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									                                              March 2005 Newsletter

NEPDN Website Receives a Makeover
The structure of the NEPDN website has radically changed with the use of a Content Management System
(CMS). The CMS allows for the creation of different areas of information and to manage the access to those
areas through “role” assignments. For example, one might be assigned the role of diagnostician, first detector,
and/or trainer. Those roles dictate access rights to various pages. Please take some time to look around this new
site. If you are an NEPDN member, log in using your PDIS password to see all your access areas. You can access
the site at:

Significant and Select Pathogens
Updates on Available Information and National and Regional Programs
Soybean Rust
Soybean Rust Confirmed on Kudzu in Florida
Florida State Department of Agriculture has confirmed Asian soybean rust on
kudzu in late February. The sample was found on February 23, 2005 on a kudzu
plant near Tampa Bay in Pasco County. This is the first confirmation of soybean
rust in 2005 and the most southern most location reported for the disease in Florida
to date. Based upon an agreement between state and federal agencies concerning
the responsibilities for the identification of soybean rust, Florida State Department
of Agriculture was able to confirm this finding because soybean rust has already
been confirmed on kudzu in Florida by the USDA. According to this agreement,
after the first confirmation of soybean rust on a particular host by the USDA, all
further confirmations on that host can be carried out by the State Department of
Agriculture. Concerns have been raised over this recent finding because it may          Kudzu (Pueraria montana) (Photo
indicate that kudzu may serve as a source of inoculum and provide a way for the         James H. Miller, USDA Forest
pathogen to overwinter in warmer climates. For more information please
click here….

Sudden Oak Death
First Report of a Nursery Positive for Phytophthora ramorum in 2005
Phytophthora ramorum was confirmed by APHIS PPQ in a camellia sample from a large Los Angeles County
production nursery. Plant shipments of P. ramorum hosts and associated host plants from the nursery have been
halted at this time. This is the first confirmation of P. ramorum in a nursery in 2005. For more information
please click here……

Phytophthora ramorum Confirmed in Pennsylvania
On February 15, 2005, APHIS PPQ confirmed the detection of P. ramorum in a bonsai camellia sample
submitted from Pennsylvania. The plant was purchased in December 2003 and had never been outdoors. It was
confiscated by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on June 8, 2004. For more information please
click here…..

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Updates on Diagnostic Standard Operating Procedures and More
Diagnostic Standard Operating Procedures, Information Links and Picture Clues for select and significant agents
can be accessed at the Diagnostic Tools page of the NEPDN website.

                Do you have the most recent version of the NPDN Diagnostic Select and
                Significant Agent Standard Operating Procedure?
                The NPDN Diagnostic Standard Operating Procedures are constantly being updated. You can
                download the most recent versions from the NEPDN website from the Diagnostic Tools page.

Regional Contacts
The communication section of all of the Diagnostic Standard Operating Procedures has been changed. There is
now a section for diagnosticians to record the primary and secondary emergency regional contacts. The primary
and secondary emergency contacts for the Northeast region are:

       Primary Regional Center Contact:                       Secondary Regional Center Contact::
       Karen Snover-Clift                                     Sandra Jensen-Tracy
       NEPDN, Assistant Director                              Cornell Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic,
       334 Plant Science Building                             Diagnostician
       Cornell University                                     329 Plant Science Building
       Ithaca, NY 14853                                       Cornell University
       Office: (607) 255-7860                                 Ithaca, NY 14853
       Cell Phone: (607) 255-4471                             (607) 255-7850
       Home: (607) 835-6177                         

Training and Education
Updates on Training and Education Programs
First Detector Access to New NEPDN Website
The new NEPDN website utilizes a content management system which allows management of access to
different sections of the site. Individuals that have received First Detector training can receive access to several
areas on the website including pathogen links, contact information, regional news and in the future, a threaded
discussion list. First Detector Educators will receive access to these areas as well as the training and education
page. In order to provide First Detectors and First Detector Educators access to these areas we need to create an
account for them. This requires collecting information from these individuals such as email address and mailing
address. Once an account is created for an individual they will be assigned a username and password and can
begin to access the website for up to date information.

How can you help in this process? If you plan on holding a First Detector or First Detector Educator training,
please register your training and participants with the Southern Plant Diagnostic Network (SPDN). This can be
done at You can register training participants in one of two
ways. First, you can have your participants fill out a registration form and then you can enter their registration
information into the SPDN website yourself. Second, you can instruct the participants to register themselves at
the SPDN website. The incentive for participants to register is that they will gain access to information on the
NEPDN website. (continued on page 3)

NEPDN Newsletter March 2005                                                                                          2
(First Detector Access to New NEPDN Website continued.....)
Once participants are registered you will receive via email a text document with a list of participant information
including name, email address, mailing address and type of training received (i.e. First Detector or First Detector
Educator). Please forward the document with the participant list to Karen Scott ( This
information can then be used to create usernames and passwords for the participants so that they can access the

If you have any problems or questions about registering your training program or participants at the SPDN
website, please contact Mary McKellar, NEPDN Training and Education Coordinator at or
(607) 255-4162.

NCIPM Soybean Rust Teleconference CD Now Available
The Soybean Rust: Issues and Facts Training Teleconference with audio overlay is now available on CD at
no cost. You can access the training online at: To order your free
CD, please email Susan Ratcliffe, North Central IPM Facilitator at Please include your
shipping address and phone number in the email.

Cornell Scientific Photography How-to Website
The Cornell Department of Plant Pathology Photo Lab has created a new website to serve as a technical and
creative resource for scientific photography. The website includes tips on lighting, digital photography and using
Adobe Photoshop. You can access this website at:

Upcoming Events
National and Regional Events
        March 16-18, 2005, NPDN-APHIS Diagnostician Soybean Rust Workshop, Beltsville, MD,
        Morphological and molecular training on the identification of Phakopsora pachyrhizi. For more
        information contact Karen L. Snover-Clift.

        May 24-26, Northeast Forest Pathologist Workshop, Bretton Woods, NH
        For more information contact Cindy Ash,, or phone 603-868-7704

        July 19, 2005, NACAA Annual Meeting, Buffalo, NY, NPDN First Detector Educator Training
        For more information about the First Detector Educator Training at the 2005 NACAA meeting, please
        contact Mary McKellar, NEPDN Education and Training Coordinator, 607-255-4162 or

        July 30 - August 3, 2005, American Phytopathological Society Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas

        November 6-9, 2005, ESA Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL

PDIS Implementation Plans are still needed from a few states. If you have not submitted your PDIS
implementation plan, please submit it ASAP.

Questions or comments about the NEPDN Newsletter? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Mary McKellar at
607-255-4162 or

                         Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York,

NEPDN Newsletter March 2005                                                                                         3

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