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                                           Making the Most of Your Wedding Pictures
                                                                  By Bill Cotter

   Besides storing your pictures in a basic album, here are a few ideas that will help you liven up your

Enlarge a Special moment

 There is always a favorite photo that captures the emotions of the day. Take that picture and blow it
up. Digital cameras today can often take pictures that can be enlarged to poster size. Maybe you don't
want an enlarged picture of you up, try enlarging a detail picture of something meaningful on your
wedding day. This can be a wedding favor, your bouquet, your rings, a piece of cake, or anything that
has sentimental value. Make sure and talk to your photographer before enlarging.

Displaying On Shelfs

 Instead of just framing one picture and putting it on a shelf, consider framing a series of pictures from
your wedding that tell the story of your wedding day. By making a gallery of pictures you won't limit
yourself to one moment of your wedding. Framing pictures makes all the difference in a display so be
wise when choosing the right frame.

Publish Your Wedding Day

 Many photographers offer hardcover books containing the coverage of your wedding day. These
books can be displayed on a coffee table or out in the open where family friends can view them. They
are made in a manner to take the viewer through the entire day of events and hopefully have captured
the emotions and special feelings of the day. The highest quality books are the ones that cut and hand
mount your professional photographs in a bound book. They come in several styles including leather
covers and pastel pages.

Go Digital

 Think about doing a digital scrapbook online. Blogs are also popular but make sure and get
permission from your photographer before you post your pictures online. Facebook and other social
sites are a great place to show off your pictures. You can also put your pictures to a slide show with

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music. Many professional photographers offer it as a service and it usually isn't very costly. Or if you
have a digital picture frame load your pictures and they will show up in a slide show manner. If you
don't have the digital negatives you may be able to scan them with a scanner. Again, make sure and
get written permission from your photographer.

Be Creative

 Pin-boards are more popular and offer an fun way to display pictures. Your pictures can be swapped
out depending on how you feel. It doesn’t take much time and it pin-boards actually look better when
the display isn’t perfect. It’s a good contracts of fun and formal that will fit in a bedroom, office, or

 It's up to you how you want to display your wedding pictures. But whatever you do, don't leave them in
a box stored away. That special day is meant to be remembered. Especially with the way life goes, it is
important to reflect on your beginning when you are first married.

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  Are There Any Advantages As Well As Disadvantages of the Various Categories of Wedding
                                                          By Jennifer Walter

Every girl looks forward to that day when she is going to be married. In most communities, getting
married is something which can only be done once in a lifetime. Therefore, if you do not enjoy the
event, there is no way in which this will ever be enjoyed again. One of the best means through which
the wedding day can be relived is through wedding pictures. Every event on the wedding day will come
to past. The guests will come and go, the food and drinks will be consumed and the music will be
enjoyed. But your memories, through your wedding pictures, will always be with you. It is for this
reason that you should plan well when thinking of wedding pictures. There are so many options about
taking memorable pictures. Remember that styling, positioning are all important aspects which cannot
be left out. Make sure that you go in to select a professional photographer who will do the best to make
sure that through the pictures taken, the event will always be fresh in the minds of every person, even
for centuries to come. The photographer you intend to select should not only be good at taking
pictures. He or she should have the creativity to be able to make a blend between the present setting
and the guests present.

 Throughout the years, the taking of wedding pictures have move forward from what was formally taken
and have adjusted to new movements. All these are as a result of the changes in technological
advancements. This means that there are so many ways in which the wedding picture can look like.
Remember that you are free to choose whatever way you desire. Everything you do should be a matter
of choice and should be aimed at making memories of your wedding day, a thing never to be forgotten.

 If we have to critically look into the advantages and disadvantages of wedding pictures, we would
have to consider aspects such as the type and size of the wedding. This will also depend on how you
view the wedding event, the manner and procedure in which you want events to unfold and whether
you intend making it a family affair or more than that. In some cases, people will also want the taking of
pictures to reflect one or two epochs in history or a particular setting like a beach.

 There are so many types of photographers that you can think of. What you should know is that every
photographer will have his or her own peculiarities. For example, while one photographer will be
efficient at taking sensational pictures, another will be very efficient at taking exciting pictures.
However, this will all depend on what you want.

 The following guidelines are meant to give you the advantages as well as disadvantages of the
various modes of wedding pictures:


 The advantage with this is that it is a formal style that will show the seriousness guests. This will
include all the guests. But the gestures of the guests may mean that it may not look natural.
Remember that exciting moments will be missed.

Reportage or Photo-journalism

This is good because it is going to take a detail account of events as they are disclosed. Remember

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that most pictures will be genuine replications of what obtains. The disadvantage in this is that most of
the pictures that will be taken will portray the guests in unprepared states.


 The pictures will be excellent and will blend the style and colour of the event with that of the
environment. But you may not get what is similar to sample pictures.

 There are so many forms of pictures that can be taken. Most of these will depend on the expertise of
the photographer. Remember that a good photographer will be able to blend two or all of the above
modes to make the event a memorabilia. But make sure that you are in accordance with this.

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