies,
the A8 series base station has significantly improved the outdoor WiFi signal coverage
area by more than 10 times per base station and achieves a non-line-of-sight radius of
up to 800m. Robust WiFi connections can further be extended up to 4km by using Altai’s
new C1 CPE.

The Altai’s Super WiFi technology requires significantly fewer cell sites for a given
coverage area. This enables carriers to quickly build a city-wide wireless broadband
network by using the existing 3G cell sites.

Mr. Lin added, “The mobile operators must adopt the right technology for solving this
data traffic issue so as to maintain their leading position in the highly competitive
market.” The WiFi networks and 3G networks will complement each other and hence
improve the rate of return of the total network investment.

About Altai Technologies

Altai Technologies is a high technology company focused on the design, development
and marketing of innovative outdoor wireless broadband solutions. Its flagship product,
the A8 Super WiFi base station, is being deployed with various 3G,CDMA and GSM
mobile systems globally. Altai’s award-winning base station dramatically improves the
Wi-Fi signal coverage while minimizing interference from other signals broadcasting
within the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum.

The A8 Super WiFi base station has been proven in both urban and remote application
in various regions and countries, including cities in the US, China, Malaysia, Cambodia,
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian-Pacific countries.

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