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					   Media & Time Plans

 Marketing experts will tell you that a
well planned public relations campaign
    is often far more effective than
      Marketing Plans, what is it?

•   A common method used to help plan a marketing plan is an acronym called
    AOSTC. It simply stands for

•   Analysis – Of environment.
•   Objectives – Setting yourself SMART objectives
•   Strategies – For segmentation and growth, targeting and positioning
•   Tactics – Used i.e. marketing mix
•   Control. – How you will monitor that you are achieving objectives
              Smart Objectives
A simple acronym used to set objectives is called
SMART objectives. SMART stands for:

• Specific – Objectives should specify what they want to
• Measurable – You should be able to measure whether
  you are meeting the objectives or not.
• Achievable - Are the objectives you set, achievable and
• Realistic – Can you realistically achieve the objectives
  with the resources you have?
• Time – When do you want to achieve the set
             The Tactics
• What tactics or methods will you use to
  get there? How will you get there?
• Define your target market. Select your
  segment, your targeting strategy and
  positioning strategy.
• How will you use the marketing mix to
  assist you. What will be your product,
  price, place or promotion strategy?
     Evaluation – (Industry only)
Are you achieving the objectives you set for
yourself? To evaluate your plan some benchmarks
  May include:

•   Market share data
•   Sales data
•   Consumer feedback
•   Feedback from staff
•   Feedback from retailers
• Why are you doing it?
  What is the overall purpose of the campaign? (For example, to
  increase awareness, increase sales etc...) What do you hope to

• Who is your target audience?
  Who do you want to reach? (For example, ABC1’s, 16-24, Males,
  Females. Primary and secondary markets)

• How will you deliver the message (promotion)?
  For example, the types of media out put that is required example,
  newspapers, radio and/or television; a press release, magazines,
  websites, viral and or guerrilla campaigns etc…

• When will you do it?
  Look for timely opportunities to get the message out. (For example,
  Christmas, Easter, New Year, Mothers day, Valentines day etc…)
                    Time lines

• Establish launch date (1st week Nov for Christmas)
• Think about all of the other activates that could occur on
  this date
• Photoshoots, art work, needs to be produced in at least
  4 months in advance
                   Production time

• Initial ideas for product/service will be established prior production of
  art work
• The guidelines will be established prior production art work
• 4 months prior launch art work, photoshoots etc… will be
  established through a series of meetings which will allow for
  changes and amendments
                           Cut off dates

•   Cut off dates are set for most companies
•   Monthly magazines will need the art work 3/2 months prior to release
•   Weekly’s will need 1 month – 2 week prior to release
•   Point of sale print, carrier bags, posters etc… will need a maximum of 2 weeks
•   All of this will be arranged with the media companies before hand (as this is a busy
    time of year)
                  Major Ads

• Ads appear in Nov issues of monthly’s could even
  appear in Dec issues
• Weekly ads appear in magazines 2 weeks prior launch
• Out door promotion appears day of launch
Time Plan

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