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									Provision Mapping- Gifted and
      Talented Provision
     Herts Gifted and Talented
  February 08- SEN Advisory Team
What is Provision Mapping about?
 PNS and Hertfordshire context
• Leadership
• Achievement
• Personalisation and excellence for all –
  SEN provision subsumed into high quality
  provision for all
• Raising achievement and ensuring the
  outcomes of ECM
• Focus on those who may be vulnerable in
  their learning
 What is provision Mapping about?
• Using qualitative and quantitative data and AfL
  to identify all pupils’ needs
• Building capacity through CPD, sharing
  expertise among schools in clusters and with
  specialist provision
• Mapping provision for ALL children
• A focus on provision for pupils with additional
  needs, SEN/LDD and those who are Gifted and
• Providing a range of ‘quality first’ teaching and
  intervention strategies at Waves 1, 2 and 3
 What is provision Mapping about?
• Target setting and evaluating pupil
  progress based on prior attainment
• Increasing involvement and ownership by
  parents and pupils about provision and of
  individual learning plans
• Matching provision to the learning
  strengths of pupils
Effective provision mapping will:
• Match provision to the child rather than the other
  way around
• Be led by the SLT and involve governors
• Be a whole school approach
• Will include subject leaders as well as the
• Run alongside the SEF and School
  Improvement plan
• Involve changes in provision in light of
  evaluation of pupil progress
  Effective provision mapping will:
• Involve pupils in decisions about provision
• Be accessible for families and involve
  them in decision making
• Be based on qualitative and quantitative
  data and AfL rather than labels
• Never be ‘finished!’
     Reducing bureaucracy

   But we have to write
IEPs for all our children with
      SEN, don’t we?

                    There is no statutory requirement for
                  schools to prepare separate IEPs for all
                   pupils with SEN as long as they have
                  sound arrangements for monitoring their
                   progress in conjunction with the child
                              and their parents.

Provision Mapping Cycle - Overview

           Evaluation and                             Audit:-
           Readjustment                          Existing provision


 Mapping                                                           Audit:-
                                                                Pupil Progress
Out Provision

                               Match with
                            Existing provision
               Provision Mapping Cycle – What?
                                                                                             1. Audit Existing Provision
                                                                                        • Teaching and Learning
                  5. Evaluation and readjustments
                                                                                        • Curriculum
                 • Termly?
                                                                                        • Personal development and
                 • Half Yearly?
                                                                                        • Leadership and Management
                                                                                        • Ethos and attitude
                                                                                        • Partnership
                                                                                        • CPD



      4. Mapping out Provision                                                                     2. Audit Pupil Progress
•   Whole school (big picture)                                                                 • Pupil progress
•   Class/Year/Cohort                                                                          • Possible barriers to learning
•   Groups/Individuals                                                                         • Possible vulnerable groups
•   Developmental/Accountability                                                                 and individuals
    (parents, governors and LA)                                                                • Staff CPD needs

                                                  3. Matching with Existing Provision
                                                • Does your provision meet the needs
                                                  of the learners?
               Provision Mapping Cycle – How ?
                                                                                     1.Audit of Existing Provision
                 5.Evaluation and Readjustments                                                                            •Timetabling
             •Pupil discussions
             •Pupil progress interviews                                       •SEF                                         •Transition planning
                                                                              •Staff/departmental meetings
             •Peer mentoring
             •Parent contributions                                            •Inclusion SEN register                      •Accessibility Plan
             •External advice                                                 •Monitoring                                  •External Advice
             •Professional judgement
             •Tracking data                                                   •TA support                                  •IEPs
             •CPD                                                                                                          •Teachers’ planning
             •Celebrating success


                                                  How are staff, pupils and
                                                  parents involved?                                      2.Audit Pupil Progress
                                                                                                                             •Records of
                                                  How does this link with                     •Pupil progress interviews     Achievement
                                                  SEF and school calendar?                     and minutes
                                                                                                                                 •External advice
                                                                                              •Attendance data
        4.Map Out Provision                                                                   •Pupil profile notes               •Annotated teachers’
•Pupil progress interviews                                                                    •Academic review days
•Wide school interviews                                                                       •Pupil discussions/views           planning
•Tracking pupil progress                                                                      •Parent consultation notes
•Monitoring                                                                                    /meetings                         •Work scrutiny/
•Sequence and duration of interventions
•Pastoral input                                                                               •Broad range of                    standardisation
•External advice                                                                               achievement
•School clusters                                                                                                                 •Negotiated rewards
                                                                                                                                 •Out of school

                                                        3.Match with
                                                      Existing provision
Different types of provision map
  Inclusion or         Mapped by
                                            by graduated
   just SEN?          type of need?

                        By class,            Mapped by
  Mapped by
                      year group or         SEN strands
                       key stage?             of action?

                    Mapped with entry
Termly or annual?                             Costed?
                    and/or exit criteria?

       What is Dual or Multiple
        exceptionality (DME)
• Term to describe pupils who belong to
  both the SEN and Gifted and Talented
• Describes a group of pupils often
  underrepresented on schools’ registers for
  gifted and talented learners
 Characteristics of pupils with dual
    or mulitple exceptionalities
• Poor attention and      • Development of
  daydreaming when          judgment lags behind
  bored                     intellectual growth
• Low tolerance of        • Intensity may lead to
  persistence for tasks     power struggles with
  seemingly irrelevant      authorities
• Begin many projects,    • High activity level:
  sees few to               may need less sleep
       Characteristics of DME
• Difficulty restraining   • May appear careless
  desire to talk: may be   • Highly sensitive to
  disruptive                 criticism
• Questions rules,         • Do not exhibit
  customs and                problem behaviours in
  traditions                 all situations
• Lose work, forget        • More consistent
  homework, are              levels of performance
  disorganised               at a fairly consistent
 Examples of approaches adopted
           by schools
• Include pupils with additional learning
  needs in the initial screening phase for
  giftedness or talent
• Be willing to accept unconventional
  indicators of intellectual talent
• Look beyond he test scores
• Do not aggregate test subtest scores into
  a composite score
            Further examples
• Focus on the characteristics that enable the
  child to compensate effectively for the additional
  learning needs
• Strongly highlight the areas of performance
  unaffected by the additional learning needs
• Allow the pupil to participate in gifted
  programme on a trail basis, incorporating the
  pupils’ views at each stage of the programme
• All references on dual or multiple
  exceptionality come from the DSCF
  publication ‘Gifted and Talented
  Education-Guidance on dual or mulitple
  exceptionality’ 00061-2007BKT-EN
• Information on Provision Mapping can be
  obtained from Herts SEN Advisory Team
             Do you know?
• A famous person with the characteristics
  of DME?

• A relative or friend?

• A pupil in your school or whom you have
  taught on the past?
The focus remains on PROVISION
           not labelling
•      What will you change in your school or
    class’ provision to ensure all pupils make

•      Who else will you involve in your

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