Equestrian Timetable by decree


									                Equestrian Timetable
               Friday, 2 April         Saturday, 3 April             Sunday, 4 April            M onday, 5 April

           (9:00am)                  (1:00pm)                       (9:00am)
           Welsh Pony & Cob          Leading Rein Pony              Open Pony Hack
           Led Ponies                First Year Ridden Pony         Open Saddle Hunter Pony
  Ring 1

           (Not before 1:00pm)
           Golden Horse

           (9:00am)                  (9:00am)                       (9:00am)                  (9:00am)
           Led Turnout Champions     Pony Unities                   Open Park Hack            Show Riding Horse
           Pinto                                                    Open Hack
                                     (Not before 1:00pm)                                      (Not before 1:00pm)
           (Not before 1:00pm)       Sue Yearbury Memorial          (Not before 1:00pm)       Shetland Pony
  Ring 2

           Sport Horse               Cholmondeley-Smith Salver      Open Saddle Hunter        Standardbreds
                                     1990 Perpetual Trophy          Championship Finals
                                                                                              (Not before 3:00pm)
                                     (Not before 3:00pm)                                      Champion of Champions
                                     Junior & Intermediate Ridden
                                     Senior Ridden

           (9:00am)                                                 (9:00am)                  (9:00am)
           Newcomer                                                 Arab                      Harness
  Ring 3

           -   Hack
           -   Park Hack                                                                      (Not before 10:30am)
           -   Saddle Hunter                                                                  Miniatures

           (9:00am)                                                                           (9:00am)
           Newcomer                                                                           Working Hunter
           -   Pony                                                                           Hunters Round the Ring
  Ring 4

           -   Saddle Hunter Pony
                                                                                              (Not before 1:00pm)
                                                                                              Working Pony Hunter
                                                                                              Pony Hunter Round the Ring


           Clydesdale Foal Show

Ring start times are indicated.
The sections will follow in the order listed.

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