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					 ADELAIDE                     ACCESS                   SCHOLARSHIPS
General                                                           from consideration, but applicants are required to inform the
                                                                  university of any other scholarships or awards which they hold,
                                                                  so that this can be included as part of the consideration of their
The Adelaide Access Scholarship Scheme aims to increase           overall financial situation.
higher education participation at the University of Adelaide
by students from any of the following equity groups:
      Indigenous Australians;
      Students who are financially or social                     In determining eligibility with regard to whether students have
         disadvantaged (low socio economic status);               lived in a regional or remote area the University uses the ASGC
      Students from regional or remote areas;                    Remoteness Areas classification as described in the Australian
                                                                  Institute of Health and Welfare 2004 publication, ‘Rural, Regional
      Students with a disability;                                and Remote Health: A Guide to Remoteness Classifications’.
      Students from non-English speaking backgrounds;            The classifications are:
      Women in non-traditional areas of study.
These scholarships, which provide $2,000 per annum for up                  Major Cities of Australia     (MC)
to 4 years, are available to students new to higher education              Inner Regional Australia      (IR)
in 2009, who can demonstrate that they belong to at least                  Outer Regional Australia      (OR)
one of the equity groups above, and who are able to                        Remote Australia              (R)
demonstrate financial need.                                                Very Remote Australia         (VR)

                                                                  Only students who have lived in the four regional and remote
Eligibility Conditions                                            classifications above can be considered eligible. Students who
                                                                  have lived in an area deemed to be a Major City (MC) are not
To be eligible to apply, students must be Australian citizens     eligible.
or permanent residents or holders of (Australian) permanent
humanitarian visas or citizens of New Zealand and have            All completed applications received by the due date will be
applied through SATAC for admission to a program at the           checked to ensure that the applicants satisfy the basic eligibility
University. Students should NOT have commenced a post             criteria of identification as belonging to a target group; and
secondary level program of study previously (university or        financial need. Applications will then be ranked and selections
VET).                                                             made according to academic merit.
Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate program of          Academic merit will be determined according to their Tertiary
study as a Commonwealth supported student and be                  Entrance Rank (TER) scores or other special entry scores. Final
undertaking study on a full time basis at each semester           selections will be made by the University’s Coursework
census date (unless qualified as an applicant with a              Scholarships Committee. Applicants will not be interviewed.
disability). Full time study is defined as undertaking at least
75% of an equivalent full time student course load.               Conditions of Scholarship
In order to satisfy the low socio-economic status criterion,      Students will be advised in writing of the outcome of their
students need to                                                  applications. Successful applicants will be advised in writing of
                                                                  the terms and conditions of the scholarship and at the time of
    o    demonstrate that they are in receipt of a means-         accepting the offer they must accept the conditions of the
         tested Commonwealth income support payment               scholarship and agree to provide relevant personal information to
         (such as Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance,              enable the University to assess the students’ ongoing eligibility
         etc) and provide documentary evidence to                 for an Access Scholarship.
         substantiate this; or,
                                                                  Maximum Duration
    o    satisfy  the    University,   that     following    a
         comprehensive assessment of their financial              Students may be paid an Access Scholarship for a maximum of
         circumstances, they are financially disadvantaged.       four years or a maximum of 8 half years (Semesters 1 or 2) to
         Students must supply sufficient supporting               undertake an undergraduate program of study. Access
         documentation to substantiate this claim, (this might    scholarships are provided for the initial undergraduate program of
         include copies of ATO assessments, medical               study only (including Honours year). Students are NOT eligible to
         assessments etc).                                        continue to receive this scholarship for foundation programs, the
                                                                  Diploma of Languages nor for any postgraduate diplomas.
Students who do not qualify for a means tested
Commonwealth income support payment prior to the closing          Access Scholarship holders at the University of Adelaide may
date for applications in 2009, but anticipate receiving such a    transfer to another undergraduate program within the University,
benefit prior to the commencement of semester two 2009,           provided that they maintain continuous full time enrolment. The
should apply for this scholarship in the mid year scholarship     maximum period of the scholarship will remain eight half years
offer round.                                                      (i.e. Semesters 1 or 2) in total.

Students are permitted to apply for both Commonwealth and         Ongoing Eligibility
Adelaide Access scholarships, where eligible. Receipt of
other scholarships will not necessarily preclude students

                                                                                                                         Page 1
The University will monitor the ongoing eligibility of all         Suspension of Scholarship
students to ensure that each student continues to meet the
eligibility requirements for an Access Scholarship as set out      The University will not grant initial suspension of the Access
earlier in this document and the ongoing eligibility conditions    scholarship for the first scholarship period for which the
detailed below.                                                    scholarship was awarded. The student must have completed at
                                                                   least the first semester before applying for suspension.
The University will confirm a student’s ongoing eligibility on a
twice-yearly basis prior to the payment in each half-year.         Apart from the above restriction the      student must apply in
Students will receive one payment of 50% of the annual             writing to the Scholarships Office for    suspension of the CS,
value of the scholarship in each six-month period following        setting out the reasons for seeking the   scholarship suspension.
confirmation of enrolment at the census dates (31 March            The suspension of the scholarship is a    separate process to the
2009) and 31 August 2009) for study undertaken in that             deferral of a program of study.
scholarship period. Payments will be made to students in
April/May 2009, and then in September/October 2009.                The maximum period for scholarship suspension is 12 months,
                                                                   unless the University is satisfied that exceptional circumstances
Full time study load                                               exist. The University will advise the student whether the
                                                                   scholarship suspension has been approved.
A student whose course load falls below a full-time student
load must advise the Scholarships Office. Students will be         Students must advise the Scholarships Office of their return at
ineligible to retain their scholarship unless the University       the end of the period of scholarship suspension.
determines that there are exceptional circumstances, which
prevent the student from continuing to study on a full-time        Privacy and Confidentiality
basis. Students are required to provide details of significant
factors which prevent them undertaking full time student           The information supplied by applicants for this scholarship or
load, such as disability and significant carer responsibilities,   obtained by the University with the students’ agreement will only
and supply documentation to substantiate their claim.              be used for the selection and monitoring processes for the
                                                                   Commonwealth Scholarships and the University of Adelaide’s
Academic Progress                                                  Access Scholarship program and will be managed in accordance
                                                                   with the University of Adelaide Privacy Policy and Management
Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic            Plan available at
progress over the period of their Scholarship. Satisfactory
academic progress means students are expected to obtain
at least a pass grade in most courses in which they are            The Scholarships Office will not disclose any information supplied
enrolled in each semester.                                         via the application process to a third party other than with the
                                                                   written consent of the applicant.
Where a student fails, or withdraws from courses in a given
semester (or equivalent teaching period) such that the             Termination of Scholarship
semester grade point average (GPA) is less than 2.80 in two
consecutive semesters, the student will be deemed to have          The University of Adelaide will terminate the Access Scholarship:
failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress and the                  if the student ceases to meet the ongoing eligibility
scholarship will be terminated unless the University is                     criteria specified other than during a period in which the
satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist.                             scholarship has been suspended with the University’s
Where grade point averages are not available for a
semester, the Faculty in which the student is enrolled will                once the full value of the scholarship has been paid, i.e.
provide an assessment of whether the student is maintaining                 eight half-year payments have been made.
satisfactory academic progress. Where this assessment                      where the University of Adelaide determines that the
indicates that the student is not performing satisfactorily, and            student has failed to maintain satisfactory academic
the GPA for the next semester is below 2.8 (or further                      progress
assessment by the Faculty indicates that progress is not                   where the student is guilty of serious misconduct in
satisfactory), the scholarship will be terminated unless the                terms of the University Policy Rules for Student Conduct
University is satisfied that exceptional circumstances exist.               in the University and/or has provided false or misleading
Financial Circumstances
                                                                   Appeals Process
Students must continue to meet the low socio-economic
status requirements by:                                            Appeals will be handled in line with the University’s Student
                                                                   Complaints Policy which is available on the University’s website
         o    Continuing to be in receipt of a means-tested        at
              Commonwealth income support payment (such
              as Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance, etc).
              Documentary evidence to substantiate this
              may be required from time to time.

         o    or, continuing to be in the same circumstances
              that satisfied the University following a
              comprehensive assessment, that there were
              other adverse circumstances which resulted in
              financial disadvantage. Documentary evidence
              to substantiate this may be required from time
              to time.

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Students can apply for the Adelaide Access Scholarships by
completing the online application form via the SATAC

Applications close 5 December 2008.

          SATAC Scholarships Service
          104 Frome Street
          Adelaide SA 5000
          Tel: (08) 8224 4088 or Country and interstate
          callers local call cost on 1300 138 440

          Student Centre
          Level 4, Wills Building
          The University of Adelaide, SA 5005
          Tel: (08) 8303 5208 or Country and interstate
          callers toll free on 1800 061 459)

          Scholarships Office
          Level 5, Wills Building
          The University of Adelaide, SA 5005
          Tel: (08) 83033341 / (08) 83034224

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                                 ADELAIDE ACCESS SCHOLARSHIPS
       The University of Adelaide has identified the following as non-traditional areas of study for women:

SATAC CODE                                       NAME OF PROGRAM
  324191      Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
  324201      Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace) double degrees
  324481      Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural Engineering)
  324231      Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive)
  324411      Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive)/ Bachelor of Mathematical & Computer
  324501      Bachelor of Engineering (Avionics & Electrical Systems Engineering)
  314161      Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)
  314871      Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) double degrees
  314181      Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Environmental)
  314891      Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Environmental) double degrees
  314171      Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural)
  314881      Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural) double degrees
  324511      Bachelor of Engineering (Computational)
  314191      Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems)
  314901      Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems) double degrees
  314201      Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic)
  314911      Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) double degrees
  314221      Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  314931      Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) double degrees
  314231      Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic)
  314941      Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) double degrees
  324401      Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)
  324441      Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) double degrees
  314951      Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum)
  324211      Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum) double degrees
  324451      Bachelor of Engineering (Pharmaceutical)
  324311      Bachelor of Engineering (Software)
  324521      Bachelor of Engineering (Sports Engineering)
  324531      Bachelor of Engineering (Sustainable Energy)
  314211      Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)
  314921      Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) double degrees
  324541      Bachelor of Computer Graphics
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314111   Bachelor of Computer Science
314141   Bachelor of Economics
314151   Bachelor of Economics/Finance
324151   Bachelor of Agricultural Science
314741   Bachelor of International Agricultural Business
324171   Bachelor of High Performance Computational Physics (Hons)
314711   Bachelor of Finance/Bachelor of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
314541   Bachelor of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
324421   Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences

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