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					                                             Finance User Group Meeting

Meeting:           Finance User Group Meeting                                           Chair: Marie Peterson
Date:              May 16 & 17, 2006                                                    Recorder: Kathy Froysland, Lisa Liljedahl, Dave Lund, Teri Welter, &
                                                                                        Bill O’Brien
Start Time:        10:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 16, 2006
                   8:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Location:          Central Lakes College – Brainerd Campus                              PARKING –
                   Room C223
Participants:      Dawn Belko, Dee Bernard, Ronald Blakesley, Beth Buse, Kathy          Not in attendance:
                   Froysland, Margaret Jenniges, Karen Kedrowski, Mike Kroening, Lisa
                   Liljedahl, Dave Lund, Jan Marble, Wendy Meyer, Pat Nordick, Bill
                   O'Brien, Marie Peterson, Ron Scherman, Tim Stoddard, Dave Thorn,
                   Chris Vopatek, Jeff Wagner, Teri Welter, Jerry Winans

  Tuesday                           TOPIC                            DISCUSSION                          DESIRED OUTCOME/DISCUSSION
    10:00       FUG Meeting Feedback (30 minutes)                    Marie Peterson               Long-term/fill-in items as an agenda item – Include fill in as an
                                                                     Kathy Froysland              update at each meeting.
                                                                                                  Enhancement Request Process – Reviewed format for submitting
                                                                                                  enhancement requests. This will be used for any FUG
                                                                                                  enhancement requests
    10:30       Summer Session Obligation Dates (30 minutes)          Marie Peterson              Define obligation date for summer term vs. sessions. Currently
                                                                                                  the system supports only one 5- day drop add obligation date
                                                                                                  based on board policy. There are FICA issues related to summer
                                                                                                  session which might need to have

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   11:00      Tracking of tuition waiver costs by employee         Tim Stoddard    Waiver project needs to be expanded to include the following. This will
              bargaining unit for employees and dependents.                          need to be discussed in the prioritization of projects.
              (45 minutes)                                                                 RCFN issues
                                                                                           Bargaining unit benefits change by
                                                                                           Employee vs dependent
                                                                                           Banding vs. non banding
                                                                                           Tracking credits
                                                                                           Billing – movement to make sure a student attending on a waiver
                                                                                           and employee works at a different institution
                                                                                           Front end waiver needs to be integrated into a front end
                                                                                           registration/payment system
                                                                                           Waiver by credit
   11:45      Lunch
   12:30      Request for additional Object Codes                 Debbie Sinning           This request was dropped.
                      3210 – Books                                                         MN SU was cited 7210 –
                      3211 – Electronic journals with archive                              Request for a new object code for Housing Discounts – for
                      3212 – Print Journal subscriptions                                   returning residents. 9209 – Housing Discount (approved)
                      3213 – Print standing orders (new)
                      3214 – Acquisitions contingency funds

                                  TOPIC                          DISCUSSION                        DESIRED OUTCOME/DISCUSSION
   12:45      Development Project Updates                          Dave Lund               Budget
                                                                  Lisa Liljedahl               • Projection changes have been in pilot mode for 6 weeks.
                                                                   Teri Welter                      Programs have been done in parallel. Going to run
                                                                 Kathy Froysland                    transactions for pilots and then for everyone.
                                                                                               • Vacancies will be released in July.
                                                                                               • Scenarios for personnel expenses anticipated for Winter.
                                                                                               • Project Budget reports
                                                                                               • Projections will be inserted on Sunday and Wednesday
                                                                                                    evening rather than following day.
                                                                                               • Readiness Survey – will be sent to identified listserves
                                                                                                    that received
                                                                                               • Web messages
                                                                                           FACTS Phase II – overview to be posted on BPAC website
                                                                                           Student Housing – Assignments are being either manually
                                                                                           entered and a new match program is being used by Mankato and
                                                                                               • Calc program is being finalized and will be discussed

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                                                                                                    at the next Housing meeting on June 5, WFP World
                                                                                                    Trade Room, 9:30-2:30. Business office staff is invited
                                                                                                    to attend.
                                                                                               •    Calc will roll on July 17.
                                                                                               •    Calculation is by YRTR, not daily rate

 1:15 – 2:00   Tax Topics (1098-T, 1098-C, W-9) (45 minutes)    Steve Gednalske            1098T – would like to get 1098T on web – increased student
                                                                                           service, potential ongoing $ saving, reduced campus workload.
                                                                                           Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Information). This has to be
                                                                                           done. Option are:
                                                                                               1. Campuses send out at time of creating vendor record
                                                                                               2. Convince DOF to do it so they can maintain control
                                                                                               3. Financial reporting query for accounts payable
                                                                                               4. Person records could not be sent to DOF
                                                                                               Suggestion is to pursue #2
                                                                                           Form 1098-C
                                                                                               • 300 were reported last year via spreadsheet
                                                                                               • New rules require 1098C’s sent
                                                                                           1099 – INT – new tax requirement. Obligation to report interest
                                                                                           on capitol leases.
                                                                                               • Need to identify capital leases
                                                                                               • Tie transactions to lease via input reference field
                                                                                               • Create a new object code - 4120 – Tax Exempt Interest
                                                                                           TP Payments and 1098T statements
                                                                                               • Study group to review how TP process used.
                                                                                                              Anoka Tech
                                                                                                              Winona SU
    2:00       Break
    2:15       Baseline Registration Cancellation Statistics      Tim Stoddard    Is there any statistics available that would give us baselines of students
                                                                  Bill O’Brien    that would have dropped (used as a place holder) or are sent to
                                                                                            Comment that outstanding receivables compared to gross tuition
                                                                                            and fees.
               Campus Issues:
    2:30       Withdrawal and R2T4                                Jeff Wagner              Discussion determined that change would need to be made to
                                                                                           financial aid program.
                                                                                           Discussion continued with Cynthia Mehoves will bring up at FA
                                                                                           user group on June 1. R2T4 should be re-calculated before
                                                                                           processing aid when student has been fully withdrawn.

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    2:45      Discuss any concerns about design of new ITS            Kathy                   Please continue to share with your staff before the meeting and
              site:                                                                           bring us any concerns.
    3:00      Review Enhancement Requests                          Kathy / Dave       RNT ID #:
                                                                                              ID #2576 – Add NSF hold – approve pop up at cashier and new
                                                                                              hold code. Also pursue the stop from doing any on-line
                                                                                              ID #2575 – Future term if in between terms
                                                                                              Checkwriter – US - If not valid address, leave blank Foreign –
                                                                                              If street one only, contry on bottom line. If street 1 and 2, do
                                                                                              whatever lisa said. 5 lines are allowed on a foreign address –
                                                                                              leave line 1 alone and line 2 with 3, 4, and 5.
                                                                                              ID # 2559 – Funds Apply Enhancement
                                                                                                    • Un-apply funds for AP before any CP’s.
                                                                                              ID# 2536 – Student payroll Registration Check – Lisa check
                                                                                              FICA Seamless. Approved – Bemidji is giving back little
                                                                                              ID# 2406 – Collections – Teri will research solution
                                                                                              ID# 2379 – Reverse IA payments in MAPS – Estimate on
                                                                                              ID# 2327 – Add SSN – this will go to FA User Group and add
                                                                                              tech id to their reports.
    3:45      Review Current Priorities                            Dave / Kathy               IT Enterprise update – Last Board meeting study was accepted.
                                                                                              For 2007 $15M catch up spending. Currently it looks like $12M
                                                                                              will be available. To be spent on hardware, software and
                                                                                              possibly 10 positions. These funds will free up current budget so
                                                                                              vacant positions that were left open to fund critical operations
                                                                                              can now be filled. Report can be found at ???????
    4:30      Regional CFO Group Updates                        Ron Blakesley, Mike    Information or concerns to share
                                                                 Kroening, Wendy              Southern CFO – Doug will be the new chair since Dean is
                                                                Meyer, Pat Nordick,           retiring
                                                                                              Ron B – budget has been the main discussion.
                                                                                              Metro – most time has been spent on the banking RFP. 9 of the
                                                                                              11 colleges are going with one vendor. Contract will be
                                                                                              available in the next few weeks. Positive pay was an issue and
                                                                                              will be an option. ATM’s were another issue that was decided to
                                                                                              be an option.

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    8:30      Financial Reporting Requests                    Margaret Jenniges      Fundware Uploads (required - June 30)
                                                                                          o Cash basis reports are coming in by inst id – want to bring in
                                                                                               the campus id
                                                                                          o Accruals into fundware – hit cash and change to AR, AP or
                                                                                     Equipment – no required date
                                                                                          o Adding additional columns
                                                                                          o Report changes – need a test plan and testing changes
                                                                                     Lease Module – no required date
                                                                                          o Integrate Facilities, Equipment and Lease module
    9:15      Seamless Discussion                                Al Finlayson        Project Update / Informational/Group Discussion – Get Al’s
                                                                                     o Identity Mgmt Project - Dup res – to ensure that this has been
                                                                                              done accurately. Enhancements are coming to help find
                                                                                              duplicates and make sure a process is in place to not create
                                                                                              additional duplicates.
                                                                                     o Partner Registration Project – current issues
                                                                                          o Students think they are getting bill from one institution
                                                                                          o Students must file reciprocity information multiple times
                                                                                          o PSEO Students are not billed correct at partner institution
                                                                                               Financial aid overages do not pay balances at partner
                                                                                          o Third party Organization receive bills from multiple
                                                                                          o Staff do not see holds at partner institutions
   10:00      Nelnet offering of electronic forms/signature     Ron Blakesley     Looking at using Nelnet electronic signature services.
                                                                                          o There currently is no movement to do a system wide project
                                                                                               internally or purchasing this service.
                                                                                          o It was suggested that this be brought to Kevin Marsh to be
                                                                                               considered as a system wide contract
                                                                                          o Winona SU – has a secure method for obtaining a Yes/No
                                                                                               signature. They are also using one provider for student
                                                                                               loans. Perkins they are still collecting promissory notes
                                                                                          o Dave will investigate this further.
                                                                                          o There currently is no plan to do a system wide. Housing
                                                                                               does this for their contracts. FA has it on their list but it is
                                                                                               low on the priority list. Campuses that use this have up to
                                                                                               30 forms.
   10:15      BREAK
   10:30      Oracle Conversion Updates                       Gerry Rushenberg        Get Gerry’s handout
   11:00      CT/CE (Customized Training / Continuing Ed)     Cynthia Mehoves         Registration complete – “How are you going to pay?” will be asked.
              WEB Registration Redesign – Late October                                    o Pre Registration: Payment plans, financial aid or make
                                                                                               payment or prepayment.
                                                                                          o After RCFN: Payment is required. They would have to
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                                                                                                 choose Payment plan or make payment.
                                                                                             o   Non credit course
                                                                                                           Required to pay before registration is complete.
                                                                                                               – Agency funding and employer payment –
                                                                                                                    match these to authorization lists. If third
                                                                                                                    party award is in place, then system can
                                                                                                                    look for it.
                                                                                                               – Sent to pay online
                                                                                                                         o Class will be dropped if payment
                                                                                                                             is not received within one hour.
                                                                                         Non credit – obligation date – refund
                                                                                             o Change short term obligation date to be both short term and
                                                                                                 non credit course.
                                                                                         Discuss Registration Discounts
                                                                                             o Bring a friend…. Add other discounts form e-mail list
   11:45        LUNCH
   12:00        IT Priorities while eating (have plenty of               Dave Lund       Set Priorities
                Next Meetings                                           Marie Peterson   Dates and locations for 2006:
                                                                                             o February 7-8 St Cloud
                                                                                             o May 16-17 Brainerd
                                                                                             o August 16th 8:30 SCSU (1 day)
                                                                                             o December 5-6 St Cloud
                                                                                         Agenda items for next meeting

Campus Members:         Campus:
Dee Bernard             Minneapolis Community & Technical College
Ronald Blakesley        Hibbing Community & Technical College
Pat Nordick             Minnesota State Community & Technical
Dawn Belko              North Hennepin
Mike Kroening           Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical
Jan Marble              Minnesota State University, Mankato
Wendy Meyer             Anoka Technical College
Dave Thorn              Winona State University
Chris Vopatek           Central Lakes College
Ron Scherman            Pine Technical College
Jeff Wagner             St. Cloud State University
Jerry Winans            Bemidji State University
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Office of the Chancellor Representative:   Title:
Tim Stoddard                               Assoc. Vice-Chancellor-Financial
Margaret Jenniges                          Director, Financial Reporting
Karen Kedrowski                            Program Dir. – Budget
Kathy Froysland                            Finance Business Support Analyst
Lisa Liljedahl                             Finance Business Analyst – Development
Dave Lund                                  Finance Business Analyst
Marie Peterson                             Campus Assistance Representative - Chair
Bill O'Brien                               Finance Division
Teri Welter                                Finance Business Analyst - Development
Beth Buse                                  Internal Audit

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