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									                 City of Murrieta Community Services Commission
                                    Minutes of
                           Thursday, February 26, 2004


The regular meeting of the Murrieta Community Services Commission was called to order at 7:02
p.m., February 26, 2004, at Murrieta City Hall by Chair Ben Getchell.


Present were Commissioners Cathy Bearse, Rick Carr, Pat Lallou, Ed Wadell and Chair Ben


Commissioner Wadell motioned for approval of the agenda with a second by Commissioner Lallou.
The motion carried 5-0.


Commissioner Carr motioned for approval of the January 22, 2004 minutes with a second by
Commissioner Lallou. The motion carried 5-0.


No comments were made.


Review of Trails and Equestrian Center at the Los Alamos Hills Sports Complex
Director of Community Services, Jim Holston, reported that at the October Commission meeting
there was discussion regarding multi-purpose trails and an equestrian center at the Los Alamos Hills
Sports Complex. The Commission requested that this item be placed on this agenda for further
discussion. Director Holston explained that the first phase of the sports complex includes multi-
purpose trails around the perimeter of the park made out of decomposed granite, which will continue
onto Ruth Ellen Way and Los Alamos Road. Director Holston discussed the second phase of the
sports complex and how the trail system will continue up to Clinton Keith Road.

Each of the Commissioners received in their agenda packet a copy of the “option” plan of the Los
Alamos Hills Sports Complex approved by City Council in 1999. Director Holston explained that
there were four option plans and the one that Council approved doesn’t have an equestrian center as
a designated use.

The second phase of the sports complex won’t be designed for approximately five years. Director
Holston has received several requests for changes to this phase such as a BMX tract, tennis complex,
and a roller hockey rink. Commissioner Bearse asked for Director Holston’s recommendation.
Community Services Commission Minutes
February 26, 2004 Page 2

Director Holston responded that the first phase has multi-purpose trails in the design. He can’t make
a recommendation at this time on an equestrian center without more information. What is an
equestrian center? What size is it? What are its functions? How will it be funded?

Chair Getchell called for Public comments.

Public comments were taken and the following spoke in support of having an equestrian center of
approximately 15 to 20 acres in size and horse trails at the Los Alamos Hill Sports Complex:

Jay Froboese
Joyce Dodd
Dan Long
Sherree Meier
Brad Anderson
Alan Long
Barry Robertson
Craig Johnson
Judy Britton
Laura Warfield
Emilio Russi
Mary Luedtke

Commission Comments:

Commissioner Carr suggested that several of the residents meet with Director Holston and come
back to the Commission with a determined size, cost, and needs analysis of an equestrian center.
Then the Commission would be able to make a recommendation based off of precise information
and not just suggestions.

Chair Getchell mentioned that the comments heard tonight are very persuasive. He thinks that that
the horse community adds to the City. He encouraged the resident to meet with Director Holston to
come up with a conceptual plan for an equestrian center.

Commissioner Carr motioned seconded by Commissioner Bearse to have this item brought back
before the Commission in October to discuss a conceptual plan. The motion carried 5-0.

Naming of Parks in the MBK Homes and KB Homes Tracts
Director Holston commented that there are two parks brought before the Commission this evening
for naming. One park was first brought before the Commission in October. The Commissioners
were asked to visit this park located in the Traditions/Heritage tract, which was built by MBK
Homes, and bring back suggested names. The other park is currently being built by KB Homes in
the Echo Canyon/Hidden Crossings tract off of Nutmeg Street. A staff report with suggested names
for that park was given to the Commission.

After discussion, Commissioner Carr moved seconded by Commissioner Lallou to name the park in
the MBK Homes tract as Sycamore Park and the park in the KB Homes tract as Echo Canyon Park.
The motion carried 5-0.
Community Services Commission Minutes
February 26, 2004 Page 3


Parks Status
Director Holston reviewed his staff report and gave an update on Copper Canyon Park. He has been
working with the developer regarding the emergency access from the parking lot at the park to the
tract of homes below. The developer has agreed to pay the additional amount for improvements in
the park and they are working on terms and conditions for the additional land.

Hunt Park on Adams Ave. and Juniper Street is re-opening on Saturday, February 28th. The park
was moved to clear areas that were in road right-of-way.

March 6th is the dedication of Mira Mosa Park located at Via Mira Mosa and Calle Andras starting
from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Discussion of Assigned Parks
Commissioner Carr reported on broken irrigation on Nutmeg Street by the soccer fields.


Recreation Update
Director Holston reviewed some of the upcoming events: a whale-watching excursion is planned for
March 29th in San Diego, the Spring Extravaganza is to be held at California Oaks Sports Park on
Saturday, April 10th, the Father’s Day Car Show is on Sunday, June 20 th, and the City’s 13th
Birthday celebration will be on Saturday, July 3 rd.


There were no announcements or comments.


Commissioner Carr motioned to adjourn the meeting to March 25, 2004 with a second from
Commissioner Bearse starting at 6:00 p.m. with a special meeting of the Historic Preservation
Advisory Commission. The motion carried 5-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Approved this 25th day of March 2004.

Ben Getchell

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