2008 Beijing Olympics Case Studies lesson Plan by decree


									                                        2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

                         2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: lesson Plan
 Teaching Background and Objectives
 Learning Area: Travel and Tourism
 Target Students: Form 4 and Form 5
 Teaching Hours: 10 lessons (40 minutes per lesson, 400 minutes in total)
 Teaching Objectives:
      1. Learn about Beijing’s general information and its tourism history
      2. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games-Its benefits to the country
      3. Analyze the “SWOT” of Beijing’s tourism development after the Olympic Games
       4.     Learn about the three concepts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
       5.     Forms of tourism-understand sports tourism and mega events
       6.     Explore the positive impacts of Hong Kong co-hosting the equestrian events
       7.     Analyze Beijing Olympic Games and the issue of cultural heritage conservation
       8.     Explore the tourism resources of various Chinese provinces

  Objectives                        Learning Activities                  Teaching Resources   Time

                  Preparation before lesson: Students should complete【p.2 Activity (1a)】
                              (Teachers should provide students with graph paper)

 Part 1:           1.1 Students should complete 【p.1 Worksheet】                               15
                         in class                                                             mins.
Learn about
Beijing’s          1.2
general            (i)       Teacher can make use the Power Point in 【Database: An
information                  【Database: An Overview of Beijing】 to Overview of Beijing】
                             check the answer with students. Teachers Power Point
                             may compare the performance of the
                             whole class and give a prize to the
                             student with the most correct answers.

                   In addition to the 10 questions on 【 p.1
                   Worksheet】, teachers can ask students other
                   questions about Beijing.

                                     2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

Part 2:     2.1 Students shall bring back their preparation                                   25
Beijing’s        before class homework【p.2 Activity (1a)】.                                    mins.
History     (i)       Before proceeding to【p.2 Activity (1a)】,
                      teacher shall ask students to read【p.2
                      Source 1】

            (ii)      Teacher may ask: (Students may answer
                     What are the differences between the
                      initial stage and the development stage of
                      Beijing’s tourism industry? / Why are
                      there such differences?

            (iii)     Teacher chooses 2-4 students and ask
                      them to show their homework of 【p.2
                      Activity (1a)】with a projector.
                                                                   “Global Tourism Towards
                                                                   and Integrated
            (iv)      Teacher guides the students to
                                                                   Approach” 7.2 Life Cycle
                      understand that each tourist destination
                                                                   of Travel Destination
                      will experience different life cycles.

            (v)       Teacher and students discuss the
                      question on【p.2 Activity (1b)】.

            (vi)      Teacher asks students to read 【p.3
                      Source 2】 have them plot the number
                      of tourists visiting Beijing in 2008, 2009
                      and 2010 on the graph of “The number of
                      tourists Beijing received between 1980
                      and 2007”. Then, answer【p.3 Activity

            (vii)     Students shall complete p.3 Activity (1d)】
                      after class.

                                       2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

Part 3 and 4:   3.1                                                                         40
The 2008        (i)       With 2 students in a group, complete the                          mins.
Beijing                   Olympic Facts【p.4-5 Worksheet】in the
Olympic                   lesson.
benefits to     (ii)      Teacher checks the answers with the
the country               students. The group(s) with the highest
                          score will be given a prize.
                (i)       Teacher asks students to read 【p.6-7 【Database: Relevant
                          Source 1 and 2】before completing 【p.8 articles about the
                          Activity (2)】                         Olympics】

                (ii)      Each group writes down the main points
                          on the poster and arrange one
                          representative to present the results.

                (iii)     Teacher checks the answers of the
                          students and make a conclusion.
Part 5      5.1                                                                             40
The SWOT of i) Teacher briefly introduces the meaning of                                    mins.
Beijing’s      “SWOT” :
Tourism           Strengths - internal strengths         【Database: Relevant
Development       Weaknesses – internal weaknesses       articles about the
after the         Opportunities – external opportunities Olympics】
Olympics          Threats – external threats
                  Teacher uses some examples to explain
                    the SWOT of the Beijing’s tourism

                ii) Students shall complete【p.9-11 Activity (3)】.
                        Teacher puts the main points made by the
                        students (written on post-its) onto the
                        blackboard according to their categories.

                iii) Teacher examines students’ arguments and
                      gives comments and explanations.
                iv) Teacher’s conclusion: The Olympic Games

                                      2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

                        brings several opportunities to the Beijing
                        Tourism Industry. Only can we utilize our
                        strengths, overcome our weaknesses, grasp
                        the opportunities and tackle the continuous
                        threats with corresponding measures, can
                        our country benefits from the Olympic

                                     Preparation before lesson:
              Students shall read 【p.14 Source 2】and complete 【p. 14 Activity (4)】

Part 6:         6.1                                                   【Appendix 1: Summary           80
The Three       (i)       Teacher asks students to read 【p.12 of the three concepts of               mins.
Concepts of               Source 1 】 , and explains the three the 2008 Beijing Olympic
the 2008                  concepts of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games】
Beijing                   Games before asking the students to Three Concepts of the
Olympic                   complete【p.13】.                     2008 Beijing Olympic
Games                                                                 Games:
                (ii)      Teacher’s conclusion: The impacts of the     The website of the The
                          three concepts of the 2008 Beijing            Beijing Organizing
                          Olympic Games on China’s tourism              Committee for the
                          industry.                                     Games of the XXIX
                                                                        Olympiad (BOCOG)
                6.2                                                     http://en.beijing2008.cn
                i)        Teacher chooses 2-4 students to make a        /bocog/concepts/index.
                          report as a tour guide on 【p. 14 Activity     shtml
                      Teacher shall prepare a projector and          Information on Beijing’s
                        computer.                                     Olympic venues:
                (ii)   Teacher’s feedback: Apart from giving           The website of The
                       comments to the students’ presentation,            Beijing Organizing
                       teachers should teach students the                 Committee for the
                       communication skills of a tour guide.              Games of the XXIX
                                                                          Olympiad (BOCOG)
                (iii)     Students shall answer【p.15 Question            http://en.beijing2008.cn/
                          for discussion 1】in class                     cptvenues/venues/ytn/
                                                                      Sample of tour guide

                                      2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

                (iv)      Apart from the above activities, teachers     Website of HKTB
                          may make use of【p.14 Activity 4】and            http://partnernet.hktb.c
                          other subjects to conduct cross-subject        om/pnweb/jsp/comm/in
                          activities:                                    dex.jsp
                            Chinese and English – Students
                              present in Putonghua or English.     “Travel and Tourism
                            Science subjects - Students compile a Student Manual unit 4:
                              vocabulary booklet to introduce the  4.2”
                              relative knowledge of materials,
                              technologies and skills used in the
                              construction of the specific stadium.
                (i)       Teacher asks students to read【p.15
                          Source 3】

                (ii)      Teacher briefly explains the assignment
                          on【p.16 Activity (5)】and ask students to
                          complete the assignment after class.
                         Teacher may give 2 weeks for students to
                          complete their assignment.
                                                                  Beijing’s travel information:
                6.4      After reading 【p.16 News Excerpts】,  Website of Beijing
                         teacher discusses【p.16 Extended learning    Tourism Administration
                         1】with students.                            http://english.visitbeijin
Part 7:         7.1                                                                                 40
Forms of        (i)       Teacher may ask about: (Students may                                      mins.
tourism-Unde              answer freely)
rstand sports            The Olympic events you love to watch
tourism and               the most.
mega events              The Chinese Olympic gold medalists you
                          know and the events in which they won.

                (ii)      Students read【p.17 Source 1】

                (iii)     Teachers should explain the definition and
                          categories of sports tourism.

                     2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

(iv)      Teachers may review the characteristics “Travel  and    Tourism
          of cultural tourism with students, and Student Manual Unit 1:1.2”
          discuss with them the differences
          between these 2 forms of tourism before
          asking the students to complete【p.18
          Question for Discussion (1b)】in class.
(i)       Students read【p.19 Source 2】

(ii)      Teacher explains to students the
          categories and definition of mega events.

(iii)     Teacher may review the characteristics of
          leisure tourism with students and discuss
          their differences between the 2 forms of
          tourism. Students shall complete【p.21
          Question for Discussion (3a)】

(iv)      Teacher briefly explains to students the Tourist attractions in Hong
          requirements of after-class assignment:   Kong:
         【p.18 Question for Discussion (1a)】,  Hong Kong Tourism
           【p.20 Question for Discussion (2)】,        Board
           【P.21 Question for Discussion (3a,c)】      http://www.discoverhon
           and 【p.19 Extended Activity (1)】           gkong.com/eng/index.js
         Teacher briefly explains the requirements
           of Activity (6) and require the student Information on the Olympic
           complete the assignment after school Equestrian Events:
           【p.22-23 Activity (6)】                   Equestrian Events
                                                       (Hong Kong) of the
                                                       Games of the XXIX
                                                       Olympiad Company

                                        2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

Part 8:         Check the answers of 【p.18 Question for                                     40
The positive     Discussion (1a) 】 , 【 p.20 Question for                                     mins.
impacts of       Discussion (2)】,
                                【P.21 Question for Discussion
Hong Kong        (3a,c)】 and 【p.19 Extended Activity (1)】in
co-hosting             class with students.
equestrian      Teacher asks students to complete 【p.24
events:          Mind Map】

                Teacher makes conclusion.

               (i)          Teacher asks: Which cities will co-host
                            Beijing 2008 Olympic Games? What
                            events will they be hosting?
                    The football competitions of the Olympic
                          Games (except final) will be held in
                          Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Shanghai and
                         Part of the water sports events will be
                          held in Qingdao
                         The equestrian events will be held in
                          Hong Kong

               (ii)         Teacher invites 8 students to give their
                            opinions of people from all walks of life.

               (iii)        Teacher discusses with students the
                            social, economic and environmental
                            development impacts of different opinions.
               (iv)         Teacher ask students read 【p.25
                            worksheet】 then complete 【p.25 -26
                            Question for Discussion (1a, b)】in class.
                            And ask them to complete p.27 Extended
                            activity (1)】 after class.

                                     2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

Part 9:        9.1                                                                           80
Beijing        (i)       Teacher divides the class into 2 groups.                            mins
Olympics and             Each group shall arrange a representative
the                      to draw lots to decide whether their group
conservation             belongs to the “Affirmative Side” and
of cultural              “Negative Side”.
heritage       (ii)      Teacher asks students to read【p.28-29
                         Source (1-6)】and complete【p.30-31
                        Each group shall choose 3 debaters from
                         their group (The Captain, First Speaker
                         and Second Speaker).
                        Teacher distributes 2 memo cards to
                         each debater and for jotting down their
                        Debaters have 20 minutes to prepare for
                          their speeches.
                        The remaining 10 students from each
                         group will be responsible for asking 5 【Database: Relevant
                         questions to the other group in the Q&A  Articles about the
                         section. (2 students will be responsible Olympics】
                         for 1 question)
                        Apart from 【p.28-29 Source (1-6)】 ,
                         teacher may distribute other relevant 【Database: Website of
                         articles for students’ reference.            Beijing case study
                        Teacher distributes 5 pieces of paper to     reference materials】
                         students so that they can write down their
                        Students will have 20minutes to prepare
                         their questions.
                        Each group shall nominate 1 student as
                         the host of the competition. (The host and
                         the time-keeper)                       【Appendix 2: Rules for
                        Teacher explains to the host the rules  Debate Competition】
                         and rundown of the debate competition.

                                   2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

                       Teacher distributes the rundown plan and
                        timer to the host.

               (vi)       Recommended seat arrangement:

  Debater                                                                    Host

                                                       Students raising questions

               There should be a name card for each debater on
               the desk.
               (vii) Teacher compares the performance of the
                       2 group. The group with a better
                       performance will be given a prize.
Part 10 and    10.1                                                                         40
Part 11:       (i)      Teacher asks:                                                       mins.
Tourism                Do you know any symbols for the
Resources of            Olympic Games?
various                What does the Olympic Rings emblem
Chinese                 means?
               (ii)     Teachers may draw the Olympic Rings
                        emblem on the blackboard and ask
                        student what colors the Olympic Rings
                        are. Then teachers may ask students to
                        color each ring. 【p.32 worksheet】
               11.1                                          Torch Relay Route:
                                                             Web Site of The Beijing
               (i)      Teacher may make use of web pages to Organizing Committee for
                        introduce the meaning of the Olympic the Games of the XXIX
                        Flame and the route of torch relay.  Olympiad

                     2008 Beijing Olympic Games Case Study: Lesson Plan

(ii)    Teachers may again make use of【p.36
        Planned Route of Beijing Olympic Torch      Overview of various
        Relay】to show students that apart from      provinces and travel
        the 5 continents, the torch will also pass  information:
        through 31 provinces , autonomous            Internet Press Centre
        regions, municipalities and special             of China
        administrative regions in China.                http://www.china.com.c
(iii)   Briefly explain the different resources and     00.htm
        geographical features of various         (Chinese only)
        provinces in China, and hence the
        different tourism resources available.  Hong Kong
(iv)    Teacher briefly explain the assignment   Association
        after class:【p.33-34 worksheet】          http://www.hkba-travel.
11.2                                             map.htm
(i)     Students bring back assignment【p.34      (Chinese only)
                                                      Ministry of Commerce
(ii)    Teacher ask students to divide into groups     of the PRC
        of 4-5 and discuss worksheet 【p.34】            http://big5.mofcom.gov.
        according to the information         they      cn/gate/big5/provinced
        collected information on【p.35】.                ata.mofcom.gov.cn/sur
(iii)   Each group arranges one representative         (Chinese only)
        to present their result.

(iv)    Teachers’ conclusion: Different tourists
        will be attracted by tourism resources in
        different regions.


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