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									Sample letter of complaint to tour operator rejecting their offer of
compensation or refusal to offer any compensation

                                                                    Your Name

Tour Operators Name

Dear Sir/Madam (or name of person)

Re: (Booking reference number, location, and hotel)

I have recently received your letter dated the (date) regarding the above

(Whilst your offer is an improvement it does not adequately compensate
my party for the loss of enjoyment, distress etc. caused as a result of
your breach of contact OR you have failed to make any offer of

I would therefore ask you to reconsider this matter (with a view to increasing
your offer OR offer an adequate amount of compensation to cover the
loss of enjoyment etc my party and I suffered as a result of your breach
of contract).

State why the offer is unacceptable.

I look forward to receiving your response within the next 14 days. If your offer
is unacceptable I shall have no alternative but to issue legal proceedings
against your company without further communication.

Your faithfully (sincerely)

Sign and your print name.

This is only a sample letter to give you guidance on what to write. You
will need to write it out and substitute your own details at the
appropriate places shown in bold. Send your letter by recorded delivery
and keep a copy.

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