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									                                                                                     Linden HaLL
   The Linden Hall Equestrian Summer Camp                                       equestr i an
  Program has been educating young girls in
riding and horsemanship for over twenty years.                                  summer Camp program
     We help give your daughters a sense of
   accomplishment, an understanding of the
     horse world, and a love for the animal.
      Our experienced staff is dedicated to
    making your daughter’s camp experience
        at Linden Hall one to remember.

  Photographs by SpringTree Photography, Annelise Vidal of Vidal Photography,
                       and Linden Hall Staff Members.

      Linden HaLL • 212 e. Main Street • Lititz, Pa 17543
      717-626-8512 • LindenHaLL.org
Linden HaLL                                                 Linden HaLL equestrian summer Camp
equestrian summer Camp                                      registration Form
give your daughter an                                       Please fill out the registration form and include a
experience to last her                                      non-refundable deposit of $300 for each of the camps.
lifetime. Linden Hall’s                                     the deposit is part of the total tuition for the camp(s).
equestrian Summer Camp is                                   Please make your check payable to Linden Hall and
the place where your daughter                               mail it to:
can fine-tune her equitation
skills while developing                                     Linden Hall Summer equestrian Camp
friendships and fond memories.                              attn: Jennifer Merris-dolk
Linden Hall, home of an                                     212 east Main Street
award-winning equestrian team, offers exciting              Lititz, Pa 17543.
overnight camps designed to strengthen your
daughter’s riding ability and expand her horsemanship       Space is limited for all camps. if you have questions,
knowledge. Whether your daughter is an experienced          please contact Ms. dolk at 717-626-0089.
equestrian looking to polish her skills for the summer
show season or she simply has an unending love for          _________________________________________________________________
                                                            name of Camper
horses and a drive to learn, the Linden Hall equestrian
Summer Camp is for her.                                     _________________________________________________________________
                                                            name of Parent/guardian
                      at Linden Hall, you will find
                      show-quality horses trained to        _________________________________________________________________
                      help your daughter excel. the
                      equestrian program has both           _________________________________________________________________
                      outdoor and indoor riding arenas      telephone
                      as well as a cross-country course.
                      in addition to riding instruction,    email
                      students also participate in field
                      trips to places such as horse
                      auctions, veterinarian clinics,       Session(s) i would like my daughter to attend:
                                   the race track, tack
                                                              Riding Camp I
                                   shops and breeding
                                                              novice equitation to advanced equitation
                                   facilities. When not
                                                              June 20 – June 26, 2010 • Cost $950
                                   riding, the girls have
                                   access to tennis
                                                              Riding Camp II
                                   courts, basketball
                                                              Short Stirrup equitation to intermediate equitation
                                   courts, soccer fields,
                                                              July 11 – July 17, 2010 • Cost $950
                                   a dance studio, a gym,
exercise equipment, and a swimming pool. Camp types         total deposit included with this form $ _____________
and dates are as follows:
Riding Camp I • June 20 – June 26, 2010 • Cost $950
                                                                        More than 260 YearS of
novice equitation to advanced equitation
                                                                      eMPoWering young women
Riding Camp II • July 11 – July 17, 2010 • Cost $950                    to confidently SuCCeed
Short Stirrup equitation to intermediate equitation

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