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									                                                The Ecumenical Study Seminar leaders are:         An Ecumenical Study Seminar
                                                                                                                  at the
                                                Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhana                        44th Annual Convention
                                                Associate General Secretary for                                of the
                                                Interfaith Relations                             Islamic Society of North America
                                                National Council Churches USA


                                                Rev. Dr. Jay T. Rock
                                                Coordinator for Interfaith Relations
                                                Presbyterian Church (USA)


                                                Mr. Mohamed ElSanousi
                                                Director of Communications and Community
Hotel Accommodations:                           Outreach                                             Upholding Faith, Serving
                                                Islamic Society of North America                          Humanity
We have a block of rooms at the
                                                Convention Session topics include:
Crown Plaza Hotel                 $79/night
                                                                                                   August 31- September 3, 2007
The hotel is across the street from the         • Quest for Excellence: An Islamic Perspective      ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS
Rosemont Convention Center. All others are      • Muslims in North America: Noble Neighbors
connected to the Convention Center. The rates
quoted do not include state or local taxes.       or Suspicious Strangers
Shuttle service is available from the O'Hare    • Between the Home and the Mosque: Muslims            Join other Christians, and
International Airport.                                                                           35,000­40,000 American Muslims
                                                  and Culture
                                                • Pluralism: Providential or Problematic           with daily opportunity to come
All convention events are held at the           • The Greater Good: Social Justice in Islam         together with other seminar
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center            • Believing Men and Women as Partners in          participants for prayer and study
5555 N. River Road                                Faith                                          with one another and conversation
Rosemont, Illinois
or at one of the connected hotels               • Engaging Social Change: Islam and Politics      with invited Muslim leaders and
                                                • Qur'an: Foundation for the Road Ahead                        speakers
                                                • The Community Leader
                                                                                                          REGISTRATION FORM

      A Unique Opportunity…                                                                               Name(s)

•   Meet Muslim-American neighbors, and
    join them for the annual convention of the
    largest Muslim organization in the United

                                                 Participants will:
•   Spend half-a-day at the Convention of        •   be welcomed to attend all plenary sessions
                                                     and workshops
    Imam Wareth Deen Mohammed’s
    “Mosque Cares” Movement.                     •   have access to the Bazaar, where more than
                                                     400 publishers, charitable and advocacy              Phone
                                                     organizations, sellers of religious articles, etc.
With a warm and enthusiastic welcome from            have booths                                          Email
the Islamic Society of North America, and
                                                 •   be welcomed to observe Muslim prayers in             Accommodation
through the Interfaith Relations Office of the       the conference prayer hall
National Council of the Churches of Christ in                                                             Check-in date:
                                                 •   meet and talk with American Muslims of all
the U.S.A, an ecumenical group of Christians         ages, and from many cultural and ethnic              Check-out date:
will spend the Labor Day weekend at the 44th         backgrounds.
                                                                                                          Single:                    Double:
Annual Convention of ISNA, reflecting,           •   come together daily for prayer and to raise
praying and learning together in Christian           questions, discuss insights and ideas, and           Name of the person sharing the room with you:
                                                 •   talk with invited Muslim leaders and speakers
                                                     as part of the seminar                               Please send this form along with a check for $100
You are invited to be one of them!                                                                        as registration fee to:

                                                                                                          Interfaith Relations Office
                                                                                                          National Council of Churches USA
                                                                                                          475 Riverside Drive, Suite 880
                                                                                                          New York, NY 10115

                                                                                                          Please register by July 31, 2007

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