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									               SAMPLE LETTER OF INTRODUCTION

               January 23, 2007

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                  To Whom It May Concern:
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                  I am currently a junior at Madera High School working to complete my
Describes         requirements to graduate. I consider myself a strong and hard worker.
qualities and     I stay organized and work diligently to get projects completed
strengths         efficiently. My experience in Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
                  has helped me to develop my teamwork and leadership skills, which I
                  feel will help me to be successful throughout high school and in life.
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                  My family life has also helped to shape me into the student I am today.
Personal          Both my parents are high school graduates, but neither has attended
Information       college. I plan to be the first member of my family to attend college
                  and complete a degree. This will be a major accomplishment for me
                  and will have a great impact on my family. I know that the skills I
                  have learned in high school and the work ethic I have learned from my
                  parents will ensure my collegiate success.
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                  I will attend the Madera Center for two years and then transfer to
                  California State University Fresno to complete a degree in Mechanical
Describes your    Engineering. I plan to get a job in the engineering field that will offer
goals and how
you plan to
                  the chance to work with people and allow opportunities for promotion.
achieve them      I am capable of working independently, but I also have organizational
                  skills which are helpful in motivating groups or teams to complete
                  tasks. No matter which job I obtain, I plan to work hard and set the
                  standard in my field.
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Relates the       This portfolio is a showcase of my talents and abilities. My transcript
portfolio to your illustrates the pride I take in my schoolwork, and my attendance
goals and closes record shows that I am a responsible student. Thank you for your time
the letter        and consideration.
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               Robert Martinez

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