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					  OneGeology in Asia

       Koji Wakita
Geological Survey of Japan
                   Two category
    East and Southeast Asia
      → CCOP
     Coodinating Committee of Geoscientific programme of East and
    Southeast Asia

• Asia
     → IGMA5000/CGMW
  International Geologic Map of Asia at a scale of 5,000,000
        East and Southeast Asia
• Jan 2007 CCOP director, Dr. Chen stated CCOP will join the
• Feb 2007 CCOP approved the CCOP’s participation to
  OneGeology in CCOP annual meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.
• June 2007 I visit and explain to new director Dr. Chun about
• Nov 2007 I asked CCOP T/S to collect list of responsible
  persons for OneGeology.
• Jan 2008 I will invite some of them to Japan for the small
  meeting on OneGeology Asia
            Workshop on GEO Grid in Asia
•   Jan 8-12, 2008 for CCOP countries
     Grid technology for Asian Geology
     intimately related to OneGeology
•   Data Standard for Geoinformation
     including geologic maps
•   OGC standard is essential.
     WMS/WFS distribution
•   GeoSciML dissemination
     → Tim Duffy(BGS)
•   Small meeting for OneGeology Asia
             IGMA5000 / CGMW
• Started in 2005 / Session in IGC33 2008

• Communities from Asian Geological Surveys
   West, South, Southeast, and East Asia

• CGMW president introduce OneGeology for the participants in
  July 2007

• Possible recruitment for more Asian countries
• CCOP ← E&SE Asian countries’map
   each county cannot but…
• GSJ server : useful for E&SE Asia maps
   some countries have not
• Technical assistance to
   WFS,WMS, GeoSciML
• Recruitement of CCOP and IGMA countries
• Organization of OneGeology Asia in CCOP
• Financial support to CCOP countires

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