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					                             CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT
                    Administrative, Technical & Services (AT&S) Staff

I am writing on behalf of the University to confirm your appointment as outlined below subject to the
following terms and conditions. These should be read in conjunction with the agreed University
Terms & Conditions of Employment for Administrative, Technical & Services (AT&S) staff.

EMPLOYER:                                The University of the West of Scotland (Hereinafter
                                         referred to as “the University”)




END DATE (if Fixed Term)                 Employees engaged on fixed term contracts may apply at any
                                         time for positions that arise within the University. Details of
                                         vacancies are circulated by email to all members of staff as and
                                         when a vacancy arises. Further particulars may be viewed on
                                         the University staff intranet.

                                         From time to time, you may be required to work at another of
                                         the University Campuses in the performance of your duties.







INCREMENTAL PROGRESSION:                 Subject to satisfactory service annual increments will be
                                         awarded on 1st April each year thereafter until the maximum of
                                         the grade is reached.

(Exclusive of meal breaks)

NORMALLY WORKED AS                       8:45am to 4:45pm, Monday to Friday


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1. General Conditions
This document details the contractual terms and conditions of service applicable to the above post
from the date of appointment. It also constitutes the written statement which the employer is
required to provide in terms of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Your employment is governed by this contract and the A, T & S conditions of employment for the
University, agreed and updated by Court from time to time. Where any such A, T & S conditions
conflict with the provisions of this contract then this contract will prevail. Not withstanding this, all
employees are required to comply with all statutory requirements and with all AT&S conditions,
existing, updated and new University policies and procedures, as well as the Financial Regulations
of the University. Details of these documents can be obtained from the Department of Human

2. Remit & Responsibility
The attached job description outlines the key elements of your post. However, these are neither
exhaustive nor exclusive and may be amended from time to time in the light of the changing needs
of the University, after discussion.

3. Date of Continuous Employment
For the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996 your continuous period of employment is the
date given above.

4. Salary Payment
Salaries are paid monthly by bank credit transfer on the 28th of each month unless the 28th falls on a
Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday when payment will be made earlier. There may also be a
variation to this over the Christmas and New Year period and employees will be notified of any such

5. Expenses
The University will refund to you such sums incurred by you on the University’s business. All
expenses claimed will require to be evidenced. Please refer to the University’s Expenses Policy for
further information.

6. Annual Leave
The leave year commences 1st October each year and for a complete leave year the full time
entitlement is 23 days (rising to 26 days after 5 completed years of continuous service), and 11
Public Holiday throughout the leave year. The Public Holidays honoured by the University are
published annually.

Your annual leave entitlement for the remainder of the current annual leave year will be ________

All holidays must be approved in advance by your Line Manager. All leave must be taken prior to
leaving. Only in exceptional circumstances will unused annual leave be paid in the final salary. The
University reserves the right to recover any excess holidays taken from the final salary.

7. Sick Pay
The University operates a Sick Pay Scheme. The award of Occupational Sick Pay is subject to your
compliance with the Sickness Absence Management Policy, as is reasonably practicable and your
agreement to undergo a medical examination as requested by the University’s Occupational Health

If eligible under the Regulations, your “Qualifying Days” for Statutory Sick Pay will be Monday to
Friday in each week (i.e. 5 days).

8. Sickness Absence
It is your responsibility to make every effort to communicate with your manager whilst on sick leave.
Notification of any absence should be made to your manager or designated deputy in line with the
Sickness Absence Notification & Certification Procedure for Employees (copy enclosed).

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The Sickness Absence Management Policy contains important information which staff should be
aware off in relation to sickness absence.

9. Pension
Employees are automatically entered into the Local Government Pension Scheme (Strathclyde
Pension Fund), contribution of which is 6% of salary. If you wish to opt out of the Scheme please
confirm this in writing by returning the attached form to the Department of Human Resources.

If you decide to join the Local Government Pension Scheme, you will be automatically contracted
out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme.

10. Retirement
The normal retirement age of the University is 65.

11. Periods of Notice

Employer Notice
The University of the West of Scotland shall give the following period of notice to terminate an
employee’s employment unless stated otherwise and where not subject to a longer term under
statutory legislation:

                   Grade                       Notice Period
                                               (Calendar months)
                   Grades 1-4                  1 month
                   Grades 5-6                  2 months
                   Grades 7-8                  3 months

It should be noted that current statutory minimum periods of notice to terminate an employee’s
employment are:

a) 1 week’s notice if the period of continuous employment is less than 2 years
b) 1 week’s notice for each year of continuous employment if the period of continuous
   employment is 2 years or more but less than 12 years
c) 12 weeks notice if the period of continuous employment is 12 years or more

Employee Notice
You are required to give one calendar months notice to terminate your employment.

12. Trade Union Membership
You are entitled to join a Trade Union. The University will also however respect the decision of any
employee not to become a member of a Trade Union and reserves the right to consult its
employees individually.

The University recognises Unison and Amicus for negotiation and consultation purposes on behalf
of Administrative, Technical & Services staff.

13. Secondary Employment
You must seek permission from your line manager prior to undertaking any additional employment
(paid or unpaid) outwith your main post with the University.

Employees undertaking secondary employment have a responsibility to advise their manager of the
hours worked in secondary employment in order to ensure that the maximum average of 48 working
hours in a 17 week reference period is not exceeded.

14. Disciplinary Procedure
The University’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedure will apply. A copy can be obtained from the
Department of Human Resources.

15. Grievance Procedure

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If you have a grievance relating to your employment, this should be raised in the first instance with
your Line Manager. A copy of the University’s Grievance Policy and Procedure can be obtained
from the Department of Human Resources.

16. Confidentiality
During and after your employment, you are subject to a duty of confidentiality in relation to any
information of a confidential nature which comes to your knowledge in the course of your
appointment with and related to the activities of the University. You shall not, except in the
performance of your duties with the University or unless ordered to do so by a Court or Tribunal or
at the request and direction of the Scottish Executive or its agents, divulge to any person in any
manner whatsoever any confidential information covering the business or transactions of the
University and its activities and/or its students or employees and you shall use all reasonable
endeavours to prevent the disclosure of such information.

17. Smoking
It is University policy to promote non-smoking as the norm at the University. Smoking is permitted
in certain designated outdoor areas but not in work areas.

18. Health & Safety
The University has a duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and
welfare at work of all its employees. Employees are also under a duty, while at work, to take
reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of others, and, as regards any duty
imposed on the University, to co-operate with the University so far as is necessary to enable
compliance with that duty.

19. Use of Information Technology (including Internet & E-mail)
All employees must comply with the Policy & Procedure on the Use of Information Technology
(including Internet & E-mail) as approved and amended from time to time by Court.

20. Family Friendly Policy
The University Policy relating to areas such as Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave and Parental
Leave are set out in a separate document and approved and amended from time to time by Court.

21. Consultancy Work
In certain circumstances, the University may require you to undertake work on behalf of a 3rd party.
All such work carried out during working hours will be deemed to be part of an employee’s normal
duties and will not attract any additional payment. Any work undertaken outwith normal working
hours will attract payment in line with the University agreed Overtime rates.

22. Variation to Conditions
Variation to salaries and conditions for AT&S staff may be subject of a collective agreement by
negotiation with the University’s recognised Trade Unions. Any substantive change will be notified
to you in writing.

I enclose the A, T & S Staff Terms & Conditions document which is applicable to your appointment.

Please sign and return one copy of this letter to me as soon as possible. The other copy is for your
own retention.

Yours sincerely,


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                                CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT
                       Administrative, Technical & Services (AT&S) Staff

                                    FORM OF ACCEPTANCE

I acknowledge receipt of the foregoing letter dated ________________. Subject to the terms and
conditions referred to therein, I accept the appointment as outlined above commencing

I accept that this contract replaces any previous contract and any terms and conditions of
employment previously in force.

I also acknowledge receipt of the Administrative, Technical & Services Staff Terms & Conditions
document which is applicable to my appointment.

Signed:                                                      Date:

Name (please print):

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