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                                                         PRESS RELEASE REQUEST FORM
                                                PLEASE SUBMIT COMPLETED FORM AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO RELEASE DATE

  Your Name:                                                 Organization:

 Event Name:                                                Event Date(s):

  Target Release Date (must be at least 1 week prior to event start date):

     Would you like to approve the final Press Release? (check if yes)
     For this option, we must receive your form at least 2 weeks prior to target date and you must supply either a fax
     number or e-mail address.

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   Additional Information & Promotional materials are/will be provided. E-mail to

Who should the media contact for more information?

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                      Please return completed form at least 1 week prior to targeted release date to:
                                          Katie Fontenot, Communications Assistant
                       e-mail:                Phone: (318) 387-5691

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