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									Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
Enrolment form
                                                                                                        Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
                                                                                                        Group Retirement Services
                                                                                                        227 King Street South, PO Box 1601, Waterloo ON N2J 4C5

 Plan Sponsor information

                                          Name of Plan Sponsor                                                        Client ID            Plan        Policy number         Product

                                                                 Simon Fraser University                                  C0H19            04          64922-G               TFSA
                                          Classifications                                                    This information is to be completed by Plan Sponsor
                                          Subdivision                                  Payroll ID                                         User field
                                                             001                                            N/A                                                  N/A

Please PRINT clearly.
Nota : La version française de ce document est également disponible.

Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) Application
Until January 1, 2009, this Tax-Free Savings Account will not be effective and no contributions will be accepted.
T1      Plan Sponsor information

                                          Name of Plan Sponsor                                                                                Policy number (Group Policy)

                                                                              Simon Fraser University                                                         64922-G

T2      Personal information

Note: The term "owner" has the            Your name (first, middle initial, last)                                                             Social insurance number
same meaning as the term "holder"
in subsection 146.2(1) of the
Income Tax Act (Canada).                  Address (street number and name, apartment or suite)                                                Identification number

                                          City                                              Province                                          Postal Code

                                          Telephone number (day)                            Telephone number (evening)                        Date of birth (d / m / y)            Sex
                                          (        )                                        (       )                                                                          M         F

                                          E-mail address

 T3     Your application for Tax-Free Savings Account

                                          I request Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada to file an election to register my account as a Tax-Free Savings Account
                                          (TFSA) under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and any applicable provincial tax legislation.
                                          I appoint the Plan Sponsor named in this Application to act as my agent for the purpose of submitting contributions, providing
                                          my investment, withdrawal and transfer instructions and any other instructions as may be required to administer my TFSA.
                                          I agree to be bound by the terms of the Plan and any amendments thereto.
                                          Owner signature                                                                                     Date (d / m / y)


T4      Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada’s acceptance of application

                                          Authorized signatures:                    Chief Executive Officer                         Secretary
C0H19.04 TFSA 02720019 E DEC 08 S5                                                                                                   1 of 4
Administration information
 A1     Beneficiary designation

Complete this section to designate      I, the owner, revoke any previous beneficiary designations and name as beneficiary for benefits due on my death :
a beneficiary(ies) for your account.
Otherwise, your beneficiary             Name of beneficiary                                                           Relationship to you                  Percentage of benefits
designation will be defaulted to
your estate.
                                        Name of beneficiary                                                           Relationship to you                  Percentage of benefits
The following caution is required by
Manitoba law. It may also be
applicable in other jurisdictions.      Name of beneficiary                                                           Relationship to you                  Percentage of benefits
Caution: Your designation of a
beneficiary by means of a designation
form will not be changed or revoked
automatically by any future marriage    Where Quebec law applies, a married or civil union spouse beneficiary is
or divorce. Should you wish to          irrevocable unless you make the designation revocable by checking here:                             Revocable
change or revoke your beneficiary in
the event of a future marriage or
divorce, you have to do so by means
                                        To appoint a trustee or administrator for a beneficiary who is a minor, please complete the ‘Appointment of Trustee or
of a new designation.                   Administrator for a Minor Beneficiary’ form.

 A2     Automatic Cheque Plan enrolment information

To be completed when payroll             I hereby authorize Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada to withdraw payments from my bank account indicated below
deduction for contributions to the       and will notify Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada immediately of any change in my account information.
TFSA is not available. Complete
this section if you wish to make         I confirm all people whose signatures are required to authorize withdrawals on the bank account indicated have signed this
on-going contributions to the            section. The total contribution amount is to be invested according to the Allocation of your contributions provided below. I
TFSA via automatic deduction             understand I may terminate this authorization by giving Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada five days written notice. I
from your bank account.
                                         also understand a $25 fee will be charged for any automatic cheques returned for insufficient funds.
                                         Please indicate the payment schedule you would like to use. Check only one:

                                               Annual                     Semi-annual                     Quarterly                 Monthly                    Bi-weekly
Note: If the date you choose
falls on a weekend or holiday,           Total contribution amount                          Start date (d / m / y)
the transaction will be made on
the next business day.

You must attach a cheque                 Canadian Bank, Trust Company or Credit Union
marked ‘VOID’.

                                         Branch address

                                         Branch/Transit number         Bank number                    Account number

                                         Type of bank account

                                                    chequing                    single
                                                    savings                     joint

                                         Signature of accountholder                                                                                 Date (d / m / y)

                                         Signature of joint accountholder (if applicable)                                                               Date (d / m / y)


C0H19.04 TFSA 02720019 E DEC 08 S5                                                                                                      2 of 4
A3     Allocation of your contributions

I request Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada to allocate contributions to the plan as follows:
This instruction applies to all future contributions. Percentages must be in whole numbers and total 100%.
Choose funds from one or more of the following investment approaches:
Target Date (Lifecycle)
Select the maturity date that coincides with the investment time horizon of a key
life event you are saving for, such as your retirement.
  Maturity Date                                                                            Percentage
  (Dec 31 of)                                                                              allocation
                   BGI LifePath® Index Retirement Segregated Fund 1 (QNB)
       2009        BGI LifePath® Index 2010 Segregated Fund (QNC)                              _____ %
       2014        BGI LifePath® Index 2015 Segregated Fund (QNR)                              _____ %
       2019        BGI LifePath® Index 2020 Segregated Fund (QND)                              _____ %
       2024        BGI LifePath® Index 2025 Segregated Fund (QNS)                              _____ %
       2029        BGI LifePath® Index 2030 Segregated Fund (QNE)                              _____ %
       2034        BGI LifePath® Index 2035 Segregated Fund (QNT)                              _____ %
       2039        BGI LifePath® Index 2040 Segregated Fund (QNF)                              _____ %

Build your own portfolio
Select from any of the funds listed on this form to build your own portfolio that
matches your Investor Risk Profile.
   SLA 1Yr Guaranteed Fund (012)                                                               _____ %
   SLA 3Yr Guaranteed Fund (036)                                                               _____ %
   SLA 5Yr Guaranteed Fund (060)                                                               _____ %
   McLean Budden Money Market Segregated Fund (T02)                                            _____ %
   PH&N Bond Segregated Fund (U44)                                                             _____ %
   TDAM Canadian Bond Index Segregated Fund (X37)                                              _____ %
   PH&N Balanced Pension Segregated Fund (U01)                                                 _____ %
   TDAM Canadian Balanced Index Segregated Fund (X38)                                          _____ %
   Trimark Income Growth Segregated Fund (X23)                                                 _____ %
   UBS (Canada) - Balanced Segregated Fund (U20)                                               _____ %
   BGI S&P/TSX Composite Index Segregated Fund (W35)                                           _____ %
   McLean Budden Canadian Equity Growth Segregated Fund (U85)                                  _____ %
   McLean Budden Canadian Equity Value Segregated Fund (C01)                                   _____ %
   McLean Budden Select Canadian Equity Segregated Fund (X71)                                  _____ %
   PH&N Canadian Equity Plus Pension Segregated Fund (U43)                                     _____ %
   Trimark Canadian Segregated Fund (X24)                                                      _____ %
   Beutel Goodman Small Cap Segregated Fund (U51)                                              _____ %
   McLean Budden Global Equity Segregated Fund (U87)                                           _____ %
   Trimark Segregated Fund (X25)                                                               _____ %
   TDAM International Equity Index Segregated Fund (X41)                                       _____ %
   BGI US Equity Index Segregated Fund (W44)                                                   _____ %
   Legg Mason Batterymarch U.S. Equity Segregated Fund (X13)                                   _____ %
   TDAM Hedged Synthetic U.S. Equity Index Segregated Fund (X42)                               _____ %
   UBS (Canada) – International Equity Segregated Fund (U65)                                   _____ %
                                                                                    Total        100%
   If the total % does not equal 100%, or if this information is not completed, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada reserves the right to invest
   the difference/total in the default fund chosen for the plan by your plan sponsor, which in the absence of a selection by your plan sponsor will be a
   money market fund.

C0H19.04 TFSA 02720019 E DEC 08 S5                                                                                         3 of 4
A5     Your signature of authorization

                                      I hereby authorize Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, its agents and service providers, to obtain, use and transmit to the
                                      Plan Sponsor, its agents and service providers, personal information about me for the purpose of plan administration.
                                      Unless I indicate otherwise in the space provided below, information about me may also be collected, used by and shared among
                                      the members of the Sun Life Financial group of companies*, their agents and service providers to provide me with investment
                                      and insurance products and services that will help me meet my lifetime financial objectives. Information may also be shared
                                      with agents and service providers of my Plan Sponsor to allow them to provide me with personal, financial advisory services.
                                      No, I refuse permission
                                      *The companies in the Sun Life Financial group of companies mean only those companies identified in the Sun Life Financial
                                      Privacy Policy which is available on the Sun Life Financial Web site,
                                       Owner signature                                                                       Date (d / m / y)

 Keeping Your Information Confidential

 Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies, is committed to keeping your information confidential. We may
 leverage our strengths in our worldwide operations and in our negotiated relationships with third party providers who, in some instances, may be located in
 jurisdictions outside Canada. Your personal information may be subject to the laws of those foreign jurisdictions. Sun Life Financial’s operations worldwide and our
 third party providers are required to protect the confidentiality of your personal information in a manner that is consistent with our privacy policy and practices.

 To view our current privacy policy, please visit

C0H19.04 TFSA 02720019 E DEC 08 S5                                                                                       4 of 4

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