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The General Medical Services Newsletter – Printable Version

                                                                                          January 2008
2006/07 Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits

                           Submission Deadline – 29 February 2008

All GPs and non-GP Partners are asked to ensure that their certificates are submitted to their Practitioner
Services’ regional office prior to the above deadline. We will do our best to accommodate late submissions;
however your continued support and co-operation would be gratefully received.
Practitioner Services will be pleased to answer questions on the submission process, however SPPA and
Practitioner Services cannot offer advice on the information required to complete the certificate.
Professional advice should be sought from your accountant or independent financial advisor should you
require it.
Standard Forms
The 2006/07 Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profits (PSDSUP003) can now be downloaded from our
2006/07 Guidance Notes (PSDSUP005) have been written to accompany the 2006/07 Annual Certificate of
Pensionable Profits and to further assist the completion of the 2006/07 certificate.
We encourage all GPs and non-GP Partners to complete a 2006/07 certificate in accordance with the
2006/07 guidance. If you have used a 2005/06 certificate we can still calculate your 2006/07 SPPA
All documentation, including an Excel version of (PSDSUP003), is available for GPs, accountants and
financial advisors to download from the Practitioner Services site:
Notification of Estimated Earnings
For the past two years Practitioner Services has accepted statements from accountants showing revised
interim pensionable earnings for partners. GP Practices have indicated their concern that Practitioner
Services has accepted instructions from third parties.
Could GP Practices please ensure that any revised interim earnings to be notified for 2007/08 or 2008/09
are submitted using the previously notified standard form (PSDSUP002) which must be signed by a GP
Practice authorised signatory.

NHS and SPPA Circulars – released in January 2008
Changes to the Current NHS Pension Scheme and Introduction of a New NHS Pension Scheme from 1
April 2008
SPPA released Circular 2007/8 and subsequent Addendum to Circular 2007/8 in October 2007 highlighting
changes in contribution rates effective from 1 April 2008.

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The General Medical Services Newsletter – Printable Version

Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS)
2007/2008 QMAS Timeline

Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Records 15, 18 & 20 Summarised Clinical Records 2007/2008
                Records 15, 18 & 20 Submission Deadline – 31 January 2008
Can we please remind all practices that you are required to complete and return the declaration statement for
the above, by the 31st January 2008?
This declaration will be used to calculate achievement under the above indicators.
Failure to return the form will result in a zero value being allocated and will have an effect on your QOF
A copy of the declaration can be found on the Guidance page of our website.
Please note that faxes or emailed declarations are not acceptable.
QMAS - Cytology Processing Arrangements
GP Practices need to complete the QMAS web input form to record the non-clinical achievement indicators
CS05 to CS07. These simply require GP Practices to click on either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button for each indicator.
Practitioner Services, on behalf of all Scottish GP Practices, will enter in the data for the CS01 indicator into
QMAS. The data to be used is the eligible population and patients who have been smeared, based on the
data extract from SCCRS on 12 February 2008.
Details of the processing arrangements are as follows:
Following the data extract on 12 February 2008, screening departments will ensure the initial reports are
issued to GP Practices to review any appropriate exemptions and allow time to exchange cross border
Any agreed amendments will be updated by the SCCRS team. The SCCRS team will then forward
achievement details to Practitioner Services regional offices by 2 March 2008.
Practitioner Services regional offices will collate the GP Practice data into spreadsheets as an input feed to
QMAS by 9 March 2008.

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The General Medical Services Newsletter – Printable Version

2007/08 Influenza Campaign

                          Next Submission Deadline – 8 February 2008

NHS Circulars, CMO(2007)4, CMO(2007)8, CMO(2007)9 and PCA(M)(2007)13 were issued to the service on
30 March 2007, 11 September 2007 and 1 October 2007.
The claim process was advised in October’s newsletter which can be viewed on the Newsletter page of our
The claim forms can be downloaded from our web site and are as follows:
        PSDFLU006 (09-2007)            ‘At Risk Under 65’ and ’65 and over Pneumococcal’
        PSDFLU007 (09-2007)            ’65 and over Influenza’
        PSDFLU008 (09-2007)            ‘Poultry Workers’
Please use each claim form as directed in the October 2007 newsletter and note that a patient can only be
claimed for once during the campaign.
To avoid duplicate claims and potential post-payment recoveries, the payment verification teams are
requiring that a listing is submitted with each claim. The only exception to this requirement is for the interim
’65 years and over’ claim where a listing is not required.
Payment Verification Listings
Practices are reminded, that for all claims submitted on PSDFLU006 and PSDFLU008, a separate listing for
each claim category on the form must be submitted.
The listing should only contain the following information:

         •    CHI number (no patient names)

         •    Date of vaccination

Please note that the data entered on the claim form must match the activity listing data prior to you
submitting the documentation to Practitioner Services for payment, eg where you claim for 325 vaccinations,
your listing must contain CHI numbers and dates of vaccination for those 325 vaccinations.

Diary Dates
The cut-off dates are important to the smooth running of this year’s influenza campaign. Please ensure your
completed claims are submitted timeously for receipt by Practitioner Services on or before the highlighted
As the majority of claims now require an attached listing, we are unable to accept faxes or e-mailed copies of
claim forms.
Claims received by the cut-off dates are guaranteed to be included in that month’s payment. We will
endeavour to process all claims received after the cut-off dates, however we cannot guarantee inclusion in
that month’s payment, but these will be paid in the next payment month.
Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and should ensure that your GP Practice receives payments as

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The General Medical Services Newsletter – Printable Version

Cut-off Dates             Form              Process

8th February 2008         PSDFLU006         For monthly claims payable in your February payment

7th March 2008            PSDFLU006         For monthly claims payable in your March payment
                          PSDFLU007         For Year-end claims only

11th April 2008           PSDFLU006         For monthly and annual claims payable in your April payment
                          PSDFLU007         For Final claims only

Please contact your local Practitioner Services regional office if you require any further information or clarity
on the information already provided.

Payment Verification – Discontinuation of Temporary Patient Activity Listing
          Practitioner Services and NHS Boards have discussed the concerns expressed by practices in
          relation to the extra work experienced by GP Practices due to recording temporary patient activity
          on separate lists in addition to the clinical consultation cards already completed.
Please note that with the exception of Ayrshire & Arran NHS Board GP Practices, you are no longer required
to submit temporary patient activity listings. However, in line with Schedule 5, Part 2, Section 16(4) of the
NHS (General Medical Services Contract) (Scotland) Regulations 2004, the return of copies of clinical notes
relating to the treatment of temporary patients must continue.
Please note that the clinical notes should be sent directly to your Registration Team via the normal delivery
method used for medical records i.e. bag/courier service.

Web Site Re-launch
We are pleased to advise that the Practitioner Services website is proving popular and the Medical section
will soon be the only source for all information, guidance, forms and documents for GP Practices and their
We will be decommissioning the SHOW site soon but will place a redirection notice on the home page when
this happens.
If you haven’t already done so, can we please ask everyone to update their Favourites or Bookmarks with the
following Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that will take you to the Medical Professionals’ home page:

We are continuously adding new and archived material to the site and will inform you of new features in the
monthly newsletter. If you can think of anything that you would like us to upload that would be of use to you,
please let us know and we will try and accommodate your request.

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