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Consignor Newsletter
Edition 6 Volume 7
Week of March 29th
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   •   All Clothing needs to be hung on wire hangers
   •   Mark items with your consignor id#. This will enable us
       to look up and sell your item if the tag falls off.
   •   Review the rules for preparing your items. To view click here
       >> Preparing Items

   •   Deadline to enter items is SUNDAY, March 29th at
       11:59pm! You will still have access to print tags and
       inventory sheets after that deadline.
   •   If you are picking up items on Sunday, April 5th, you
       must be there before 5pm to avoid donation.

The More You Tell.... The More You Sell!
Click Here to download our sale flyer to share with friends, family, neighbors, co
workers and others who will appreciate a good bargain!

I have thousands of colored postcards that can be passed out to anyone! If you want a
stack, please let me know. They will be available at drop off too!

Preparing Items

   •   Preparing items correctly is very important. We get thousands of shoppers and their
       children. If your items are not secure, they can be easily stolen, damaged,
       separated or played with.

   •   Please include (on a piece of masking tape, label or other kind of tape) your
       consignor id# on any non-hanging (you may also elect to do hanging items, but
       those tags are less often torn off). This allows us to look up and re-tag your item if
       the tag falls off or is damaged.

   •   Double check your things. It is easy to miss a stain. Hold your clothing items
       (especially white items) up to natural light to identify anything that should not be
       there. Check inside pockets, bags and compartments to make sure accessories
       have been removed. We don't want to sell your child's favorite "blankie" because it
       was hiding inside of a toy. Make sure everyone of your items has a tag attached.
       If it gets through check-in with no tag, we may never know who it belongs to
       when it is later found without one.

   •   Clean EVERYTHING, especially toys and outdoor play things. Make sure the
       batteries are working and will hold out over a 4 day period of people testing it out. I
       recommend buying dollar store batteries to save a few dollars.

We have 2 Locations Again
Like in the fall, we have rented two empty store fronts to accommodate the volume of
items we expect. All larger items like infant equipment, bikes, outdoor play and furniture
will be sold at the store next to Staples. During check-in we will ask you to deliver those
types of items directly to the second location (after checking in at the desk).


Consignor drop-off will take place in the back of the sale location (Hunterdon ~ Staples ~
Shopping Center). Click Here for directions. Items are to be brought to the sale location at
your registered drop-off time. If you are more than 5 minutes late be prepared to wait for
the next available opening.

This is an overview of the drop-off process. More detailed information is available on the
website or Click Here to view detailed and printer-friendly instructions.

                                   DROP OFF OVERVIEW


           •   Arrive to the sale location and leave items in your vehicle.

           •   Check in at the table and register to drop off.

           •   We no longer require that you bring a signed agreement (you will be
               asked to sign a Master Agreement at drop-off). Please read and
               understand the terms to consigning found in the agreement. If you
               would like print a copy click here >>> consignor agreement.

           •   Bring a copy of your inventory report ONLY if you plan to pick up items
               on Sunday. If you are donating unsold items, you are not required to
               bring the report. You can print a copy by going into your MSM
               inventory via your CONSIGNOR LOGIN.
       •   Organize and bundle your clothing by gender and size. Make sure
           every item has a tag securely attached.

       •   Drop off will take approximately 30 minutes depending on the number
           of items you check in. If you are asked to re do items or fix things your
           drop off time may take longer.

       •   OPTIONAL: If you are picking up items on Sunday, you may leave a
           LARGE cardboard box for us to fill with your items. You may not get
           the same box back.


       •   After you are checked in and your items are inside the building, you will
           be assigned an inspection team who will inventory and inspect your

       •   You will be given back items that we cannot accept. Please do not
           negotiate with our volunteers to take back these items. Please don't
           feel bad or offended if you receive items back. It is easy to miss a small
           spot or hole. We do this to maintain a high quality sale.

       •   As your items are inventoried a volunteer will direct you to place the
           items on the sales floor.

       •   Before you leave, be sure you have your consignor and half price pre
           sales passes.

    We will accept donations of your clean plastic
 grocery/shopping bags to use during the sale. Please
  package your bags in a larger bag and bring with your
             to your drop-off appointment.


Volunteer! S.O.S
We still have volunteer openings. Please consider volunteering for an available
shift. Volunteers earn a 10-15% selling bonus. Plus, all volunteers can shop the pre sale
before the other consignors. We are very short-handed on Thursday afternoon, which is
our busiest day.

                                              Current Openings*
                                    (RED = high priority)
                ****We are REALLY short handed Thursday from 3:00 - 7:00*****

Monday, March 30, 2009      3:30 PM            OPEN   Drop-offs - consignor check-in, inspections, organization

Wednesday, April 01, 2009   6:00 PM            OPEN   Drop-offs - consignor check-in, inspections, organization

                            10:00     2:00
Wednesday, April 01, 2009                      OPEN   Volunteer pre sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging
                            AM        PM

Wednesday, April 01, 2009   1:00 PM            OPEN   Pre sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging

Wednesday, April 01, 2009   3:00 PM            OPEN   Pre sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging

                            10:00     2:00
Thursday, April 02, 2009                       OPEN   Public sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging
                            PM        PM

                            12:00     4:00
Thursday, April 02, 2009                       OPEN   Public sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging
                            PM        PM

Thursday, April 02, 2009    3:30 PM            OPEN   Public Sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging

Thursday, April 02, 2009    4:30 PM            OPEN   Public Sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging
Thursday, April 02, 2009   5:00 PM           OPEN   Public Sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging

                           12:00      4:00
Friday, April 03, 2009                       OPEN   Public sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging
                           PM         PM

Friday, April 03, 2009     3:30 PM           OPEN   Public sale - untagging, straightening floor, large item tagging

If you volunteer on Wednesday afternoon during your shop time, I will work to
accommodate your schedule to allow you to shop and work.

                           Volunteer & Consignor Pre sale*

                                       12 hour Volunteers – 12pm
                                        8 hour Volunteers – 1pm
                                        4 hour Volunteers – 2pm
                                   Non Volunteering Consignors – 4pm

                                     Email Me to Volunteer

*pre sale passes will be distributed at drop off appointment.

If you are scheduled to work a shift, we are counting on you to fulfill your obligation. If you
cancel or do not show without finding a suitable replacement, you will lose your privilege to
  work and shop at future events. Please understand that this policy is set in place to help
                             maintain the integrity of the sale.


                GOLD IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH! Come and turn your unwanted GOLD IN for
                CASH on the spot! The "GOLD IN GIRLS" will be at Kidzsignments on March
                30th and 31st from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Call or email
                to schedule your appointment now!

                Dayna - (908) 303-6043 OR Suzy (908) 268-4213

Pick Up Procedure
 •   Unsold items marked, DONATE: NO, will be available for consignors to pick up
     between 3pm and 5pm on Sunday, April 5th.

 •   NEW! - In an effort to speed up the pick up process, we are staggering pick up
     times based on your consignor number. We are requesting that consignors come to
     pick up based on the following schedule.

                                 3:00 – 3:30 1000-1157

                                 3:30- 4:00 – 1158-1376

                                 4:00- 4:30 – 1377-1535

                                   4:30 – 5:00 – 1536+

 •   If your items are marked for pick up (i.e. DONATE: NO) and you do not pick them
     up, Kidzsignments reserves the right to deduct a $10 sorting fee from your check.
     We will NOT deduct this fee if 5 or less items are left.

 •   Per your consignor agreement, items not picked up by 5pm become the property of
     Kidzsignments and will be donated. We thank you in advance for your punctuality.

Procedure for Item Pick Up
 1. When you arrive to pick up your items, please wait for a volunteer who will direct
    you to your pile of items.

 2. Be sure to look under the table and, if applicable, on any shelf above your pile for
    additional things. Look all over to be sure you do no miss a pile. Some larger items
    (i.e. cribs, strollers) may not fit near your pile, so be sure to ask where to find those
    larger items.

 3. Before getting in line to check out, please double-check your pile of items and notify
    a volunteer if you have items not belonging to you.

 4. Before signing out, be sure to check the Lost & Found area and Items Missing Tags
    area for items, accessories or parts belonging to you.
   5. Next, proceed to a Check Out station. You will be asked to sign your items out.


   •   Remember, while we do not anticipate that you will be missing something, but it
       may happen and Kidzsignments can not be held responsible for items that are
       missing. If you know you are missing an item, check the donations area or the
       consignor piles on either side of your number.

   •   If you are sending someone else to pick up your items, you must send something
       giving us permission to release those items to that person. This can be an email to
       be ahead of time or a note that person brings with them. WE WILL NOT RELEASE

   •   We will mail your check with 14 days of the close of the sale. This means that your
       check will go in the mail around the third week in April and you can expect to see in
       later in the month.

Need Help?
If you need help or have a question, please email me at or call
me at 908-788-0433 (that is my home phone number).


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