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									                               AFTAB-ur-REHMAN RANA
                                   C/o CNFA Pakistan, House No.8, Street No. 30, F-7/1, Islamabad-44000
              Office Ph: 051-2654132, Fax: 051-2653137 Cell: 0300-9742158 Email:,

                                     Sustainable tourism development leader, one of the pioneers of Ecotourism in Pakistan,
                                      exceptional human resource development, marketing, PR and communication skills.
                                     Strong entrepreneurship experience within the public, private and NGOs sectors.


1995                     Diploma in Travel and Tourism (Tourism and Hotel Management, Tour Operation, Marketing)
                             TDCP Institute of Tourism Management, Lahore
1986                     Bachelors of Commerce (Advance Accounting, Cost Account & Business Management)
                             Islamia College of Commerce, University of Punjab, Lahore
1984                     Diploma in Commerce (Accounting, Economics, Basic business Management)
                            Institute of Commerce, Tech Education Board Punjab

2007                                   Attended 3 days Training Workshop on Tourism Business Planning and Financial
                                        Management at Islamabad
2004                                   Attended 5 days Training Workshop on Green and Productive Tourism at Bali, Indonesia
2001                                   Completed two years Fellowship Training Programme of Leadership for Environment
                                         and Development in September 2001 and got status of LEAD Fellow.
1999                                    Attended Training Session on Using Leadership Skills for Sustainable Development
                                         organized by LEAD-Pakistan at Islamabad.
1999                                    Attended Training Session on Exploring Ecology and Environment Organized by LEAD-
                                         Pakistan at Islamabad.
2000                                    Attended Training Session on Economy and Environment: Pakistan’s Response to
                                         Globalization at Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS), Lahore.
2000                                    Attended Training Session on Diversity and Societies in Transition organized by
                                         LEAD-International at Sao Palo, Brazil.
2000                                    Attended Training Session on Human Settlements: Investigating Integrated Solutions
                                         organized by LEAD-Pakistan at Islamabad.
2001                                    Attended Training Session on Governance of Energy and Technology organized by
                                         LEAD-Pakistan at Islamabad.
2001                                    Attended Training Session on Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Resource Use
                                         organized by LEAD-International at China.
2001                                    Attended Training Session on Managing Natural Resources: Water, Soil &
                                         Biodiversity organized by LEAD-Pakistan at Quetta.
                                        Attended Training Session on Disintegration or Integration: The Sustainability in
                                         Transition organized by LEAD-International at Russia/Moldova.
1996                                    Attended Tourism Trainer Development Programme organized by Pakistan National
1993                                     Tourism Human Resource Development Programme in October 1996.
                                        Passed First Aid Course organized by Pakistan Red Crescent Society.
1990                                    Passed Camp Counsellor and Wilderness Guides Course organized by AFP.
1990-1995                               Passed Down Hill Skiing, Rock Climbing, Map Reading and Navigation, River
                                         Rafting, Desert Survival and Leadership Development Courses organized by AFP.
1989                                    Participated in training workshop on Tour Operation organized by TDCP.
1988                                    Passed Basic and Advance Air ticketing Course from MNSAT, Lahore.


2007 – to date           Tourism Industry Development Specialist
                         CNFA, Inc. Washington DC, USA, Pakistan Program office, Islamabad
                                   Developed strategy for the revival of tourism in earthquake affected areas of Kaghan
                                    Valley and Bagh District of AJK.
                                   Developed tourism promotion campaign for Kaghan Valley and launched exclusive
                                    tourism website
                                   Developed guidelines for environment friendly development of tourism facilities in
                                    project area.
2000 - 2006              Director General Operations & Coordinator Special Projects
                           Adventure Foundation Pakistan, Islamabad

                        Designed, developed and Managed national and international adventure expeditions,
                         eco-study projects, Trekking and camping outings and outdoor education Programmes
                         for more than 3000 participants per year.
                        Founded a nation-wide National Children Mountain Conservation Programme to
                         enhance the level of awareness of young people by giving them practical exposure in
                         tree plantation, biodiversity conservation, recycling and waste management and other
                         environment friendly activities. So far I have led 6 projects and more than 700
                         children from over Pakistan have gained the title of Eco-Guards.
                        Designed, developed Pakistan’s first community based Ecotourism Project
                         “Conservation of Indus Blind Dolphin through Ecotourism” and successfully
                         implemented it with the financial assistance of UNDP’s Small Grant Programme.
                        Designed Ecotourism Guides Training Programme and trained more than 200 tour
                         guides from different mountain areas of Pakistan.
                        Authored Ecotourism Development Plan for Gojal Valley, Northern Areas under
                         Mountain Areas Conservancy Project managed by IUCN-Pakistan.
                        Authored Ecotourism Development Plan for Qashqar Conservancy in NWFP under
                         Mountain Areas Conservancy Development Project managed by IUCN-Pakistan.
                        Co-Authored Action Plan for the Promotion of Adventure Tourism in Azad Kashmir.
                        Co-Authored Action Plan for the Promotion of Ecotourism in Ayubia National Park
                         managed by NWFP Wildlife Department.
                        Co-Authored Sector Paper on Tourism in Hazara District for Sarhad Conservation
                        Prepared proposal for the Development of Deosai Plains for Ecotourism on the
                         request of Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan.
                        Prepared proposal for the Development of Ecotourism and Educational Tourism in
                         Margallah Hills National Park on the request of WWF-Pakistan Pakistan.
                        Designed and conducted training workshops on Ecotourism and Sustainable Mountain
                         Tourism for stakeholders of different levels.
                        Designed AFP’s five year development plan for 2006-2010 and formulated a marketing
                        Co-Authored Ecotourism Guide for Chitral Gol National Park, under PAMP Project
                         managed by NWFP Wildlife Department and WWF-Pakistan.

1996-2000     Executive Director Young Explorers Division
                Adventure Foundation Pakistan, Lahore Office
                        Designed and developed and managed programme to promote outdoor education
                         among young people through the Nature Explorers Clubs in School. More than 1500
                         children are getting benefit from this scheme annually.
                        Launched “Nature Safari Programme” in collaboration of WWF-Pakistan to
                         popularize nature protected areas as Ecotourism destinations in Pakistan. More than
                         500 people are benefiting from this activity annually.
                        Launched “Green Trekking” campaign to promote the concept eco-friendly adventure
                         activities in the mountain areas of Pakistan.
                        Prepared a Guideline for environmentally friendly trekking and mountaineering in
                         the mountains in Pakistan.
                        Co-Authored Tourism Management Plan for Chiltan Hazarganji National Park,
                         Quetta on the request of WWF-Pakistan.
                        Led three Clean up Operations of Lake Saiful Muluk in Kaghan Valley.
                        Led two Mountain Clean up Expeditions to remove the waste material left behind by
                         mountaineering expeditions from the base camp of Nanga Parbat.

1988 - 1996   Senior Tourism Officer (Tour Operation and Marketing)
              Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), Lahore
                        Designed and developed Package Tours to promote group family tours.
                        Launched “Adventure Express” a product to introduce the Northern Areas of Pakistan
                         in foreign and domestic tourist market. A large number of tourists are enjoying this
                        Developed coordination with tour operators and hoteliers for the successful operation
                         of package tours in mountain areas of Pakistan.
                        Trained 20 tour guides to conduct “Adventure Express” tours.
                        Prepared marketing strategy and designed posters and brochures to popularize the
                         packages in Foreign and local market.

1994-1997     Visiting Faculty Member Tourism Management Course

                        Taught Tour Operation to more than 300 students of 4 classes at TDCP’s Institute of
                         Tourism and Hotel Management, Lahore.
                        Taught Tourism Management to more than 50 students of 2 sessions at Institute of
                         Leadership and Management, Lahore.

                              Taught Entry Level Course of Tour Operation to 100 students under South Asia
                               Integrated Tourism Human Resource Development Programme.

1987-to date       Freelance Travel Writer
                   Contributed number of articles on places of tourist interest in Pakistan in following publications:-
                             Daily The Nation, Lahore
                             Holiday Weekly, Karachi
                             Siahat Nama, TDCP, Lahore
                             Natura of WWF-Pak, Lahore

ATTENEDE           Details of some of the Conferences attended as Guest Speaker/Panelist
                              Attended International Children’s Conference on Environment as resource person
                              Attended WTO’s International Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Poverty
                               Alleviation as Guest Speaker (Lahore-2005).
                              Attended International Karakorum Conference as Guest Speaker (Islamabad-2005)
                              Attended AKJ Tourism Conference as Guest Speaker (Muzaffarabad-2005)
                              Attended 3rd Global Forum for Sports and Environment as Guest Speaker (Lahore-
                              Attended National Consultative Workshop on Formulation of Mountain Areas
                               Conservancy Strategy as Panelist (Islamabaad-2004)
                              Attended National Workshop for Formulation of Provincial Tourism Policy for
                               Punjab as Guest Speaker (Lahore-2003)
                              Attended National Conference on Sustainable Mountain Development as Guest
                              Attended Conference on Investment and Tourism Promotion in AJK as Guest
                              Attended International Symposium on Mountains of Pakistan as Guest Speaker
                              Attended Seminar on Strategic Policy for Tourism as panelist (Islamabad-2000)
                              Attended Convention on Sustainable Tourism in Northern Areas as Guest Speaker

                              Awarded “Fellowship of LEAD-International” after completion of two years
                               Fellowship Training (2001)
                              Received “Commonwealth Asia Award for Excellence in Youth Work” (1998).
                              Received Government of Pakistan’s “Better Paksitan-2010 Excellence Award” in the
                               field of Tourism (1998).
                              Received “Trainer of the Year Award” from South Asia Tourism Human Resource
                               Development Programme (1997).
                              Received Environment Conservation Award from President of Pakistan in annual
                               convention of AFP (1994).
                              First Prize in TDCP-AGFA Photographic Competition (1995 and 1997)
                              Second Prize in Tourism Photographic Competition on World Tourism Day 2007.

                              Vice President and Life Member of Adventure Foundation Pakistan
                              Executive Council Member of Asian Study Group
                              Life Member of SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan
                              Member of WWF-Pakistan
                              Member of LEAD Islamabad Club
                              Member of OISCA Japan

                              Date of Birth                  :   January 4th 1966
                              NIC Number                     :   61101-6968288-7
                              Marital Status                 :   Married
                              Nationality                    :   Pakistani
                              Language Skills                :   Fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi
                              Computer Skills                :    MS Office
                              Mr. Ali Touqir Sheikh,
                               National Programme Director
                               LEAD Pakistan
                               LEAD House, F/7 Markaz, Islamabad
                               Tel: 051- 2651511


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